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hi I have problems in the RTL theme

  • Logo it not look good and the
  • the Arabic language translated not work when i try ‘ar_EG’
  • control panel not good
  • the theme it not look like the demo
  • in the header the category menu not work goood

Dear Sedawy,

Would you please leave us a ticket on the support forum here: Please include your website URL and login credentials so that we can check this issue for you.


can you show me “Advertisement widget and Home section.” i need to place several sponsors ads…can it be possible? it is only on widgets? Another thing, can i translate the frontend to spanish?

Dear igant512,

The Advertisement home Section is place at the bottom of the home page right before the footer. The widget is here, 4th widget on the left column.

Please inform us if you need any further assistance. Cheers

Hello sir, i’m interested in buying your theme and i would like to know is your theme compatible with the latest version of wordpress 3.9? it seems there isn’t new update available since July 2013.

Dear Sir,

we will work on this upgrade from now and if it is possible we will let you know here in a comment

Best Regards

Dear Bodyfull,

The theme is now Wordpress 3.9 Ready.


Interested too, but i want to know if its compatible 3.9 ?

Dear Sir,

We tested the bugs in rojo after the update and added them to our list, we are now working on fixing them, they are very small amount, we will update the item by sunday maximum, you can start using the theme normally if you want.

Best Regards

Dear Mickael,

The theme is now Wordpress 3.9 Ready.


Hello, i have a questions, i need a template with this:

Header: header slide with recent post to specific category, ex: slide with 4 news. slide1: the last new of the category-1 | slide2: the last new of the category-2 | slide3: the last new of the category-3 | slide4: the last new of the category-4

Body Content: with tabs content. | ex: 4 Tabs with the categorys (category-1, category-2, category-3 and category-4), when you press one tab, this show the last news of the category. ex tabs: (eventos, noticias, seminarios, extension)

and the fullwidth homepage.

Is posible that with your template?

Thank you.

You are welcome :), Yes, you can remove everything and just keep the tabs via the home page builder

Thank you

thank you for all!

you are more than welcomed :)

Hey, wanted to know if the Theme supports Buddypress

No, I’m actually asking about the styling. Like what is on the current theme with the style of the author page. If the buddypress profile page can look that way

There’s a folder in buddypress, bp-legacy. That’s the theme being used.

Well this a kind of tough job that can’t be easily done, in the time being we are not ready to that in an update but we can do it as a custom job if it is important to you, just contact us at and we will discuss the cost and the delivery date

Thank you

I missing the video-post twitch. That is the number one for gamer. Could to do you this in your next update ?

Dear Interboost,

We are not planning for this in the upcoming period, but we will keep it in consideration.


Not good for Google :-(((

See here_

Mobile and Desktop is very bad. Under 35 points!

Dear InterBoost,

we have disabled the caching on our servers for technical reasons and installed another caching systems for our upcoming theme, we will make it work for Rojo as well which will return it as it was when you bought it, anyway this won’t affect you by anyway as it is something happening at our side only


Hello guys, first thank you for your template is amazing, but i have a question, Can i move the top-menu to another place?

I need this:

logo top center and menu bar bottom

Thank you

Dear Jotitaz,

Thanks for your words :)

Please send us your wordpress and FTP credentials on and we will check this issue for you.


is still not online yet, but when it is I’ll send it. Thank you.

hello great theme as my requirement but one thing that can you set ad box at place of category slider and i need one page masonry blog with light box thx iam wait for purchase ...

heloo sir i have problem in admin panel with theme option how to solve?

my website is

Dear Sanjo,

Would you please open a topic with your issue here on our support forum : and our team will follow up with you to solve all your issues.


Hi there, your demo page looks bad. You may want to check. thx

Hi ibernard,

Thanks a lot for notifying us, it was a server issue and we solved it, You can check the theme now

Thank you


I just want to say hi and of course, about the theme it’s been really responding well, no bugs etc however, there’s just one quick question I would like to know fast Sir. How is it possible that we can accept authors/writers to write without going to the admin page and the profile on frontend not the backend.

Thank you

i think i made big to purchase this them very cheap support .. iam waiting from 5 days for reply.. but no any response

Hello sanjoo,

Sorry for the inconvenience, a member of our support have replied on your request, but please note the Friday and Saturday are not considered working days, as clarified on our Support Forum.

Sorry again, and hope we meet your expectation on any future contact.


i’ve purcharsed this awesome theme, but I have a big problem!.

I install the theme, and I install the ‘theme options’, and I get the same look and feel than in the demo page. But when I try to do a change like to change the logo, or select navigation categories, all the theme crush and It only appears the header of the web. I dont have plugings installed.

Could you please support me?

Cheers C.

Hi Carpeher,

Of course, you can create a ticket at our support forum, and we will gladly help you :)



i want to know how to select the Menu over the logo, no besides the logo. In your demo, I want to know how to select Homepage, Sliders, Blog, post layout, and so on.

Thbks, C.

ok, dont worry. I got it

Ok great :)

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask us at our support forum:



sanjoo Purchased

Hello my dear author we are waiting for update….??

Hello Sanjoo,

Hope you are well. We currently have no updates scheduled soon, but please feel free to open up a request on our support forums at

We Will do our best to respond to your requests.



Any chance to test the backend?

I would like to check the builder modules… it´s very important for me before purchasing

Hello Didiblogger,

Unfortunately we don’t have any working demos for backend testing for Rojo, you can check this video which shows the backend home page builder in action.

Please also feel free to check the demo access on our other theme CircleFlip at usiing user: demo and password: demo


Hello, it’s compatible with wordpress 4.1? I’m interested to by this theme if is compatible wordpress 4.1.1. Thx

Hello Sergiu,

Thanks for you interest in Circle Flip It’s compatible with WordPress 4.1.1 Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any.


Hello Sergiu,

Sorry for the mistake, Our theme CircleFlip is compatible with WordPress 4.1.1 The Theme Rojo is compatible with WordPress 3.9



I have been using your theme for almost 2 years but now the home page doesn’t open, but all the other pages open. I tried to go to your support website but even that is not opening also.


Hello Nimcominc,

Please use the Forum Please include your website’s link so that we could check it for you