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Nice theme! :)


Thanks mate :-)

Wonderful!! Congratulation!


Thanks a lot friend ! !

ciampa333 Purchased

i have just bought your … role theme i appreciate on theme forest presentation i v tried to load on word press unsesfully for …wrong text in style.css file your style css starts like this ..as i think u know @charset “UTF-8”; /* CSS Document */ @import “css/reset.css”; @import “css/fonts.css”;


Hope you know that this is just a HTML5 Template, and not a Wordpress Theme instead.

Maybe in the future you can expect the Wordpress version, as we’re planning to make a Wordpress Theme from it..

Hello. Contact form work?


Yes, the Contact form works well ..

I like it ! :) GLWS .


Thanks and looking forward to it happily :-)

Very nice work well done!


Thank you so much !!

Amazing Work !! I like it :D Good Luck With Sales !!


Thanks for the appreciation!

very nice theme…any way to add phone number field in the contact form?


Thanks ! And of course, we can help you with the possible way to add phone number field in the contact form.

Hi DesignThemes
An amazing theme! I Love it.


Thanks a lot for sharing your love!

dva2 Purchased


How to change the radius of the text around the image (300?300) ?

dva2 Purchased

it is not necessary


You can change the radius of the text around the image you’ve asked, simply by adjusting the “data-radius” value as needed.


Just a few things.

1. Our services has a rogue extended line to the bottom right can this be fixed?

2. Can you let me know which blogging service is compatible with your theme and how to set it up.

3. How to set up twitter from an existing twitter account.


And its one awesome theme


Hi !

First of all, Thanks for all your interests and the purchase ! !

1) Yes, you can fix and get rid of that rogue extended bottom line at bottom right of “Our Services” section easily by adjusting the width of its column (one-third) at Line. No: 201 from your “style.css” as below.
.column.no-space.one-third { width:33.22%; }

2) As we have made our Blog page (HTML) with Wordpress in mind, it will be compatible and you can use it with any of your preferred plugins available out there. But you would just have to customize it for making it to fit the design anyway.

3) And you can setup the existing twitter account for twitter feeds easily by changing the Twitter username at Line. No: 165 from the “role-custom.js” file located in your js directory.

Can you create a personalized icon to match my massage theme? I would like you to create tool icons for the theme I bought. Is it possible to do or can you guide me through how to create my own icons?


This theme is perfect for my client and I am planning to buy it. The only thing is my client doesn’t want a responsive site. Is there a way to turn that feature off?


Yeah sure! There 2 ways to achieve your needs!

(a). By removing the “responsive.css” file (Or)

(b). By removing the below given line from “index.html” file

<link href=”responsive.css” rel=”stylesheet” media=”all”>

Let us know, if you find any difficulties!

Hello, is it possible to add my video files instead images? I need to use only video files here. Thanks!


This error will occur, only when you check your site on local. Host your site online and check it one again, you will not get this issue.

If the issue continues, please check your contact form configuration or just contact your hosting provider!

I am interested in adding video as well. Can you tell me more about how to do that?


Yes Of course! In the Portfolio section of Role Template, we have used Prettyphoto JS. And so, you can add videos as you wish :-)

For other sections (pages), you can make it possible with the help of <iframe>!

Hi Designthemes,

your colourful role template is perfect for me. How can I buy the wordpress version for $40? I can find a link to your E-Commerce version for $55, only.

Thanks for helping me! Kira

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