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Great Work, GLWS ;)

Thank you e-monkey! Appreciated.

thanks comment :)

Amazing theme, GLWS :)

Thanks you, mate


MO72 Purchased

nice work indeed, glad i grabbed it : ), however 2 small issues… 1st – ‘on image-background’ i don’t want to see appear the lift on right handside as per on youtube version and 2nd – the footer menu is not sticky on ‘on image-background slider’. thanks : )

If you still like this, could you rate. P.S. Update is available ;)


MO72 Purchased

i did a week ago, as said 5 stars ; )

Oops! Thanks )))

One of the best! Really great job ;)

Thank you so much!

Awesome template, great work mate :) !

You’re welcome! )

Looks great man, GLWS

Thanks a lot!

Will it be available for WP?

It is not available for WP. But you could easily set this html-theme on your host. For that is no need to connect to a database or other settings.
Best Regards

Amazing stuff :)

Thank you so much :)

Perhaps, the best coming soon page ever!! :)

Awww, thanks so much, Lord_Skagganauk, really appreciate your comment :) Could you rate this theme? ;)

You’re welcome. I’ve just rated this theme (5 stars). :)

Thanks, mate )

Just bought it, looks great so far! quick question: Does the video version support sound?

Hello, rendeevoo.

If you want to turn the sound on video version, you should
add “mute: false” in video.js (string 6).

For example:
var options = { videoId: ‘BLklI3nDAMg’, mute: false};

For more details see jQuery-plugin page

Hello. If the time I need to countdown is greater than 99 days? How can I set this right? It only allows me to show 2-digit days left.

Thank you for your comment. We resolved this issue in the last update. Instructions in documentation ( tab countdown ). Regards.

Guys, is there a way to make the video play when visiting from mobile devices?

oh ok, so there’s no way I can make the video playable on mobiles?

Currently there are no solutions. If we solve this problem soon, we will inform you about this

thanks guys! very much appreciated :)

Is it possible to disable fb/youtube/twitter and enable only Linkedin ? Your fast help is highly appreciated.


Hello, yes sure you can use font awesome icons. Best regards

Is it possible to add audio to the video background?

disregard – I figured it out.

I do need to know why the video background doesn’t play on mobile devices?

Video background doesn’t play on mobile devices, need help?

Do you have any solution to add a html 5 video background to this wonderful theme ?

Hello sir, i can’t seem to change the hoovering red colour, where would I be able to change it ?

Hi, do i have to download the Tubular plugin – by Sean McCambridge in order to have a youtube video as a background. because when i simply just apply the video id in the video.js doesn’t work.