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Is there a minimal – e.g. blog index, single, header & any function pages only – version of the template available? I bought the HTML5 version & built up my site using that, so don’t want/need the full bells & whistles you offer. Can you help me with just the basics so I can run a simple blog please?

Hi, backgrounds don’t work on chrome: http://gary-dourdan.com/music-sugar-band-free/ want to go to support forum, nut i don’t find no more the license certificate on themeforest please help

I’m having a nightmare with this theme. I looks lovely but it has many issues. Can they be resolved or am I being stupid?

1. Backgrounds don’t work in Chrome. 2. Incredibly difficult to add galleries. Am I doing something wrong? Can you explain simply? Why can’t I just create a gallery or porfolio, drag and drop some images, and done? Why do I have to link to this image and that thumbnail? Why isnt the thumbnail auto-generated? 3. Documentation poor. 4. Images for header tags (i.e. I have to make images for the header tags). Terrible for SEO. 5. Have to create a thumbnail for each picture in the gallery/portfolio. 6. Too much markup in the code. Makes it difficult to edit.

The HTML version of this template is quite “polite” to use hence the high ratings, but this Wordpress version is the most awkward template I have ever used from Themeforest.

I hope it can be resolved because it really does look beautiful.

Sorry for rant & thanks. Please fix or stop selling!

can not get background slidshow to work at all

i dont want this if it does not work. how do i get refund?

Hello, my name is Valeriano. I bought from you the word press theme ROYALE, but I take issue on chrome. You do not see any element that goes to full screen (background, sliders, etc. ..) can someone help me? consigliamri or how to fix it?

noone is going to help we paid 40$ for bull shit

Its insane isnt it? Can’t believe no comments are added here!!! Will try support forum but not expecting anything :-(

Hello, I have left questions on your support forum three weeks ago, and no answer. I’ve sent an email 2 weeks ago, to your support team and no answer. This is a sad state. I just want to get the same fix that you gave to the other person on the forum. Email me @ erjohnson at enoirconsulting.com. Your help would greatly appreciated.

After 2 months the developer hasn’t fixed the issue with the slider not working with the Chrome browser. Let alone a update to work with Wordpress 3.6. I have found a theme with better support.

I’m having the same issue as the users above, with backgrounds on Chrome. Looking through the code, I’ve managed to track it down to the DIV that gets created right after the opening <BODY> tag, right before the div. That div doesn’t get created in Chrome, just in FF and IE.

I’m sure it’s JS which calls and creates this DIV, I just can’t track it down.

Please contact me at robert @ dre5productions.com with a solution.

I would personally like to thank you guys for taking care of the Google Chrome issue and releasing the Vol 2.0 release. The little tweaks you guys made make the theme so much better. Thank you as a consumer/client for following through and being stand up guys. Thank you as a developer for fixing something i know was probably dumped into your laps. You guys did good, Keep it up! Thanks.

@sinbadx Same here.

There is a discussion on the support page, they are working on it.

  • Cannot create
  • If duplicate, doesn’t show images
  • Cannot save

Hi. I have the Creative 5 Royale Wordpress theme. and in Chrome for some reason the main slider images will not start. Can you maybe take a look and see if you can see something that I am missing. Anything you could suggest would be greatly appreciated. I thought it may have been an image size issue so I made the 1st image definitely only 250k but still the same thing. Works in Safari, and IE to my knowledge. Thank you in advance for any help if you can.

my site is http://www.modahairsandiego.com/bjnoman just fyi in case. Thanks again.

Hi. I have sent you a email. Please respond

Hi. I have been trying to figure this out for months and months but the Royal Creative Theme main slider will not display the slides in Google Chrome. Works fine in IE but cannot make work in Chrome. I have tried removing all the images and just adding a single very small one in the main slider and still will not display. Can you help me figure this out please. My client has completely lost all faith in me and basically refuses to talk to me because of this. I didn’t want to bother you guys about it and thought I could fix but I’m stumped. The site is http://modahairsandiego.com/bjnoman/ please take a look for yourself if you’d like. Thank you, Stu

In fact, I asked the same question 5 months ago and got no response. I see it above in the comment section. Which validates how long I have been hurting over this issue. This project has been a disaster and because of this issue I literally will not be getting paid on it because of the time it’s taken to fix. It’s a total loss for me but just trying to save face here. Thanks

Sorry about that – but we have a support forum were issues like this are fixed

Send me a PM and I’ll send you the fix


I want to convert the Royal HTML theme with WP theme and I’ve seen on your support forum about a compatibility with Woocomerce, that’s right?

Thank you

It works with WooCommerce, but no special styles are in at the moment.


hi, the slider on chrome doesn’t work my site is www.amle.it

please fix it as soon as possible,our client use only Chrome.thanks!

Ok , should be in by next week


any news about the update for the jquery compatibility?

Good Day,

The slider on pages only shows the first image. After that image passes, all the other images are black. Is there a way to fix this please?

Thank you!

Please download latest update


I need help. I have installed woo commerce plugin and my site can’t display the product well http://qiqeehouse.ca/product/black-hats/


Please send me your wp-admin login credentials via http://zoomthe.me/sendadmin/login-details.php


Bonjour, je ferme le soutien, j’ai trouver le problème et ce n’est pas votre thème mais mon hébergeur qui ne veux pas outlook . Cordialement.

je suis tres heureux que vous avez trouve la source de votre probleme


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no update since 12 March 14?

We only update this theme for security issues or bugs

We are launching a new Portfolio Theme soon that looks like this but much nicer, you may want to follow us to see