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I am very interested in the theme but have a couple questions. Does the theme have an advanced search feature where people can search by custom fields? Also, can sliding pictures on the home page have links or become links themselves? The reason I am asking is because I want to use the theme to make a vacation house rental website where we will list rental houses at various beaches in the area and people can search, select and book the house. Or is this theme just strictly for a single hotel?


Hi, thank you for your interest – all the theme features are presented in the preview example. You can add a search widget to any page via the Widgets section (if you have an advanced search plugin, then that would work as well). The slideshow or panoramic viewer don’t have any links or ability to add any links. Hope this helps.

Great, lightweight, visually appealing theme…I find it very easy to work with.

QUESTION: Do you have optimal image size suggestions…for the defuault template and the full-width gallery template?


Hi, thank you for your kind words – I appreciate it and glad you like the theme. I suggest you experiment with different image sizes and see which ones work best for you – it all depends on your targeted screen size. I used bigger images in the preview for a better quality (around 1600×900 for example).

Great theme, love it! my site has been using it for a while. I dont use all the features, and this is my first wordpress and theme. A newbie. But easy to learn and use, saves me lots of time and effort.


suggestions/feedback welcome thanks.


Hi, I’m glad you like the theme and I must say you configured your site in a very unique way – it looks great!

tufant Purchased

I bought RoyalGold Theme. But I couldn’t solve a margin problem. Could you please help me about that?

I tried to set up the margin but it didn’t work anymore. I didn’t found any css file about it as well.

My site is: http://virademir.com.tr/rezervasyon

I need your help. Please help me.


Hi, thank you for your purchase. I’ll reply to you via email since you sent me a personal message as well – you should use a single way of communication to receive a faster reply. Thank you.

Hi! this seems to be a very good theme!

Some pre-sale questions:

1) have you experienced issues with multilanguage plugin like wmpl, qtrans, ecc…?

2) is it possible insert a sidebar or some boxes in the homepage for additional info (language switch, services, booking form, posts intro, ecc…)

3) is it the sidebar lenght easily settable/adjustable?

regards :)


Hi, thank you for your interest – here are my replies to your questions:

  1. I haven’t tested the theme with any multi-lang plugin, but no client reported any issues either
  2. The homepage is a special template that doesn’t contain any content or sidebar (only a full canvas for images, videos, panoramas, own HTML, etc) – but you can use a regular page set as a static homepage
  3. Sure, I added an option for it and you can adjust it further with a simple CSS snippet

Hope this helps.


hi liviu, thanks for your quickly reply. for the 2) question So, if i created a static page i could have some more informations but i’ll lose the full canvas, is it true? and the homepage will be like the demo page “about us” or “journal”, is it true? thanks in advance regards :)


Hi, my pleasure – basically yes, the full page content template allows more space for a panorama or other full page stuff. The other pages have a featured image and a content area where you can add extra info – the preview says it all I think. You’ll be able to set whatever page you see in the preview as a homepage. Hope this helps.

Pre-purchase question: with no text on the home page, how can I implement good SEO practices beyond image meta?


Hi, thank you for your interest – you should use a good plugin to set everything up related to SEO: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/

Hi. We’re looking to purchase this theme. Looks great! But does the WooCommerce Bookings works well with this theme?




Hi Gian, thank you for your interest – the theme was not tested with the WooCommerce plugin and offers no such integration.