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Firefox & Windows 8 – Mouse-wheel can not scroll down the page at all!

Works here on Windows 8.1 and Firefox v27.0.1. What version of Firefox are you running?

Thanks! =)

Thanks! =)

Hi, mean no disrespect but the homepage had me lost – didn’t even notice the menu icon until I saw it in one of your pics – think I was intimidated by the large search box, felt like that was the only way to get into the site if you know what I mean (and the content underneath is very bare so that didn’t really guide me).

I’m kinda used to being around sites, so I’m thinking if I felt like that, what would an inexperienced user think?

Hope no one takes offense that I’m critiquing rather than saying GLWS, but after a second viewing I did see the functionality contained within the site and was actually really impressed and I felt compelled to comment on the homepage…and lack of demo content.


Hey, homepage looks miles better and is more user friendly in my opinion now and the functionality is as great as it was originally!

Will you be updating the demo further to include options to view the traditional nav / different colours etc?

Hope something comes along where I can use it and best of luck with sales, but gonna nitpick and say the demo still doesn’t do the theme justice – a bit too bare bones and slightly confusing, sorry!

I’ll think about adding some kind of style switcher to the demo. If you don’t mind me asking, what is it you find confusing about the theme?

Again, just my opinion of what I’d expect from a forum theme, and for a lot of it, the functionality is probably already there, but the demo should show us (the general public) how the site can potentially be used – it’s easier to see than it is to imagine and I know users on here show theme demos to clients.

The main issue I have is I can’t understand the demo content and how it relates to this type of site.

1 – for example, in the slider, the heading ‘A totally fake community’ takes me to the knowledge base – I’ve only just noticed that now because neither the first or last slide have any links. If instead, it read ‘Find answers to common problems … see the knowledge base’, it would make a lot more sense to me.

2 – your site description says that user content is put in focus, but the homepage has very little of it – I would want strong focus on the community on the home page. At the moment, that seems an afterthought. Ideally quick links to various topics (new/popular etc) – and really obvious and in your face.

3 – from the homepage, it’s hard to get around the site, except for the navigation – is no easily visible content that takes you directly to the forum or the knowledge base

4 – once in the forum, the content again makes it hard to understand what you’re looking at. So instead of VW Beetles 1951 – 1967, if it was labelled more clearly as to say what it is (topic), then the sub-topics followed by actual user posts.

Looking at the actual individual posts, its easy to understand what they are (this is a closed topic / another solved topic etc), and the functionality is again awesome, but to me, it just felt like too much work to figure out what I was looking at.

Awesome work! :)

Thanks! =)

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thanks! =)

Good design!Best of luck :)

I’d love to see a traditional header with navigation bar on the top. Also I’d include some alternative homepages…

Hoping to buy this with a few more options…

This theme has now been reworked almost from scratch. I just submitted it for re-review so hopefully it should be live within a couple of days. A lot of new features has been added.

Very Nice Theme, Have Good Sales ;)

Great theme, but again i completely agree with the comment from @625web.

When I first landing on the page, I struggled to navigate to the forum itself, which won’t be an issue for myself, as I would ensure the forum is default landing page, there is however only one question I must ask.

The search box from the home page (huge and to the point!!) – Is there a way to move this to be above the forum area itself, on every area / post?

Also could there be a way to drop the first message (new post) from the top area (where ideally the search would appear) and have it as a normal reply in the boxed area below?

I will keep you posted! =)

Thanks, went ahead with my purchase, is there any .xml demo data available to import?

Not included in the download I’m afraid. But if you send me an email via my profile page I can send you an export from the demo install if you’d like.

Hi, great theme.

2 questions : how can users change avatar ? What file to modify for the date (... ago) ?


I found a way for the avatar but the homepage background is not working for me :

Great! For future reference: All users change their avatar by clicking “Edit my profile” in the main menu.

Looking at your website, the “dynamic.css” file created by OptionTree is not containing a value for the background image. The problem might be that dynamic.css has incorrect file permissions and that your WordPress install can’t write to it (since most of the content inside it looks like standard values).

Send me an email via my profile page and I will help you get this sorted out.

Any news on the update?

I just submitted it for re-review. The theme has been reworked almost from scratch and gotten a lot of new features. If all goes well it should be live within a couple of days.

Looking forward to it

It’s live now!

Hey ! How is it possible to deny the access to conversions to unregistered users ?


Hello. Sorry for late reply.

bbPress actually has a few visibility options built-in. So when creating your forum section you can set it as “private”. Only logged in users will be able to view those.

Hi, I am very interested in purchasing this template as a resource for the company I am working for, but I have an important question before I do so: Is it possible to password-protect the entire site? I understand from the comment above that you can set the forum section as “private,” but can I set other sections to “private” as well? If so, which ones? Are there any that I cannot?

Thanks so much! I love this template!

I am using the klein theme for a buddypress site, but have a lot of things I want changed for the bbpress options that come with it. I am trying to see if it is possible to just buy a bbpress theme to sharpen up my forum area. I like the spacing and how it is easy to read.

I am also looking for the “zebra” option to have every other title/posting in the forum a slightly gray area so it is easier on the eyes.

Do you know if what I am looking for would work?

I really just want to borrow formatting from a bbpress theme for my forums, but keep all the other buddypress forum for the rest of the site. thanks

Demo link says 404 not found. Is the any way to see the demo?

Sorry about that. This theme has now been updated and the demo is back online.

a quick question. Is it possible to integrate social login with the theme?

It’s possible. By default the login form performs an AJAX request to the WordPress backend (theme’s functions.php file). From there you can do pretty much “anything” with the supplied data.

Hey there!

I setup this theme for work and it looks like the forum replies are not showing up on the front-end but they show up in the WordPress under replies. When you click to view them it goes to the topic but doesn’t show the replies? Do you know anything about this and can you help?


I don’t provide support here on the comments section (as stated in the documentation). Please send me an email via the contact form or by using the contact information inside the documentation and I will gladly assist you with this.

404 on the demo. Has this theme been abandoned?

hi live preview does not seem to be working