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Beautifull Theme, Love it. WOuld be nice to have a WordPress version of it. I will surely buy a Wordpress version.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the nice comment. About wordpress version, I will wait a bit more to see how this theme is received and then I will make a decision.

However, so far so good :)

Pretty! I love it, nice and fresh layout!


Thanks ;)

Important notice

The template has been updated, a new dark skin has been added(available to preview in the item description), a tags widget for blog pages has been added + other css improvements.

Also, now you can also preview 2 more skins of this template.

Amazing template, i would love to have the wordpress version


Thanks for nice comment :)

Hello, this is a beautiful site. I was curious how to get the blog working? What do i need to do to link up a blog of mine to this site? Let me know. Thanks



Hello Eric,

Thank you for your interest. You would need to integrate the blog with wordpress, or wait until I release the wordpress version of this theme(I don’t currently have a date, but hopefully it will be in less than 1 month), that will be a separate product priced at around $30-$35.

Important notice

The template has been updated again, along with a few bug fixes, now the lightbox library has been updated in order to support vimeo embeds and jQuery tabs have been added.

Check out the item description for the full list of updates, and to the ones that already bought this template, please update to the latest version.

I hope the wordpress version will be present within one month. Because I will buy it surely.

Nice work!:)


Thank you for your comment. Currently the wordpress version is in the works, but I can’t give an approximate release date right now, but I’ll do my best to finish it as soon as possible :)

Nice Layout and Concept Star. Bookmarked for sure!


Thanks! I’m working on the wordpress version too, don’t forget to check it out when it will be available ;)

I am 100% sold on this template and I will be buying it regardless (probably after I finish this comment). I have a question though.

I see that the lightbox handles images and embeds youtube. I am looking to find a way to make images in lightbox become rollover images. Not the thumbnails but the enlarged images. If both the thumbnail AND the enlarged image could become rollovers, that would be even MORE awesome. I’m a photo retoucher by day and I’m just looking for a better way to showcase my before/after samples.

Can this be done? And could you possibly tell me what I’d need to do in order to make it happen?

I’m not an advanced coder at all. If you give me step by step instructions, it’s ok to talk to me like I’m a moron. I know my way around HTML and that’s about it.


I suppose this is what you are looking for:


You can find the instructions how to use it here:


You will have to integrate it though. Let me know whether I can be of further help.

I love this template, I’ll definitely buy it when it comes with a WP counterpart :) To have a site in html and the blog with WP! Good job!

Just out of curiosity: all pics at the blog have to be vertical? How do they look like if horizontal? Cheers!


With few html and css alterations you can make the blog posts have full width horizontal pictures.

Any news on the wordpress version, i cant wait to buy


Nice to know there’s still some interest around here.

The wordpress version is currently in review queue :) Hopefully it will get accepted within few days if there are no issues with it.

daithaig Purchased

is there a way to turn of cufon font on individual pages?



Cufon can be disabled entirely, but not on certain pages I’m afraid.

Hello, i love this html website….

i saw your note about making the home page (the slider area) to have taller photos… i have made the adjustments in the CSS that you so kindly wrote about. However, i am not getting taller images…

i am hoping to have images on the home page that are the size of a monitor….

Any help with this would be great.

Thanks :)

I noticed the wordpress version of this theme has a different update number and also appears to have some differences when viewing the demo. Is this HTML version identical to the wordpress version and include the same updates?

Thanks, Jenn


The html version doesn’t have the updates as the wordpress version. Only the wordpress version was updated so far.

Very nice and clean


Thank you!