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Hi. Quick pre-sale question. Do you provide demo content so I can get the site running like your sample so I can just modify it rather than start from scratch? Thanks, Rich

Hello RichGags,

At the moment this theme does not come with demo xml. Only our more recent themes – Avantgarde, Laboratory and Smoke & Mirrors come with demo xml.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team

I have menu items with apostrophes but they don’t appear, whether on the main menu or as the title on a page. Please help!

Apostrophs and special characters don’t work with cufon. You need to disable cufon from Appearance -> Theme Options -> General tab -> “Do you wish to disable Ubuntu cufon ?”. You can do the same thing for lobster font.

Awesome! Thanks.

Thank you, starshade! Here is my site made with your excellent theme! :-) >> Mobile Beauty Service in London

Hello aleikov,

Thank you for commenting. Looks very nice! We are glad you have enjoyed using one of our products!

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Hi, how can I put the social buttons after the tag <!-more-> in a post. Is it only visible when someone clicks read more button?


Not sure we perfectly understand your question, but:

1. if you want the social media icons displayed after each post right after the “more” button on the blog posts list page, then yes, it’s possible, but please post the request on the support forum ( ) since we are not offering support here in the comments section of the theme.

2. if you want to have your social media icons in the content of a post exactly where the “more button” splits the content, then I’m afraid this isn’t possible. Wordpress doesn’t offer a possibility to insert code functionality where the “more” link is inserted.


before i buy this theme: how is the integration with Woocommerce, is it possible?


The theme wasn’t tested with this plugin so I don’t know how well it works with it. The only information we have is that a client said that the theme works fine with WP eCommerce plugin. I’m not sure if this has any effect in regards with Woocommerce compatibility.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Woocommerce support?

Hello Dnn,

No the theme doesn’t support Woocommerce.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

I’m having a little trouble. I want the header/background top image to stay perfectly center aligned, even when the window is scaled.

Do you know where and what exact CSS code I would need to add/edit do so? I’d like this for the homepage header background, and the slimmer background header for all other pages.

Hello grantstolk,

I’m afraid that’s not possible, because the theme is not responsive and was not built with this in mind in the first place.

You can paste this code inside style.css for make images responsive:

img{ max-width:100%; height:auto; display:block; }
img{ -ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic; }

But while the images will start resizing, the height of the image container will not resize.

In this case, your only option will be to force the header images to keep their height when resizing by pasting this code in style.css:

.interior-top img {

But now, when resizing the window, the images will stretch quite a lot.

So there isn’t a good solution for this case, because the theme doesn’t have re-sizing properties.

Also, if you have more questions / issues, please come to our support forums –

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Thanks for your reply.. I think you mistunderstood what I meant by scaling and alignment. To clarify, here is a video of the problem:

When I originally built the website I managed to fix the problem by editing the CSS file. But haven’t been able to figure it out since upgrading to the latest version of the theme. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hello grantstolk,

I understood quite well your question, and like I initially stated, that is not possible anymore. In later versions the theme has been reworked from scratch because it had big issues(looked completely broken) on smaller screen resolutions(such as 768×1024 from ipad 2) and clients were asking for fixes. Along with these updates the way header images are used has been completely changed.

Howdy, this is a pre-purchase question. There is no mention of eCommerce on this theme’s details page. Would i be reliant on plugins to add a store? If so, can you recommend any specific plugins that are compatible ?


We had a client that stated that he successfully integegrated the e-commerce plugin with this theme ( but we didnt test the theme with any shopping plugin so far.


please someone help with my big problem about centering my header image.

I must center all header images on the site that I am buiding ->

I manage to center the flex slider image, but not the featured image. I have edit css and now even the title of post is somewhere on the right :( not sure how I did that :(.

Trying to fix this problem too long. Please help, this thing is killing me.

Thanks for answer in advance!

We have responded on support forum.

Have you tested to see if there are any issues with WP 3.8? I don’t want to update my live site to 3.8

Yes the theme works on wordpress 3.8(make sure you are using the latest version 2.3.1).

Thanks men

glad 3.8.1 works with older theme, thanks

You’re welcome!

Hi there, We have a quick pre-sale question… Would the menus on the left side bar version be able to be changed from “hover type” to “expanding” menus? Either using code to do so or by installing a plug in that has sliding expandable menus? We love this theme but don’t want the hover menus. Any feedback you can provide is appreciated – Thanks!

Hello organizationsolutions,

If the sliding menu that you want to add is compatible or can be adapted with wordpress 3.0 menus then yes, this is possible, but you might need to hire a developer to properly integrate it in the theme if you don’t have programming skills.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Is this theme compatible with wordpress 4.2.2 ?

Hello mangolino,

Yes the theme is compatible with latest version of wordpress, however since this is not a responsive theme and it didn’t sell anymore for quite some time we won’t be supporting it anymore. If there are other themes from our portfolio that suit your needs, our advice is to either purchase a more recent theme from us(starting with Dreamspace) or Media Consult / Innova Construct(we still support these themes even though they are older and we will keep supporting them in future).

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.