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Your theme is really beautiful and interested. I want to know if a can create multiple portfolio or categories or filters for my images (illustration, photography…)

Yours sincerely

Hello ladydine,

Thanks for interest. You can achieve this by for portfolio type 1 and portfolio type 2 by creating multiple portfolio pages of the same type. This function like this: each portfolio page has a category correspondent. To have another one of the same type, create a new page and assign a new category to it. However you can access these portfolios that use the same layout(but with different posts) only via the black vertical menu, there is no other filter option at the moment.

However in the next update I will add a custom widget that will list those categories separately so you can easily navigate / filter those posts.

But at this moment, filtering the portfolios can be done just via main menu.

First of all, let me congratulate you for this amazing theme! It looks incredible! The typography is amazing, lots of features and great for any kind of business. This kind of art-work impulses me to work even harder in learning CSS /HTML and many other. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot for the nice comment! Good luck with learning html, css and any other things you want learn. And remember never to give up ;)

Very clear and also elegant. Congrats. It is bookmarked.

Thanks :)

pretty soon I’ll buy it

great job!!!

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

Thanks for taking the time to do something different with your menu. Well done, bookmarked.

Thanks for comment :)

one question: can you tell me the name of the fonts you used in this theme? You selected two really brilliant ones!

Sure thing. The italic script font is Lobster(shows up on H5 tags) and the main header font(h1-h4, h6) is Ubuntu. They are of course both free for personal and commercial use.

You will see more of such combinations of fonts from me in one of my future theme ;)

Alright. Thanks! It’s a nice combination! Love to see more of this. I faved this Theme and i subscribed you

tonvie hit the nail on the head with his comment. Well done.


Sorry for rating. But after the many down and upload I can’t to use the theme. Freeze my domain site, when I tryed to activate the theme. Never happend this before with other themes. :S


Hello rostast,

The issue you are having is probably the one described here:

Have a look at it, and if that doesn’t fix your activating issues, let me know. Also, I am confident there’s nothing wrong with activating and using this theme, if it were such a problem, then it wouldn’t have been accepted for sale in the first place.


@marketinginmalta – right on ;)

@rostast, I’m asking a question to clarify. Are you saying you rated a theme low before even talking to an author? I don’t see any other posts by you here.

If I’m wrong please correct me. But rating a theme low before getting support doesn’t seem right to me. I apologize if this is not what you meant

hi there. i can’t seem to get the demo to change the skins. am i doing something wrong? what actually changes colors?


What browser are you using ? I’ve tested the switcher in latest firefox, ie7, ie8 and chrome and it works fine(you just click on the small squares on the bar, this should change the skin). Also, the script uses cookies, so make sure you have these activated.

hi starshade and thanks for writing back. right when i read your response, i tested it on firefox and no problems. i was using safari, which doesn’t allow the use of the color skin picker. any timeline on that?

thanks, and great theme… RJ


The color picker is used just for demo. Because it doesn’t work on safari as long as you can check it in other common browsers so you can see all the skins, it’s not an issue. The theme doesn’t come with the color switcher(in case you decide to purchase), you have an option in the custom theme panel to choose what skin you want to use.


great theme! please tell me this is compatible with WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin or multilingual in anyway


Sorry for rating (and my english), but I trying every tricks to upload the teheme (what I love), but ALWAYS was problem. (ftp, zipped, unzipped, WP uploader, etc...) I follow the instructions of your recommended video, and other. Not was message, only white, empty pages, and frozen domain site.If I delete the royalty folder, the domain workingt correctly. I try tö upload with wordpress own download option with the zipped file of only theme. Then after showed me : the actual theme is royalty! Hurry!!!!!! But on homepage I saw the original theme before royalty!!!!! (after refresh too!!!) And on sidebar NOT shown the theme options!!!!!!  Totally confuse my domain, and me too! I use many other templates on ENVATO, but never meet with this problem! (I use 16 templates, or others)
 Please help me, but it is don't understand for me!! I'm not a totally beginner!  I LOVE THIS THEME, AND I LIKE TO USE THIS!!!!!

Sincerely : rostast


Drop me an email via my contact profile here on themeforest with:

wordpress installation admin and password.

Also the FTP login data, if available.

First, I will try to upload it via wordpress admin. If that will fail, I will use the FTP data.

I wait for the email from you.

Kind regards,


@ rj67creative

I was using safari too – you can get the demo to work on safari by clicking “remove the frame” provided by themeforest (you have to view it in its own window not the themeforest iframe.

I’m going to buy this now and try it out because I love HTML5 and this theme looks slick!

Thanks :)

Just to let everyone know:

rostast problem has been SOLVED .

The theme was not working because he had the wp-pagenavi plugin activated and the wp-pagenavi is also included in my theme, so this was causing a conflict between the two in php:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_pagenavi() (previously declared in /srv/netkert/ in /srv/netkert/ on line 180

After I renamed his wp_pagenavi plugin folder to something else(it means I deactivated his plugin) the theme worked just fine.


ok lets try again! I want to buy this theme but need to know if this theme is compatible with WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin or multilingual in anyway

Hello jhconcept,

Seems I forgot to respond to your post. I have an older version of WPML , 1.8.3(they have gone commercial with the latest versions that better support wordpress 3.0 and wordpress 3.1). I tested the blog and everything went fine with the plugin. However I wasn’t able to test the custom posts(in my theme, custom posts are all slider posts, portfolios and gallery). Custom posts were introduced in wodpress 3.0 and so it’s a possibility possibility the version of the plugin I have doesn’t support it. They say that their latest commercial version does fully support wordpress 3.0 and 3.1.

So I am not 100% certain that the theme works with WPML . Let me know if you want to use other multilingual plugin and I can test it for you.


Thanks for the detailed answer! I am new in wordpress and will like to know how else can I make the theme multilingual an give my client an easy way to continue writing in 2 languages since in Quebec by law you need the site bilingual ( English and french).

In joomla it’s easy you just use joomfish create a position for the flags and bingo.

I really like this theme for one of my projects but I need it to be in French and English…

There are a couple more plugins for translation, you can see a list here:

qTranslate, the first one, is quite popular. I can try this one to see if it works.

Hi ! One question : is it possible to use fullwidth post in portfolio like homepage ( without sidebar ) or not ?


Due to its design with the vertical menu on all interior pages, it’s not possible to have a fullwidth page on interior page. Just on one of the 2 homepages.

Yes please and thanks for your great support

Hello jhconcept,

The theme works properly with qTranslate plugin and is very easy to use. I would mention that this plugin will give you a widget that can be dragged into the sidebar or footer(footer is also widgetized ;) ). If you want to have the language chooser somewhere else, you should check their support forum here:

Here’s also the forum index:

I suppose you will still need to know some wordpress coding basics if the client will come up with different requests. Before purchasing my theme, you are more than welcome to test the qTranslate plugin on other theme(twentyten that comes with wordpress for example) to see if you are happy or not with the way the plugin works.

Kind regards,


I’m thinking of buying this theme and using the Event espresso plugin and mailchimp. Do you know if I can expect problems or will it work fine together?

I don’t know if the theme works with any of these plugins…