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Hello Starshade,

After more then 9 days of waiting my patience is over! I send you a PM and posted here on the comments section. This is meaningful feedback about your theme and should be acknowledged.

If there is a reason for this then it would be professional to communicate about this. Or letting me know if you can provide help with this or not.

Hope this last request will help to receive a reply within 24 hours. ;)

Hi Starshade,

First thank you for the info about the issue with the css-file. I checked my inbox but I did not receive your e-mail from 2 days ago. Maybe there has been some delivery problem with the e-mail.

Furthermore I posted a comment about the id of the portfolio items. I use the WP Show ID’s plugin to get the id’s, but in the list view of the portfolio items the id does not show. Probably because this is not implemented in the portfolio template. For placing a specific menu in a portfolio item I need the id of the portfolio item So the menu widget knows where to place it. For this I use the display widget plugin. Is it possible to provide this functionality for the portfolio items?

Thanks for helping!

About the ids, I’ve tested the plugin myself and had a look in my theme’s code but I didn’t manage to find out why the ids are not shown for portfolios. All I can tell is that portfolios are custom posts and for sure it’s something related with this.

I will have a closer look into this in the following days and see if I can figure it out. Also, you can get the id of each of those posts by just hovering your mouse pointer over the post title – a link will be shown in the left bottom area of your browser with:…

where 1084 is the id of the post you are hovering.

That is a nifty solution .. wish you luck with finding out the issue with the plugin!

Thanks again!

Hi Starshade,

Is it possible to embed a video in the slider?

Yes this is a huge video format to embed … thanks.

Hey I have just sent you instructions how to decrease the submenu time when hovering out. Let me know if you received the email, I remember there were some mail issues between us some time ago.

Hi starshade,

I received your e-mail. I altered the setting you mentioned in the custom.js and the hover out time is better now.

Appreciate your quick support!

Just purchased this template and when trying to set up the homepage I clicked on “Alternate Homepage” but I get nothing in the actual page content. On the demo page when I click to alternate homepage I see a sidebar and other items. How do I get the template to work? The instructions have no information on setting this up other than saying “fill then content”. I expected to find an actual page layout presented.

You just have to create a normal page and choose “Alternate Homepage” from Template in Page Attributes box. To fill in the alternate homepage content, you have to fill its content with your text / code when adding / editing the page. In Appearance – > Widgets you have a sidebar named “Alternate Homepage”. In this area you can drag and drop the widgets that will show up on the alternate homepage.

Thanks, I hadn’t added the widgets yet – now it looks perfect! Awesome theme.

Hi Starshade,

I want to thank you for helping me out with all the technical issues! Very good job and wish you all the best with developing new templates in the future.

Hi Starshade,

I’ve implemented three WP themes now and yours was fun to implement! I’m getting better at it, but your documentation is great and you’re quick to reply. Thank you.

On that note, my documentation is corrupt and I re-downloaded the file, but it’s still not working. Is it possible for you to send it to me in a PDF ? If so, that’s

Also, my first implementation did not go as well as this one and that designer did not help me very much. I sweated that episode out anxiously, but someone else using the same theme, thankfully, came to my rescue.

I’ve kept up with a number of posts here and just want to communicate to anyone considering purchasing your theme: if you download it and read the documentation and the theme is loaded correctly, you should not have any problems with the functionality. And if you do, Starshade will respond helpfully! At least, that’s been my experience. :)

Hey thanks for the nice post!

About the documentation, I will be sending it to you now, but I don’t have it in pdf format, I only wrote it in html. Will send it to you in a zip archive.

How do I set the image for the pages that are displayed when the user clicks on the “Find Out More” links from the sliders that are shown on the home page.

On the “Edit slider entry” page I created the text that shows for each of my sliders but I do not know how to add an image for the header of each page.


You will be inserting this image manually in the post either via wordpress image uploader(Upload / Insert -> Add an image) or by directly inserting html code in the content(html tab) like this:

<img src="absolute path to your image" alt="" />

You can also make use of align left / right shortcodes if you have a smaller image that needs to be aligned right or left from the paragraph.

That adds an image within the page itself, I’m trying to add an image to the header section of the page. The sliders have a “Find Out More” link that opens a new page with the title the same as the text of the slider. But there is no image in the header section and I can’t figure out how to add one.

Figured it out, I needed to link to a page rather than text in the slider post.

I really love this design. I only have one question though, can the menu piece be moved from left to right or is it set the way it is?

I really love this design.

I have two questions though, can the menu bar be moved to the far left or is it set the way it is?

Also, can the menu bar be opaqued? Because I know it can be in color.

In your previous question, you’ve asked about the menu “piece” to be moved from left to right – I assume you are referring to the black vertical menu of the theme – this is not possible I’m afraid since the menu is “connected” to the sidebar too and trying to move it will affect the whole css code structure.

I am not really sure what are you referring to about the menu beeing opaque ? It’s already opaque – it’s black. Let me know in more detail to what are you referring to.

Sorry, let me clarify. The section in the slider that says the circle of life or ghost of the navigator has a transparent look to it. Can the vertical menu have a transparent look to it as well?

Thanks for answering the first question.

Ok I understand now. Yes it can, but you must apply the transparency by editing the menu design in the psd and save the menu parts as png’s and replace the old menu pictures from images folder with the new ones you’ve created. If you don’t know how to do this I can do it for you free of charge, just drop me an email via my contact form from my themeforest profile and also mention if you what transparency grade you prefer(60% – 90% or other) and also if you want the menu background to remain black(transparent, but with black as the base color, just like the horizontal bar where it writes “ghost of the navigator” has white as a base color).

Hi Starshade,

I purchased this theme a couple of weeks ago and I can appreciate the effort that you put into it. I’m pretty good with Javascript/CSS/HTML but i have a very trivial question about shortcodes. In particular, how do I link the lightbox shortcodes together so that multiple images can be viewed. In other words lets say im using the align_left_lightbox shortcode and i want to display 2 images. How do i group them together so that when i click on one, i can simply use the right arrow on the lightbox to view the other?

Thanks in advance

Hello !

I’m going to buy it. Very nice for one of my business.

Just a question before. I’d like to be able to set up a filterable gallery / portfolio as used on others WP websites, something like “all / A / B /C …” so that I can sort my work more clearly : is it possible ? If so, how ?

Thanks for your help.



Hi again,

How disappointed I am :-(

I didn’t noticed I couldn’t use it for I’ve been working on WP 3 .2.1… :-(

Did you forecast an update ?



Hello Roger,

Why you say you can’t use it with wordpress 3.2.1 ? The theme should work fine with the latest wordpress version and if there are any issues reported, I will update it.

About your question from the previous post, the answer is no, you can’t make a filterable gallery and it’s not an easy thing to implement. An alternative will be to create multiple gallery pages and filter those pages from menu.

Ok, thanks for your answers. I thought it was not possible to use it with WP 3 .2.1 for you only mentioned the 3.0 and 3.1 software version in the right column in this page.

As for the filterable gallery, I imagine it’s all but an easy thing to implement it. I asked it so as to check if it was something that could be done with a widget or else and I guess not after reading your answer.

Never mind, I’ll buy it anyway.

Thanks again :-)


The half box short codes seem to just stack the boxes on top of each other instead of side by side. I’m using the Half_box first and following it with half_box_last. Is there anything else I need to do? I’m using the alternate homepage.

The half box shortcodes were created for the fullwidth page and the only fullwidth page in this template is the default homepage. The alternate homepage uses a sidebar that, like all other pages, is tied to the menu and can’t be removed – so these sortcodes don’t fit on pages with sidebar.

Great theme. I’ve run into a couple of compatibility issues/questions and am wondering if you can help:

1. The plain bullet and numbered lists are not showing up in IE – they look fine in Firefox though. The special ones included in the theme show up fine – checkmarks and arrows. Thoughts?

2. Again, IE vs. Firefox – when the page loads there is a delay and the header slider appears black.

3. The blog posts, there is the option to include the social media links, which I had turned on – but thought it was to share the link, but these just go to links input in the options section or link to the same blog page if that option is not filled out. Are you planning on having them become actual share buttons?

4. I also had added the flickr widget to the footer, but it was not showing up even though the correct information was input into the settings. Any reason for this?

If you could answer any or all of these, it would be very appreciated. The site is


1. This is a strange ie bug it seems. All floated bullet lists don’t show the bullets in ie. I had a similar issue with another theme and I’ve managed to fix it but it’s not something that can be fixed by changing 1 or 2 lines of code. After I release my next project, I plan to make a major update to this theme and this bug will also get fixed.

2. Well I suppose this is something with the ie processing the page slower. There isn’t something I can do here I’m afraid.

3. Yes here it’s another bug, they aren’t implemented as it should. I will fix those in the upcoming update too, but if you need these fixed faster, drop me an email and I will send you a modified single.php file that fixes those.

4. Flickr widget should work fine. Didn’t have any issues with it and there weren’t clients who reported anything strange. Maybe I should have a look at your wordpress backend. You can drop me an email via my contact form with user / pass to your site and I will have a look.

...I’ve been patiently waiting for you to answer my question (18 days??)

You should have asked the question again 2-3 days after not responding to you. I have too much work to do and also setting up a support forum with dedicated staff that will answer all questions – but the main reason why I didn’t respond to your question is the fact that I simply forgot about it.

Now about your question, you can’t group lightboxes with align_left_lightbox shortcode. You must manually insert the html code for this and probably add some css styles to make it look better.

A code example that should be pasted in the html tab of your wordpress editor will be the following:

<span class="mygallery"><a href="absolute_path_to_large_image" title="your image title" rel="prettyPhoto[my-gallery]"><img src="absolute_path_to_small_image" alt="" /></a></span>

<span class="mygallery"><a href="absolute_path_to_large_image" title="your image title" rel="prettyPhoto[my-gallery]"><img src="absolute_path_to_small_image" alt="" /></a></span>

absolute_path_to_large_image is the bigger image that will show up in the lightbox. The important thing is to have prettyPhoto[my-gallery] to all these lightbox groups.

Now, in style.css from theme’s root, you shoud add the following code:

.mygallery {
   padding:0px 12px 12px 0px;
You can change the padding values(top, right, bottom, left) to the px size you like.

How do i change the size of the footer.

How do i change the size of the footer.

Please give more info. What you want to change to footer ? Width is not possible – if you increase the footer width an horizontal scrollbar will appear on resolutions of 1024×768px. Decreasing the width will make your 4 widgets not to fit on a single row. The height is automatically increased as your add widgets. Widgets with less content will decrease the footer height.

Also, have a look in footer.php and find the associated classes and ids in style.css to change different footer styles if you need to.

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