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Your forum wont accept my purchase code as valid so i can’t ask my question there. I am having a problem with the theme in firefox. The background is being extended so that it is possible to scroll vertically which i don’t want. Can you help me out here? My site is


Hello Kenneth,

I am not 100% sure I understand your question. About the forum, registration should work.

Please, drop me an email via my contact form from my themeforest profile with:

- desired username - email - your purchase code

If the code won’t work, I will make you an account anyway. You will receive an email with account data after I make it.

Hello !

I’m currently using the version 1.

Do you know how to update the template without loosing every customisation made ?

Thx !


I am having such a tough time resizing my images to fit in the slider. I’ve set the height to 452px and the width to 1901px, but my picture looks so wide and distorted. Please help. I’ve been working on this for a week now and I am frustrated.

You should just get an image that fits in the slider. Your image is not big enough(in width) for it. Also, you don’t need to have an image with 1900px width, 1600px wide would be just fine, since most people don’t use such high resolutions anyway. So my advice is to just crop your image to 1600×452px. If you have some high resolution pictures I can just crop those for you if you wish. Just drop me an email via my contact form from my themeforest profile and we will handle it.

Hi Starshade, I lately added a translation plugin (qtranslate) to my web and from now on the sliders aren’t changing anymore. The first slide appers. Not further appearance of others… Could you please review it? Thanks, Marco

Hello Vizualni,

Please note that we are not offering support in the comments section anymore. All our support is handled via forum –

So please head there and post your question and our staff will handle it.

Hi Starshade!

I registered at your forums about three weeks ago, but there also noone supports to my question. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to pay for a solution if necessary. But I did not expect that you do not answer to my problem. Will you get back to me as your client?


I have responded to your question. In the first place, you are using a very old version of the theme. In the second place, like I stated on the forums, it’s impossible to create a theme that is 100% compatible with any plugin out there.

I had seen a bug in your theme that is somehow related to your problem(that was corrected in the newer versions) and I advised you to correct it, but I don’t know if this will fix your issue nor exactly what plugin script triggers the error in the first place.

We have chosen that support is free – to some extent – but we don’t have time to take freelance requests at the moment. Also, I’ve talked to my partner and nor me nor him know exactly what causes your issue – otherwise we had responded promptly.

At the moment we will wait for you to fix that google analytics issue and see if any other errors will show in your theme’s code.

Hello starshade,

the newest version seems to have the link-texts hardcoded in the sourcecode so I’m not able to apply any translations via language-files which I would need and it’s why I bought the license.

Can you have a look into it, please.

Thank you.

The theme is 100% translatable and it shouldn’t contain any hardcoded link texts, with the exception of portfolios that use custom posts.

For support please head to our forums, post your questions there and our staff will handle it.


Is there a way that we can put shortcodes in toggles? I need a table in a toggle, but the only thing i get are words in one line.

And lists in portfolio 1

Thanks, Alex

Hello Alex,

Please head to our forums for support requests – . We are not offering support in the comments section anymore.

Hi Guys

Beautiful Beautiful theme, however I feel the blog is HUGELY lacking, it not user friendly at all, I am so frustrated with it and compared to everyone other theme available that is normally the easiest most straight forward thing to run and mange.

I am now forced to consider dumping this theme to move over to something else with a straight forward blogging system unless you can assist me and enhance this area.



We offer small customizations free of charge on our forum – and more complex customizations / freelance requests for an hourly fee.

You are more welcome to head to the forums and post all your issues AND suggestions about how we could improve the blog / theme.

Also, as a personal note, I don’t see why you say the blog is not user friendly since it follows a classical approach that most of the themes from here use:

1. create categories 2. add posts to those categories 3. create the blog template(Pages -> Add new, shouldn’t take you more than 20-30 seconds to make this step) 4. choose in the (parent)category that populate your blog from theme’s custom panel(again, this one is done within seconds).

But like I said, suggestions are welcome.


I’m french and I’m wondering if I should buy this theme or not. I’m newbie with wordpress and I find your theme very attractive.

But the homepage is quite… mmm… big… Indeed, the picture behind the vertical menu is too big. On most screen resolution, the height of the picture will hide the homepage content. We should scroll to see it.

Is there any way to reduce the height for better seeing the homepage content when we launch the website ?


I can’t install… i get the memory exhausted message! Please HELP !!!


This error is related to your hosting provider. You should contact their support and they will help you with this. It is related to how much memory is allocated to the application, which is a setting that can be changed from php.ini, a file that only the hosting provider has access.

Also, just to make sure, check this guide to see that you are installing the theme correctly –

For more questions regarding our theme(s), please head to our forums –

Hello. Congradulations for the amazing template ! I would like to buy it, but first I need to know if it is possible to insert multiples images inside a portfolio. In your example, there is only 1 photo per portofolio.

Thank you very much !

Yes, you can insert as many images as you want in the portfolio post, but unfortunately there isn’t a way to group them in a slider. The theme doesn’t have an content slider shortcode :(.

But, is it possible to implement this slideshow ?

It’s possible to integrate a content slider in any theme, this theme included, however we don’t offer customizations of this degree to our themes. Our suggestion for having a content slider shortcode for this theme is to hire a developer to build it for you.

Hi there,

I purchased the theme, but I can’t seem to get the sidebar to appear on the blog page or blog posts. Any ideas why this is happening? I am very new to php so I’m not sure what to look for – does the blog template include the side bar?


We would not know why the sidebar won’t appear. Could you please send us a message via our contact form from our profile page( with user, pass and link to your site so we can have a look ?


Is there a limit to how much content you can have the homage? Currently it is set up as a post which redirects but not all the text fits in. Take a look and scroll down to the bottom –

Thanks for your help


There is no limit to the content. You can insert as much as you want. Your issue is likely to be caused by invalid content that was introduced in homepage and this breaks your layout. Please check the code you introduced in your content.

Yea you were right they were wrapped in tags

Tanks :)

Hi starshade,

I’m extremely close to publishing my website with your theme but I ran into a small problem. The date “circle” on my blog posts covers up the first part of the blog text. This was an issue that was raised early on (page 2 of these comments) and was apparently fixed in 1.13.1.

I have 1.13.1 and I have also confirmed the manual workaround instructions that you had given. Do you have any suggestions?

We are not offering support in the comments section. Please head to our forums( ) and describe your issue there. Also post a link to your site, without it we won’t be able to see what causes your issue.

Also, 1.3.1 is an old and not supported version, you should be using the latest version 2.2, but if you are in a hurry and don’t want to reconfigure the theme, then stick to 1.3.1.

Hello, i have one problem – ubuntu font doesn’t have western signs. Can you tell me how to fix it?

The font simply doesn’t support these glyphs. Your only option is to disable cufon in your theme.

I think the blog template is mixed up with the homepage 1 template in the php files since the update. I cannot get the blog to work at all.

Anyone else experience this?

The theme functionality has been completely changed in the latest 2 version and it’s likely that you will need to re-setup it. Please consult the latest documentation version to learn how to do it. Also, if you have more questions, please come to our support forums.

Hi there. Outstanding theme, we have it working perfectly in our proyect, but just have one minor problem regarding translations of the .po files.

Although everything else seems to work, wp-pagenavi still shows pagination texts in english. No matter what we try, it keeps showing “page 1 of 2” and so on. ¿Any ideas?

A minor bug we have also found is that the gallery won’t work if the name (not the slug) of the gallery-category has special characters in it (like “á”, for example). Something really easy get around if you know the flaw!!

Thank you in advance and congrats again!


For some reason the page navigation plugin has a bug that doesn’t use the correct text string. To fix this, open wp-pagenavi.php from lib/addons/ and look for this line of code:

$pages_text = str_replace("%CURRENT_PAGE%", number_format_i18n($paged), $pagenavi_options['pages_text']);

Change it to:

$pages_text = str_replace("%CURRENT_PAGE%", number_format_i18n($paged), __('Page %CURRENT_PAGE% of %TOTAL_PAGES%','royalty'));

Now you can directly edit the the “Page” and “of” strings on the line you just modified and the changes will apply.

About the gallery and all custom posts(portfolios 1-2), we know about this issue but weren’t able to find a fix. The good thing is that we have the easy workaround of not using special characters in galleries / portfolios taxonomies.

How can I set up a different header for a category of the blog?



I am afraid this is not possible. You can only assign a header for the blog template that lists all blog posts from any category.

For more questions / issues with our theme, please come to our support forum –

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Hi, how can I remove the “find out more” of the slider but maintaining the link within of the photo?

Hello banneowp,

In style.css from theme’s root paste this code:

.sdata-left .more-link { display:none !important; }

This should disable the find out more button from the slider.

Also, for more questions, please come to our support forum:

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

How can I insert a gallery in a blog post?

Hello banneowp,

If you refer to the gallery listing section of the theme( ) I’m afraid is not possible to insert it within theme content :( .

However you can make a gallery insertion in the content using the wordpress default gallery. This is accessed from “Add Media” button(wordpress 3.5) that’s just under the post title. A popup with your “Media Library” images will appear – you should click on “Create Gallery”, select the pictures you want to insert then click on “Create a new gallery button”.

Hope this information helps.

Kind regards and a Happy New Year,

Goldenworks team.