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Excellent work 8-)

Thanks :)

Amazing style ;) Great work ! Good luck man

Thanks ;)


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It looks nice, but I have a blank page in frontend with the “quickstart”. I tried the “mnual” installation and as soon as I add RS temptale, once again blank page…

Most likely on your local server php version is less than 5.3. This can result in malfunction of the framework.


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Mamp is using PHP Version 5.4.4…

Hi. Set php errors and warnings to ‘display’ or look in your php logs. Most likely cause is memory. I suggest at least 120m for php. This can be set via php.ini on line memory_limit

I have the same problem, a blank page an i use the php version 5.3. Somebody has an idea why this is?

Hi. Set php errors and warnings to ‘display’ or look in your php logs, and show me a screenshot of the error.

How do I add additional icons to the Green Web Icon set (there are only 7) I need one which is item specific.

Hi. At this moment you are able to use additional icons only in content. Ability to use icon in modules will be in next update. But if you’d like I’m able to give you instructions about how add all 450 icons to modules.

yes please. I have sent an email to support also if you would like to respond via that line of communication

HI, If you have not received, please check the spam filter. I can not solve your problem via comments because here it is impossible attach files to update.

Do you have a Wordpress theme like this?

I have a problem with the login form, it’s not sliding down from the top, but it’s always shown and the button doesn’t work. Am I missing some js files or do I need to modify some code?

I solved it, by some more of debugging. If anybody else will have a problem with the login form, you need to make this if you’re build from blank template: - Make sure the LESS compiler is enabled in template options - Copy the login.less file from the quickstart directory and replace it - Also copy and replace the ajax.js file from the quickstart directory and refresh the site with shift+refresh. Now my site is finally ready to go live. Great template! My site with this template is, check it out!


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Are you able to hyperlink the icons?