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LOVE this theme. Quick question. Is it possible to change the color of the main page box to something other than black or white and, if so, how do I do this? THANKS !


Sure, you can do it by editing the style_cf.css of your current style. For example if you’re using color 1, edit /css/1/style_cf.css

You need to edit this part of the code


Thanks for purchasing.

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Hello there at the Social Media Icons i miss vimeo how can i add it with a shortcode


Hi, you can add your own vimeo icon by uploading it into /images/social_media/ folder. Once you’ve uploaded, you’ll be able to use the name of your icon with the shortcodes as others.







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thanks to google translate

Hello again … Thanks for the advice on sidebar.php, but both the urls you provided from pastie.org is exactly the same :confused:


I’m sorry it should be http://pastie.org/1195314

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We bought the theme rt-theme 11, but the slider on the home page is not working.

We set the option Sliders in RT-Theme as put scrollLeft and 7 seconds.

In apparence at the widgets in option Home Page Slider, put two options how to link pages Manual.

So we want to know why the slider is not working? The settings that we’re wrong, you need to install any plugin?

We follow the instructions step by step but the slider does not work.

Please need to know what to do and what the solution to this?



First of all you don’t need to install any third party plugin to use the theme. There are three options on RT-Theme Slider Widget as you may already realized, you can link the slide to a page, post or a free url. If you choose the manual option you should enter the title, content and the url of the slide by manually. I don’t know what is wrong but if you could provide me a temporary wordpress account through the contact form of my user page, i can take a look it and create a sample slide for you. Thanks for purchasing.


Awesome Stmcan!!

That did the trick. Thanks a lot!!!

Hi, great theme! So happy with my purchase! The only thing I can’t figure out is how to display the get a quote bar on the home page.

Thanks, Jessica

Nevermind, figured it out! Sorry!

Hi There, I recently purchased your theme and LOVE all of the features! Only thing is in the past two days I have gotten an error message similar to this one twice which doesn’t allow me to access my wordpress site at all.

Error in /mnt/w0335/d16/s08/b030f78b/www/sohosalesblog.com/.htaccess: without matching section

Would this happen to have any thing to do with the theme? Any ideas on how to fix, I haven’t had any luck with the wordpress forum…


Hi, I’ve really no idea about the issue maybe your hosting support can help you on this issue. Thanks for purchasing. Regards

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I bought the theme, but for some reason the main navigation doesn’t appear. Could you tell me is a particular setting is needed?

Thank you in advance, Rosi

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Hi again,

I figured it out! Thanks for the extensive and clear documentation.

Kind regards, Rosi


Hi Rosi, I’m glad to hear everything is ok, please let me know if you need any further help. Thanks for purchasing.

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I have three things which I can’t figure out and I hope you can hlep. 1) I would like to have SEO friendly urls, and I choose Numeric style for the permalinks. But as soon as I do that 404 error is displayed instead of the page: The requested URL /coontacts was not found on this server. Apache/1.3.41 Server at www.websource.bg Port 80

2) Although I have sub menu to the main section, there is no drop down from the main menu to display the sub-pages. How can I add it?

3) Within “Services” I have sub page “Web Services” and within it I have sub page “Web design”. How could I display the Sub-menu of “Web Services” after I open “Web design” page?

Thank you in advance, Rosi


Hi Rosi,

1) Your server may not be supporting url rewrite mod. Please ask help from your hosting support. 2 – 3) As far as i can see you’ve resolved it.



I purchased this theme and really like the look and feel of it. I have a few very basic questions:

- Is it possible to change the color of links and navigation elements?

- Is it possible to change fonts?

Thanks for the great theme!



Hi Todd,

- First of all you need to find the right color css file. For example; if you’ve selected the color 1 you need to edit /css/1/style_cf.css

Once you’ve found the file you can edit these lines http://pastie.org/1220797 to change navigation items’ colors.

- Edit the font-family of the /css/style.css to changing fonts http://pastie.org/1220800

Thank you


Thanks for your reply. Please excuse my ignorance, but:

- Where would the /css/1/style_cf.css file be? I can’t seem to locate it. (I am using Style 1.)

- Where can I find /css/style.css to change the fonts?

Thanks again.


Hi, You can only reach the files on your computer or with an FTP account! i.e., you can’t find them with wordpress editor. Regards

Does this theme support translations?


Yes, you can translate the theme with plugins except the contact form shortcode. Thanks.

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First off – great theme! One of the better themes I have come across in a while!

I am having an issue with displaying an image on the homepage slider – it just will not show up.

The same image shows up when used elsewhere on theme as a test (e.g. as a background or as a product image) so I am completely baffled as to why it will not display in the slider for me.

Any advice?


Hi, I need to analyze your web site to say someting about it. Can you please provide me a url of your web site. You can send it privately through the contact form on my user page.

Thank you

I’m just starting with this theme, creating my website right now and I totally love this theme and all the options.

Thank you very much STMCAN !!


Thanks so much for your kind words and purhase. Best Regards

Back again… I was wondering if there is a way to make a duplicate of ‘Home Page Contents’ to display on the interior pages. I moved it out of the footer and into the main index but I want to display it on the interior pages with a gray background and different content. It would be the same content on all of the interior pages so I would just need to one new instance of it.

Honestly I don’t really care if it’s editable from the admin. If there’s just an easy way to display a new box above the footer on the interior pages that’ll work fine.

Here’s the site: http://jessicakarp.com/gentrysmith/

Here’s what I want to display above the footer rather than the current ‘home page contents’: http://jessicakarp.com/gentrysmith/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/bottomexample1.jpg

Thanks in advance!


Hi, You can only do that pasting the html codes into the page.php or footer.php by manually. I recommend that work and test first with the html version of the theme where you find in the html_version folder. I hope it helps. Regards


Do you mean I can just paste the html for the gray box into the .php file and it should work? I’m not a pro at php at all so I would have had no idea. lol If that’s what you’re saying, you’re my new best friend. lol


Yes, you are correct! For example you can just paste the html codes top of the footer.php to display a static content for every part of the theme. If you use the page.php your codes will be display only pages, if you use single.php the codes will be display only single post pages. I hope it’s more clear now!

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i miss the


Thanks Jan

Hi! I’m really enjoying this theme, thank you so kindly for the effort you put into it – you can tell that a lot of care went into developing it.

I am having some trouble with images. When I input PayPal code for a product, the theme automatically stretches the button to match the table it forms for the drop down box of the code. (Not sure that makes sense!) You can see what’s happening here:


I’ve tried deleting the code and reentering – I can’t see anything in the HTML box that would be causing this.

Can you help?

Thanks so much! Birdie


Hello Birdie,

As far as i can see the plugin author has used the image as form button thats why it’s displaying bigger than orginal. Please add these codes into the /css/style.css to fix it http://pastie.org/1228906

Thank you so much for your kind words and purchase. Best Regards


Ack!! I managed to file a complaint instead of respond to your helpful comment!!! Not sure what I did there, I’m so so so sorry! I will send a notice to theme forest that I botched this up, hopefully they will re-post the comment and my follow up to it! Ack again!!!

Okay, I am still having trouble with images, and now the blog page isn’t working at all. I changed nothing to the blog. It is parsing out the home page and not the blog posts. You can see it at:


I checked the page in the pages editor, but there is nothing in it, so I don’t know what’s happening. This seems to have started when I began adding products. ???

Also, the image issue is still happening. I deactivated all of my non-theme plugins but that didn’t help. I added your code to the CSS but that didn’t help, either. I’m not sure what is going in. It seems to me that whenever I add an image to a blog page or a products page, it formats the image to be the exact same size, regardless of what size I ask the image to be. You can see it on the blog pages, if I can mange to make those pop up. I did click on the “don’t resize images” option in the theme options but that didn’t make a difference.

Thanks for your continued help, this is a fantastic theme and I can’t wait to share our site with the world. I am going to recommend your work to others, it really is lovely,

Best wishes, Birdie

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Hello, still I am waiting my help for sliders in home-page. If no can to help please return my money.


Hi, I’ve replied your question about 13 days ago and there is no other message from you both dashboard and my inbox. If you could provide me an url and/or a temporary wordpress account, i can try to help you, otherwise please contact the themeforest support about your other requests. Regards!

senseone Purchased

Hello, which email I to send the user and password to be able to access?

But let me make clear that I want to know the step-by-step how I do it when needed. Otherwise I will want to return my money. Ok?

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No matter what i try, i can’t get the contact form to work.

I am at a loss here, and the contact form setup is not documented at all in the help file, Thanks

—UPDATE It seems the Phone number is Required Field! but not marked as such! even in the code, no asterisk or class=required…

so i plugged in a ph.number,and i got it to say “success” mail sent… However, no mail was ever sent to me! what is up with this contact form, and how can i fix it?


Hi, You can try to use contact form 7 plugin instead of the builtin contact form shortcode.