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Great looking website template. Smooth transitions, nice minimal style – I like Rufio very much. Good work elemis :)

Thank you! :D

You did great again! :)

Thanks :)

So amazing!! You’re the best. :)

Thank you :)

Flat design and unique portfolio. Simple awesome :)

Thanks a lot.

Nice design! GLWS

Thank you :)


I’m having trouble linking the homepage with the portfolio items. What I mean by this is when I download your files and view the index file in the browser and click on the portfolio item I get taken to file://localhost/Users/apple/Desktop/guides/index.html#portfolio-post2.html but nothing is displayed. Are you able to help?


Sorry we forgot to mention it in the help documentation, since some browsers deny local AJAX requests, the portfolio section won’t run locally. Please test it on a working web server.

Is it possible to make the portfolio 3 columns instead of 4?

And, will there be a WordPress version coming soon?


There is no direct option for portfolio with 3 columns but can be done with some simple CSS modifications. We can help you with it.

Wordpress version will be released yes, but we cannot give an exact date at this moment.


The Wordpress version of Rufio is released. You can check it out here: http://themeforest.net/item/rufio-2-in-1-responsive-wordpress-theme/6178054

Is there a way to prevent the top navigation bar from scrolling down the page when a user reads further down the page?

Hope that makes sense :)


You need to remove the fixed header script from style/js/scripts.js file.

can you include an email icon in the social icon-s classes

Would be nice if prettyphoto or fancybox was included


Instead it includes view.js which can be seen in use in the blog page, gallery post format.

Yes but a example – its not possible to open a video on same screen.

Unfortunately currently adding a different kind of lightbox is not in our plans. But you can add it easily following the instructions of fancybox or prettyphoto.

Hello, I’m Bruno. Very nice your works :)

Please… One Page: if the page portfolio-post3.html contains more video, it would be possible from the initial summary to images in the Portfolio (filter = ALL) link directly to the relative video? For example, from the table of contents in the hypothetical Portfolio, directly to sixth video in the page-portfolio post3.html

Thank you so much


Sorry we couldn’t understand your request. Can you please provide more details or provide examples if possible? Thanks.

I’m sorry for the bad english … Example: link to http://www.mad-frame.com/2013/ in the Portfolio section, I would like by clicking on the last image, the eleventh, he opened the portfolio page-arts.html anchored on the related video, the last (the fifth) of the portfolio page-arts.html: how can I do? Thank you, Bruno


Unfortunately this is not possible. The portfolio items can only link to their related post, adding an extra anchor is not possible.

Hi, great wokk, by the way!

I have some troubles with the portfolio pages. In many post, the images in the banner has shown bigger than others. Is not about the size of the image file, the problem is in the animated banner (the showcase). I don´t know how, but others post with same characteristics works correctly. Any idea what I´m doing wrong? thanks


Sorry we are not sure if we understand the issue. Can you please try to explain more? Also if you can provide your URL we can take a closer look.


Great Template!

I was wondering if it would be possible to do a multi-filtered-page setup using the same filter animation code from the portfolio, so when you click on a page link i.e. About – transitions the page content – rather then actually going to the page like this: http://ppp-templates.de/mf/#filter=.home

Is it possible to pay to get a custom version of this theme with that feature?




Unfortunately creating a custom version is not part of our support.

Hi, i don’t understand why the responsiveness of the theme is bugging since a few weeks – i didn’t change anything i was on holiday.. I can’t find why ..

Here is my url : http://www.webdesign-inspiration.com

For large screen (more than 1200px) the gallery is not responsive anymore and for small width, there are the boostrap paddings (20px) on the right and left that appears..

Could you maybe check quickly and tell me why this is happening ?


Sorry but we couldn’t be sure why is this happening. Originally, the theme responsiveness works properly. On your website the media queries styles don’t seem to have any effect at the moment. Please check for any unclosed tags etc.

Hello – I may be overlooking something very simple, but I cannot figure out how to modify the existing fonts or substitute another option?

Thank you, Kelly


Choose a font in Google Fonts and copy the font link then paste it before closing head tag in your HTML files. It will be something like this:

<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto:400,400italic,500,500italic,700italic,700,900,900italic,300italic,300,100italic,100' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Then you need to add the font name to your CSS styles like this:

body {
    font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;

Hi, buying the template do I have access to newest Revolution Slider version?

Best Regards Piotr

No unfortunately it is an earlier version, which was on when the theme was released.

Wonderful theme,

is it possible to have the menu bar permanently stuck to the top? Currently it sticks after scrolling enough for hitting the top. I’m referring to the multiple page version.

Thank you very much, Gregor

Thank you for your interest in Rufio. It is possible by custom modification.

Hi, this is Matteo. How can I move the intro “arrow scroll” (the one that appear in the intro slide)? I want to move it a little bit down. Cheers


You need to decrease the bottom values of “floating” in style.css: http://cl.ly/image/3k0T08212Y0o

Thank you for the support. Cheers Matteo