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Just wanted to show what you can do with that awesome theme! http://hardstylemag.de/

Fantastic! One of the best sites based on the Rule theme :)

I would appreciate if you rate our theme
(menu Downloads on ThemeForest)

Thank you.


This looks like one of the most modern templates (I’m always looking for templates reminiscent of modern sites like ZergNet.com and Vocativ.com, both of which I hope you consider in your new designs).

Rule is really great! I’m saddened to see it hasn’t been updated in a year.

Generally I won’t touch a theme that doesn’t improve at least a little bit over time. Such themes often seem to fall by the wayside after awhile and make it difficult to keep a site current. I’m guessing a lot of other buyers might only go with oft updated themes, too. Just makes our lives a bit easier.

If you keep updating Rule at a least a little over time, to keep it up to date and present with current good practices (of addictive Wordpress sites, heh), I’m sure it’s sales could grow. It really is usable for any number of sites, even a year later. Moreso if you keep evolving it. Rule (or if you make another even more modern theme like it) really should have over a thousand sales and be in the top rated lists.


Thanks for your feedback. I truly appreciate it ;-)


kikee Purchased

Hello mate,

Cracking job on the theme,

One question – the favourite button on the posts only allows one person to favourite each article, is there some setting I’m missing?

My URL is www.tech-zero.co.uk

Maybe some of your plugins or server settings cause this.

Try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.


kikee Purchased

Unfortunately that has not helped the issue

It seems something wrong with your server settings.

I need access to WP admin panel and FTP access, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile


Tarren Purchased

Is there anyway to center the logo in the header instead of having it aligned to the right? I’d like for it to be centered with the menu. Is that possible?


Can you show me this on your site?

Hi, is the demo content included with the theme so I can just import and have the same??

Thank you so much!

Hi ethan11,


Hi.. is there a tutorial for this? and a demo content of course, ty


Yes, we provide Documentation and Demo xml file.

Hi Zerge! Thank you für the Retina Rule Theme! Great that you released an Update (16. Feb)! Is there a changes list available? This would be great.

Best, Timo

Rule 1.03 Available for Download [2015-02-16]


- Fixed: Minor bugs
- Fixed: Issue with third-level menu item
- Disabled: Sidebar generator feature
- Improved: Compatibility with popular plugins
- Improved: Masonry layout
- Improved: Responsive CSS
- Improved: Posts comments
- Improved: MetaBox feature (IMPORTANT! Need to install the plugin “Meta Box” via menu Appearance -> Install Plugins)
- Optimized: Speed site performance
- Optimized: Java scripts
- Updated: CT Shortcodes plugin
- Updated: Java scripts libraries


I can not put the default Sidebar Position for right and Custom css is not worked, only just put in the editor.

where can I translate “LOADING THE NEXT SET OF POSTS” ... and “No more posts to load.”

the script’s own site PINTEREST and FACEBOOK there are times that appears and sometimes you have not, I believe the script it this a conflict with the site .. teri some solution


1. Can you show me this on your site?

2. In the file functions.php

3. Can you show me this on your site?

what’s your email?

Send me a message through my profile

Rule v 1.04 Available for Download [2015-03-15]

- Fixed: Minor bugs
- Fixed: Issue with background
- Fixed: Issue with custom CSS



Mloose Purchased

Hello how do I enable as stars? http://awesomescreenshot.com/0e84oqlp52

Mloose Purchased

Many Thanks !! I have one last question : Is there a simple way to hide the score board ? this One: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0c64oqy34e I need only that the stars appear in my the home.

Add to the style.css:

.single .overall_score {
  display: none;

Mloose Purchased

Thanks Zerge


Tarren Purchased

Hi I’m hoping that you can help me with two things I’ve been struggling with forever now that’s holding me up from launching this blog.

1. Most importantly, how can I add a READ MORE link after an excerpt?? I cannot figure this out. The MORE option in wordpress doesn’t work. Instead of a post ending with ”...” at the excerpt, I’d like to have either an image or text link take the reader to the full post. Where in the code does this belong?

2. Is there any way to center the logo at the top? Right now there’s the span thing and it can only be left aligned. I’d like for it to be centered.

Here’s an image of what I’m trying to do. I’ve been trying to figure this out forever now so any help would be greatly appreciated. http://totallytarren.com/HELP!!!.png


1. The “more” option will works, if you have set the option Blog Settings -> Use Excerpt or Content Function -> Content

2. Replace the file header.php with new – https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4364676/rule/header.php

and add to the file style.css:

#logo { text-align: center; }

Tarren Purchased

Hi Zerge, Thanks so much for responding back to me and for your help. Unfortunately, none of these options worked. :-(

The use content function makes it so that none of my posts show up at all. Is there a way to edit the code so that I can either use an image to link to the rest of the post or text? The more tag options don’t work at all for me.

The centered header didn’t work either, but the continue reading links are more important at this point. Thanks again for your help! :-)

http://totallytarren.com/help1.png http://totallytarren.com/help2.png

It seems you doing something wrong or your settings is incorrect. I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile


Mloose Purchased

Hello zerge , I put the banner code in the field: “Site Header Ads \ Banner Code” , but he is not appearing on the site . Can you give me one please look?

my site: www.casemagazine.info

Tks =D


Mloose Purchased

Hello zerge , I realized that small errors occurred with the theme , even though I have not made ??any changes . You can take a look please ?

The stars have lost color ( turned gray ) and increased in size , and some disappeared . see : http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/202989/0be99e583c262ac5e8c76f67522b0b69

This icon also changed color ( to gray ) : http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/202991/fbd0e376e0ad0e3c434aebb4914889ba

This line suddenly appeared : http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/202992/229ee924e00017cac75f355b2c40203b

This is my website: www.casemagazine.info

Please help me , I can not find the answers .

1. Try to replace in the file functions.php:




2. Add to the style.css:

.single .review-block { display: none; }

Mloose Purchased

It worked very well !!! Thanks a lot!

Rule 1.05 Available for Download [2015-05-10]


  • Fixed: Minor bugs
  • Fixed: Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability
  • Optimized: Speed site performance
  • Optimized: Java scripts


Hi, quick question before I buy.

I see that the background image changes for individual pages posts.

1. Can the background image of each individual post be different from the “featured image”?

2. Is it possible to have the background image on the Home page as a slider, or just cycling through some different images?



1. Yes.

2. By default no such feature. But you can use third-party plugins to add it.

Thanks. I know you can’t support 3rd-part plugins, but do you have any suggestion for a plugin that I can try?

Quick question. I have changed the “Links Color” in Rule Options, but it doesn’t change the hover colour for the social icons. How do I change this? Thanks.

For example, add to the Custom CSS field (Styling Settings):

.follow-block a:hover {
    color: #FF0000;

Thanks, that’s fixed it. I thought I’d missed a setting somewhere. :)

By the way, there seems to be two “Custom Favicon” settings in the General Settings section. Not a problem, just thought you should know. Unless it’s for some other purpose?

Yes, it’s a small bug. Will be fixed in the next update.

Another quick couple of questions:

1. How do I edit the contact form fields? I wish to remove the “URL” field.

2. When the email is sent to the website admin, the subject is “Message from Rule WordPress theme”, rather than the subject entered in the form. How do I change this?


Also, how do I turn on some sort of Captcha for the form? Thanks.

1. You can remove it in the file template-contacts.php

2. The subject displayed in an email body.

3. It’s possible after some modifications.

Actually, I think you can also try to use the “Contact Form 7” plugin, more powerfull than inbuilt Contact form.

Hi, how do I change the date format on the blog posts to how you have it on the demo “AUGUST 6, 2013”? Mine is showing as “21ST JANUARY 2015” which wraps over to the next line. Thanks.

It should be in the same format as in the Demo. Maybe some of your plugins cause this.

I have no extra plugins installed, just the theme and demo content. It doesn’t matter though, I have just reduced the font side using CSS. Thanks!


Hi, I seem to have a problem with the Twitter feed.

I have completed the API settings and added the widget to my page and post sidebars. I just get the Twitter heading, but no Tweets. The Twitter feed in question has recent tweets from the 23th June.

I have no extra plugins installed and WordPress is on the latest version (4.2.2).

Please can you help.

Sure, you can see it at filtee dot com, choose any page.

Out of interest, when I add the Twitter widget to the sidebar, it also kills the background slider plugin “Responsive Full Width Background Slider”. The background image does not display – as you will see.

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly – I really appreciate it.

In fact, I’ve just noticed that it stops other sidebar widgets from being displayed as well. I have recent posts and categories widgets in the pages sidebar, but they are not showing.

It seems your Twitter settings is incorrect.
I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

hello, presale question.. its possible,that pictureimages open in lightbox on deafult page without open a single post? and got showcase? thank you<3


It’s possible after some modifications.