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Thanks mate :)

Clean work , congrats ; good luck with this one :)

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

wow, very cool! subbed ;)

Thanks for the kind words everyone :)

Wow COOL work :) GLWS

Looks Amazing! Are you planning to convert this into HTML or even code it for wordpress?

yeap :) both actually, but I do not know when exactly :)

Very cool, love it

Great work! Love the simplicity of it.

Thanks, I did my best ;)

Amazing, great job!

Thanks mate :)

Amazing work JohnPixle ;-)

Thanks mate :)

Future HTML 5 version? I need to buy one :) Great job!

Thanks for the nice words :) Yeap, HTML will come one day, but unfortunately I cannot estimate when at this point…

Thanks john

Hi sorry for bothering but I love the font could you please tell me what font is it? Thanks Rvp

Sure, it’s called Novecento Wide. Google it :)


rvp Purchased

Thanks a lot, I just purchased your file are you available for providing support with photoshop ? I need to customize the file Thanks Rvp

Hi, please send me a pm via the contact form at my profile. Thanks John

Great looking psd. Love that header image of kinkakuji, who’s the illustrator?

Hi, it’s included in the theme description, at the “credits” section. Check him out.


It looks like Alexander Scott website: http://ckcallen.com

Hi Buddy. Let’s clarify things a bit:

You have already posted this comment at the HTML version of this theme: http://themeforest.net/item/rythm-one-page-responsive-html5-template/3327626 and I have already replied there. Perhaps you should make a research and be 100% sure before you start posting implying that my design is a copy of http://ckcallen.com , because as it is clearly stated here: http://drbl.in/fJBs it is not.

However, thanks for the heads up, I discovered it thanks to your comment, and I have already contacted the designer about this.

I do not know what your relation with the designer is, but since you seem to be so passionate about this issue (posting the same comment on two themes) , this is what I had to say.


Hey imagineallt -

I have no idea who you are, but cool down man – I was the one that saw John’s design and decided to reverse engineer it! Buy John’s PSD or HTML5 template and you’ll be happy. I just decided to do it myself, that’s all.

John – sorry for all the headache!

Thanks for that Chris :)

Adoro il tuo stile, sei il mio webdesigner preferito, te lo scrivo in italiano per complicarti la vita :P

Grazie capitano :) Parlo italiano un po ;)