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Im still waiting for your response:

Hi How to change the position left to right on widget header sidebar?

You can check my site i have put facebook widget on header sidebar but needs to change the position left to right to the end and align with logo?

I have sent you email last week but no response yet. Regards


Hello now your facebook widget on header is on right position

qamarqrsh Purchased

Can you tell me how have you done this or any code? for future reference … thanks


go to appearance -> theme options -> style & background -> custom css and copy those code.

Thanks for the theme. I have two questions here

  1. How can I add image in the Mega Menu, like demo website “Business” menu.
  2. Can I link “Carousel post title” which on demo home page just below banners to particular web page rather than post page itself?

Please help me, if my question not clear, please let me know. Add widget to the Mega menu is very important to me, the reason I bought this theme is because my client has very strong request with the Mega menu and image in it. But after I bought it, I couldn’t find additional widget I can handle the images in the Menu.


Also I found, I have to click the top menu to open the sub-menu, how can I get hover effect?


1. check this image tutorial for setup mega menu post http://i.imgur.com/nMXwpF9.png 2. you mean carousel post title ( Carousel post title )?

Good job! Is this theme retina ready?
Thank you!


yes it is.


Thank you for your prompt response!

Additional question, was the theme built with bootstrap?


this theme i build with gumby css.


Thanks for the quick feedback. Do you have recommended picture measurements for the various forms they can be posted (large slider, small square thumbnail, blog thumbnail, ect.). My concern is that pictures will get cropped down once I post them to a smaller thumb nail and I want to have everything centered specifically so titles and important features are cut out once posted. Thanks.


My biggest concern is what should the image size be for Full Page Slider Images. Thanks


you can use image size 1110px X 510px for make it work on all thumbnail.

Hi, the mobile responsive not working properly. we have problems viewing it in mobile. our site : http://hnauae.com/

I have installed Woocommerce on the theme but not compatible, i have sent you a link via email please and advice?

Regards Qrsh


Hello i have make Woocommerce worked on your website please check it.

HI, I’m asking on behalf of my client. How can i add the hindi language support or i just want to change the language in HINDI

Also how can i add icon in the menu ?

SIte is hosted here http://zindgimagazine.com/


i’m done with menu but not sure how to fix the position of logo and background color of header ? please take a look on the image and read question 1 and 3 ?


please give me your website link and admin account to jellywp086@gmail.com for custom it.

Hi, I’m looking for a new Responsive Magazine WP Theme for our client (a local sports newspaper) but I always struggle with the same thing: most of them use the same Posts over and over.

Our client needs a Homepage where the same news don’t get displayed 5 times!

The rule is the following:

The Feature News section will display the latest 5 posts under that category. Same for every Sport section in the Homepage but the Feature section has priority over the Sport category. So if there is a Post in the category Soccer (let’s say it’s about Ronaldo) which is also considered a Feature News then it will be displayed only on the top block of the Homepage (Featured News) and then, under the SOCCER section in the Homepage it won’t be displayed. Once there is a newer posts in the Feature section (not matter the Sport section it also belongs too) it will keep pusihng the Ronaldo post to 2nd position in the Feature News slider, then to 3rd, 4th and 5th. When we publish 5 newer posts, then the Ronaldo post will be moved out of the Feature News and will be displayed in the Homepage under the SOCCER section. Same for every other Sport Posts under basketball, football, baseball, etc.

Can your theme be setup to do this out-of-the-box? Could you do this modifcation for us? If so please get in contact with us with a price quote.




In my theme is have option offset post for every page builder block and widget so user can display post the same category and different post every page builder block and widget.

Again, thank you for the prompt assistance! I really appreciate it.

Is it possible on the slider menu to remove the custom title link? I am trying to include the title in the picture I use as the featured image and the title built into the them covers it up.




give me your website link and admin account to jellywp086@gmail.com for remove title link in slider.

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I just saw your new theme “NANOMAG”. Good job but please remember us too. We paid money this theme and I quess, we deserve some updates and features same as nanomag. Such as woocommerce, login, random link, like system ect…



hi derinuzay i will add this for next version.

Sorry but I’ve asked this question many times .. really struggling here. Love the theme but if I can’t get answers I’ll have to change. Also – I would have bought this theme MANY MORE TIMES with better support.

Since last September I’m struggling with theme updates – HOW DO I UPDATE YOUR THEME? Where do I get the file and how do I upload to update?

No I don’t want to install a new theme – I don’t want to lose all my settings & setup on current site by loading a “new” theme as you suggest – is there any way to simply “Upgrade”?

I’m on ver 1.4 trying to get to 1.6 (using WP4.1)


Again – love the them – LOVE IT – but can’t use it on new sites due to lack of support.

Cheers! Keith


if you want to get theme latest version please login to themeforest and go to download link http://themeforest.net/downloads and find my theme.

if you have custom in theme please backup old version theme first then replace with new version theme.

the good way that not effect to your custom in theme you should install child theme that have in theme package then make your custom in child theme.

One last thing – using this comments system in Themeforest is terrible. You had a wonderful Support Forum where we could search for answers and see all our conversations – here there is nothing searchable and I can’t find my past posts – really terrible. Last thing – PLEASE put up a notice on your Support Forum that it is closed. People are still posting there waiting for a reply when none are coming. Just pin something on main page telling us not to waste our time posting and waiting. .. terrible!


if you have any question i have 3 options for you can so you ask in my mail jellywp086@gmail.com or here or in support.


i’ve installed wp localization plugin, just wanted to know how can i add a drop down of site translation , like this site http://www.beautyart.co.il/ or check this URL


Please take a look


I’m asking on behalf of my client, you can check with his envato account:

Account Name: Baltech He provided me your theme to customize it.


i have search in mail Baltech and comment in themeforest but i dont see this name Baltech


Let me ask the purchase code , i guess then you can authenticate right ?