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As salaamu alaikum, if you are not developing a wordpress version and the HTML works I’ll buy the HTML version. Let me know. Just want to make sure it works fine in html. JazakAllahu


Aleykom as salam, can you send a PM

Masha’Allah ce theme est magnifique !


Aleykom as Salam Choucha, tu peut envoyé un commentaire dans la zone de commentaire de metrodir en anglais afin qu’Andrey puisse t’aider (il etait en voyage de noce il est revenu aujourd’hui) + je demanderais a Mohammad de jetter un coup d’oeil a ton PM si tu l’a ecris en anglais

par contre je comprend pas ce que tu veut dire par le plugin de geolocalisation, ill n’y a pas de pluing, il y a un option de la Control Panel qui permet d’avoir la geolocalisation

de toute facon tien moi au courant d’ici demain si quelqu’un te contact ou pas,

Salam UOU


ok je vais faire ça. Merci. Salam


c bon ?

asc i would like to buy the html or wp theme


Hello can you send us a PM please


Do you have a WP theme? I am interested in this theme.

Best regards Johnny Amin


Hi Johnny, we wanted to make a wp version out of after publishing the html version but there were few interests so we’re thinking of making a SaaS platform out of it so that mosks can register directly via the SaaS we’ll keep you posted Cheers UOU


I made a mistake. I stupidly thought that this was the HTML version and bought the template and then I found that It was PSD files.

Can I please get the HTML version? Please do take into consideration that I already bought but I made a mistake(I admit that).




Salam Aaquil we have removed the html version but send us a PM


Assalam, I sent you a mail via your page. What is PM and how do I do it? Kindly help, I really need the html version

Aleykom as salam from the contact form in our profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/uouapps

Assalamu’alaikum.. i love the colour is ;) so calm n freshing


Alekykom as Salam, thank you very much for your kind words, glad to know you like it :)

Salam, I sent you a PM about getting the HTML / WP version ridwan [at] sparkzweb.com

Please let me know!

Jazakllah Khair


Salam sparkzweb, hope you’re fine sorry if we didn’t check it we actually avoid goign through PMs as we receive too many unfiltered messages so comments are always better

it was my big wish to have the wp version ready but due to the low amount of sales we put it on stand by,

the html was published on tf and we removed it but if it helps you we can provide it at the same time we will bedoing the wordpress version and probably offer the profits into charity we’ll let you know,

about the html we’ll see, we’ll mail you back on Tuesday Salam and thanks for dropping a line UOU