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Bravo Two beautiful works question is when you go out a wordpress version then what is a french translation thank you

Salam, merci pour ton message, je sais pas encore parce qu’on a changer de priorité surtout qu’il n’y a pas eu un grand interet pour le PSD & HTML inchallah dans moins de 7 semaines je dirais Salam UOU

i don’t know why this message was flagged i wasn’t able to read it before it was flagged

Salem il est pas mal c’est ce que je cherche quand vous allez le sortir en WordPress je l’achète , pour les mosquées vous pouvez pas mettre une carte interactive France comme leboncoin .


I’m lookin for a Wordpress + BuddyPress version, can you send me an email when it’s gonna be ready ?


Je cherche une version compatible Wordpress + BuddyPress (et en francais) pouvez vous me tenir au courant lorsqu’elle sera disponible ?

Merci !

Salam, thank you for your interest, we’ve had some other tasks to prioritize due to the lack of interest manifested so far, but once we have the WP we will inform you Salam UOU

Asslaamu alaikum,

I purchased this beautiful template however I have no way of knowing how to implement the donation “widget” nor any of the other functionality like login, audio/video playback or search, and there is no php file contact form.

I’m hoping that you are in the process of creating the kind of documentation that is needed for your template as well as a php form for the contact form.

May Allah reward you for your effort.


Aleykom As Salam Wa Rahmat Allah,

thank you for your kind words & purchase, this item is an HTMLTemplate which is basically a static website it’s only based on front-end there’s no CMS or back-end linked to it for a registation process

so you would need to ask a developer to create a back-end and link it ot the front-end design, we are in the process of createing a dynamic version with Wordpress but due to the lack of interest in this template (we didn’t sell much so we supposed that there’s isn’t a bit audience for it on themeforest) we decide to put it on stand by until we finish some other priorities

regarding the contact form I willl ask the coder to include it whenever he can, it shouldn’t take him long to do it maybe next week inchallah

if you don’t feel comfortable working with HTML templates then it’s better if you try to ask someone to create for your a dynamic version with a CMS (wordpress, joomla, drupal…)

thank you again for your kind words Salamat



:) we were 50% ready with it then we had to put it on stand by due to the lack of interest ( but we’ll get back to it soon) i think it could be finalized end of June hopefully before thanks for dropping a line :) Cheers UOU

We need WP version please!!!!

Hello thank you for your interest we tried to implement it last year but it wasnt’ completed then we restarted again this year and the developer gave up so we currently have the wp version in stand by and don’t think it will be done soon. sorry

We need WP version please!!!!

Hello thank you for your interest we tried to implement it last year but it wasnt’ completed then we restarted again this year and the developer gave up so we currently have the wp version in stand by and don’t think it will be done soon. sorry


I have bought your theme recently. I have a question regarding theme “Right to left” support because i want to use this theme in urdu/arabi language. urdu and arabic language is right to left can i easily convert it?

regarding documentation there is only one paragraph for “CHANGING COLOR SKIN” in documentation html. Can i have complete one? because i m having problem in skin customization.

ok so first of all regarding RTL you should read about it here:

http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/pr_text_direction.asp in style.css add to body
 body {
    direction: rtl;

Hello slmanlp. I checked code and in package were included three files CSS: - default style.css(light brown) - green.css - red.css

If you want to change color please include after style.css one of two additionals colors: green.css or red.css.

In case when you need more help, please contact with us via PM

Greetings, Piotr

Salam, I am interested to buy your theme, but have following pre sale query, hope you would provide soonest response:

1. I am creating a Quran website where visitors will be able to read quran and listen audio recitation with audio translation for each verse. For each verse of the quran will also have interpretation text box along with translation text. I would also add audio recitation for each arabic verse of the quran.

But I have not found a page in your theme which is designed specially for Quran reading and recitations. Can you please guide me how your theme can meet this requirement.

2. I want to add Books section where I would add various religious books which will be available for download as well. Is there any possibility to such feature in your theme.

3. I would also add videos lectures of different scholars of Bangladesh. Is there any dedicated page for this purpose. And does your theme support youtube, vemio, links

4. This website will be in Bengali language. So, Will I be able write every corner of this site in Bengali language with unicode fonts.

I would request to reply me in detail. I am more interest to HTML version, therefore do you have any guideline to edit HTML in order to meet my desired required.

Thanks for creating the First ever Islamic Theme in Themeforest

Your Brother Sarfaraz from Bangladesh

Salam Sarfaraz,

the thing is the person who worked on it is no longer in our team so it would be better for your to contract a third party developer perhaps from envato studio to perform the changes based on your needs

Salam uou

Dear Author, Could you please tell me whether the following functions shown in demo of your theme are working properly or needs further modification: 1. Add a Mosk Button at home screen 2. Members Area / Profile 3. Login / Signup 4. Search Bar for Mosk, Quran Verse etc.

If not, then will it require further modification and do you have any update coming soon. I am talking about the WP only. Dear brother also give me the web link of any website which uses this theme.


Salam Sarfaraz we really don’t have the wordpress version its only html and what u see kn the screen only