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Hello, does this theme allow me to put video on portfolio instead of image thumbnails? Can people click on them and have them play? Thanks.


The theme does not support this feature.



defad Purchased

Bonjour, j’ai acheté Salbii – Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Thème J’ai installé le site en local mais en haut à gauche il est inscrit « Salbii’s available on ThemeForest – BUY NOW »

Est ce une mauvaise installation ou il y a t’il un élément manquant ? Que faut il faire dans ce cas ?



You can edit this in the theme options, called “Top bar”.


I’m having issues getting the url to work on the interactive banner 2? Mine is not linking to a page, post or custom url. It says url undefined. Im using Chrome.

We’ve answered your support ticket – Thanks!


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I got a question, where can i change the text that its load on the page-title on the search result page, or where can just hide the page-title on that place?


This requires custom php work.

Hi – Pre Sale question:

Is there functionality to have more than one posts page (for example a ‘Blog’ page and a ‘News’ page – both showing different post categories?) – or would this have to be done with php?

Hello, this functionality is not available.


I received error message below when I active the theme : “Fatal error: Class ‘WPBakeryShortCode_VC_Tab’ not found in C:\wamp\www\examples\wp-content\themes\salbii\inc\plugins-integration\visualcomposer\iconbox.php on line 11” May I know how can I slove this problem?

It is hard to tell how to solve this issue without having access to your server and investigating what is happening.

I tried it on Local and online the same thing still occur. Any suggestion on how I can solve this? Or should I pass you the credential so that your team can investigate on this issue?

Please submit a support ticket for assistance.

I have a valid Mobile Menu in the Mobile Off-canvas widget area. However – the menu u(ul class title-area show-for-small) is actually displaying “underneath” the top-bar-section.

So the menu is there, but the users cannot see it or access it on their phone.

Any work around ?

Please submit a support ticket for assistance.

Page Design Settings does not work, even after updating to 2.8. Thank You.

Thank you for your theme and great support!!!

I just updated WordPress to 4.5 and then wanted to do an edit on my site. The visual composer plugin is now not working. I researched it a little online and it appears that version 3.9 may have had the same issue. Any chance for an update or fix? Or advice on how to reinstall without compromising the website? All that I have in my plugin area now is Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer?. The Visual Composer plugin itself is missing. I purchased this theme outside the window for support but wanted to make sure you were aware of the issue.

Update – I have since been able to reinstall the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin, but it does not work when attempting to edit the page.

Forgive me for writing a third post. Here are links that give depth to the issue for other readers having this issue – and It appears that until the theme Visual Composer integration is updated within the theme, the component will not work.

Hello, this issue has showed up following visual composer latest release and we are working on an update. Most themes are experiencing the same problem and we are aiming at rectifying the matter asap.

Hi, My name is chrispsince1982 and my ticket is Private Ticket #735196, i have had no response from your team, which is unacceptable, the visual composer element of the theme has stopped working??? which means I cant edit the site, i have reinstalled and tried older version and the new version, but it does not work, please respond to my ticket in your support items.

Hello, this issue has showed up following visual composer latest release and we are working on an update. Most themes are experiencing the same problem and we are aiming at rectifying the matter asap.

Hello, i just renewed my support and the purchase code doesnt work to send in a support ticket. please advise. my email is

Your support website says “Your related URL does not appear to be valid.” when i enter the code. Please advise asap.

Could you email, your response please.

Did you get my email?


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When do you expect to offer a resolution to the Visual Composer issue with WP4.5? I see that the Visual Composer version 4.11.2 is marked to have fixed their compatibility issues.

We are working on an update at the moment.

Hello Tfingi, Do you think you’ll update your template ? I’m working on a client’s website with your theme on it, and it breaks everytime I try to update wordpress or install a new plugin. Thank you, Emmanuelle

We are working on an update at the moment.

Hello, I have been using Salbii for 2 years and have recommended it to other clients. The theme is now having an issue with Visual Composer – my website is not working. I know that I do not have the support system anymore – but this is not something related to my website but to the theme. I hope you can fix it and let us know how to make our themes work again. I really love Salbii and wish to continue using it. Thanks!

We are working on an update at the moment.

Hi, your site looks really neat and I am looking to set up a recruiting agency website. But I haven’t understood yet how I can do that with Salbii. Do you dispose functionalities like Resume uploading etc ? Thanks in advance

Hello, the theme does not have such feature.