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Have Salbii 2.2 installed. Having issues with Visual Composer. Please update visual composer to 4.3.5 (19.12.2014)

Other than this recent hiccup it’s a great theme.


Hello there,

We are currently investigating this issue and we’ll have an update for you very soon!

From what I understand the issue is fixed with the updated version of Visual Composer.

Ah… you’ve released 2.3… awesome… thanks


Purchased two months back.

Now, how do I get the get/download the Visual Composer update?


Hello, you get the VC update when we release an updated version of the theme - you cannot update VC yourself.

We are currently testing the latest version of VC to ensure there is no conflict with the theme. Once complete, we will release an update.

Thanks for prompt reply. I am waiting :)

It’s ready for you now!


Very nice template!!! Thank you very much! I would like to put twitter social icon in social icon menu in the top bar and i don’t find the good logo for twitter. Do you have a solution for me?

Thank you very much. Sincerely.

Oh sorry i’ve found: just enter css in menu: icon-twitter

Hi Farah_night.
You can find a full list of the icons here.


I had an old install of Salbii, deleted all , uninstalled WP and re-installed the theme but it only shows 3 pages : Blog index, portfolio and sample page. What could be the problem? Thanks!

You’ll need to set up your menu correctly to see all the pages – that is if you have imported the demo content?

Please submit a support ticket with a link to your site if you need further assistance.

Hello, there! I’m having a problem when i’m trying to acess my Theme Options. My browser give me a error message and then, when I click on the details it’s appear “CODE OF ERROR: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE”

Hello, could you please submit a support ticket with a link to your site so we can have a closer look at this for you.

Hi there, We are using the newest version of Salbii (with child theme) on a clients website ( and it seems that the logo is pulling the link from the Wordpress URL instead of the Site URL – and is thus presenting a ‘Link cannot be found’ page instead of the home page. Can you please let me know what evil bit of code can be tweaked to remedy this? Cheers, Olivia

Hi Olivia, please submit a support ticket with access to your server and we’ll assist you.

Hi, Just downloaded the theme, however, it seems very very slow to load the theme settings. I just want to make sure its not your theme, wordpress 4.1, or my server. Thanks.

Hello, please submit a support ticket with a link to your site so we have a closer look into your setup.


DrJCL Purchased

Are updates included?

Please submit a support ticket with a link to your site so we assist you.


DrJCL Purchased

Yes well I need to get it running first :D

Submit a private ticket with your server details – and we will make sure it is running for you!

Please update Visual Composer

Your last update was to Version 4.3.5

Current version is Version is 4.4.2 from 28.01.2015

Thank you.

On its way… still testing for any conflicting issues.

Hi guys,

I wanted to import the footer of the demo to customise from it, but can’t find a way. Is it possible to do?



The footer content is actually a widget area that you can easily edit. Please submit a support ticket and we’ll assist you with it.

How do i get the homepage to have the video background like in the demo? My other question is where do I find the purchase code for the plugins?


Hello, please submit a support ticket and we’ll give you a hand with the video background. As for the plugins, you do not have a purchase code for them since they are provided as part of the theme and not as individual items. If you have any issue with them, we can assist.

I on the page

I can not find a way to have a previous page link please help

Please submit a support ticket and we will assist you.

Can you please expand the typography on this theme?

For some odd reason you set the font for the portfolio filters in a very wide all caps type I’ve been looking for the entry in the CSS for a while now and can’t find it. Which file is it in?

Please submit a support ticket and we will assist you.


I have a couple pre-sale questions. Is this theme compatible with any WP LinkedIn Company Page Plugin? In Career Section, when end user submits resumes can it also be integrated with MailChimp to opt into mailing list? Are you able to customize the colours of progress bar, background etc? On HomePage are you able to add additional Widgets to each section? Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Cheers, Kayla

Hello, please submit a pre-sale ticket and the team will give you a clear idea about the theme.


Im having problems with my menu button on mobile layout, Its not showing my main menu ?

my site is

Hi, please submit a support ticket with access to your site.

Hi there,

Great theme but I seem to be having a problem with the contact forms. I’ve loaded in the dummy content, but there’s no way of telling the widgets which contact form to use form contact form 7.

Also, when I fill in the form and press submit it says… “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”

How do sort this out? I you could help me ASAP I’d really appreciate it.


Sorry all sorted now, was just configured incorrectly. Thanks.

Hello, is their a way that I can have a custom colour for the pie percentage items please rather than the standard colour included. I do see a css line, but not sure what to enter thanks

Hello, please submit a support ticket and we will assist you.

If someone has trouble installing the theme, go to functions.php on line 325 and disable the function like this:


Then the theme will work.

Hi Karo,

We disabled the frontend editor of Visual Composer as it slows down the WordPress backend and has compatibility issues with some of the theme features. However, this shouldn’t affect the installation of the theme.

Oh you are right! We have just managed to replicate the issue you have noted… an update is on its way.

Thank you!

Theme updated!

What is the problem? I install the theme and it gives blank screen and nothing is accessible. When i delete it turns fine. So let me know what is the problem. I tested it on wordpress 4.0 as well as wordpress latest version.

Could you please submit a support ticket with your site details so we can have a closer look at the issue for you.

Private Ticket #444413 Done please respond there. Thanks


I don’t find the way to install the parallax with salbii, please could you help me. My mail is