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Hi ,

Can I list multiple domains for sale on this template. Is there any limit.

Hello, no, for use on multiple domains you need to purchase one regular license per client/installation/use.


eram Purchased

code to send via SMTP authentication required

The standard send-email.php has the senders name (from the form’s name field) in the subject line of the received email. How can the php code be edited to allow you to enter the name of the site instead? I tried removing the $name but it throws a syntax error…


hello the landing page does not send an email to me, can you please help, also their is no place for the buyer to place a contact number


If have three domains for sale. How can i know which domain received the contact form without having to hard code the file for each domain ?

To get the best out of every lead, we need to add a offer tab in the contact form.

Understanding the calibre of the user initially will put us in a better position to negotiate..

Works Great!

Captcha is very easy to crack. I have a lot of spam.

I have the same captcha issue, I receive huge amount of spam, can you improve this asap and release a theme update?

We are working on it! Please follow us. Thanks!

It’s been a while, will it be available for download soon?

Hello, thanks for waiting. Theme has been updated with new security fields!


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Hello, I can see different templates: html-template html-template-contact-form html-template-contact-form-summer html-template-summer

What are the differences between them? Where can I try a demo of the different templates?

Html-template is only HTML without PHP files (without working contact form). Html-template-contact-form is with PHP files (with working contact form). Summer version is the same tempalate, only with different skin. You can check them in html-template files.

Hello , Is your template support , RTL < Right to left !

Hello, we will try to add this! Thanks for idea ;)

I dont understand how the captcha works.

When its 10×2 should you fill in 20 or 10×2 for the submission to work.

Its not working with me.. i have already changed recipient email address

I changed the email address in the incl/send-email.php and it says message sent succesfully but i do not actually recieve anything. Why is the action #? could that be the problem?


1) check if your PHP editor is set in “Encoding in UTF-8 without BOM” before you edit any PHP files. 2) check if you may getting your mail in spam folder.


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Terrible support!!! Terrible captcha!!!