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Can you tell me how to make the logo centred in the middle, but have the burger menu (off canvas navigation menu) remain on the right hand side please?



Do you also have a navigation assigned in the header besides the off canvas nav? If you could share your URL i’d be glad to assist :)



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Hi, I have in the single portfolio page different images, dont understand how to link theme together so that when i click on one will not open just the single image in a lightbox but all others as well , with the possibilities to navigate around with arrows to be clear.

Onether question is there any way i can give to the fullwidth nectar slider a margin left and right to 6% for example, to leave some withe space to the sides? I tried many ways but it only give me the margin on the left side.

Many thanks


1. You can use an image gallery element for this – the one inside of visual composer will have this functionality

2. More options are on the way for slide control in the next update



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Is the background image settings on the pages fully responsive? E.g. they degrade properly with media-queries .. if the viewport is a mobile device, it doesn’t need to use the full image (since Wordpress generates multiple sizes).

If not, this would be a great feature to add. I don’t see many themes doing this. Instead they opt to push the full-sized images to mobile viewers.

Background images scale but the full size is still served – I’ve noted this on the wishlist :)

The variable product isn’t working. When I set multiple variables then go to the product page, the variables don’t show and instead the dropdown only shows “Choose an option”

I have very attribute and variable set to be visible from the back-end, so I don’t know what else to do. How do I fix this?

Here the page where the error is occuring:

Hey – I currently can’t access that, is there another you can link to show the issue?

Hey ThemeNectar,

I’m wondering whether I should Move Dynamic/Custom CSS Into External Stylesheet or not.

Could you please kindly provide simple rules of thumb (for dummies) – when/why to Move Dynamic/Custom CSS Into External Stylesheet and when/why not to?

Hey – it will make the styles cachable and also get them into an actual stylesheet (better performance). I would always recommend keeping that option on :)

Hi I want to apply infinite scroll option on my blog page but when I choose it on the salient > blog > pagination type options It doesn’t appear, it is a standard blog with side bar layout, is there any other option I need to fix to make it works? thanks

Hey – could you please share your blog URL so I can take a further look at the setup?

Hi Guys, Is it anyway to remove the testimonial buttons with some CSS code? Have looked without success.

Hello, can you tell me how can I change the burger menu icon and close icon from the slide off canvas menu ?

Hey, how can I control the “H” font styles of this thumbnail: Portfolio / Title overlaid w/zoom effect on hover separately?

Hi, developing a child theme from salient and wanted to add a couple extra options in options-init.php, but I don’t want to be changing the core theme files. I have tried copying the “add_another_section” function to my child-theme functions.php but I can’t get it to work (even leaving everything as is, copied from the core theme options-init.php file)

Would you be able to give some pointers here? Thanks

Hi, ThemeNectar.

I’ve activated the Use Custom Fonts area of the Typography page, yet I don’t see changes on the front-end when I choose a new Font Family. It’s weird because if I choose a transform setting as uppercase, that’s reflected upon a refresh. Specifically, I’m trying to change Heading 6 to a google font.

My temporary web url is

Thanks for your assistance!



Just updated the theme and it did not fix the social media counter widget in my footer.

I see the change in my blog posts but the share counts seem to be lost.

Hey, I have a question about responsiveness. I do not activate the responsiveness option on the theme because for the most part I want the site to not change dramatically on mobile, i.e. menu, font sizes, etc… BUT I do want to have some responsiveness functionality, specifically with my Visual Composer plugin. I want to be able to hide certain columns on mobile, etc… But none of this works if I don’t have responsiveness turned on. Any thoughts on how to get around this? Thanks so much!

Hello this theme is great. I started building my website two days ago and did not have any problems until right now. Something happened to he menu. When I press the menu icon on the mobile it moves everything to the left of the screen so only the slider is visible. Link:

Does Salient work with the WC Marketplace, an extension that tranfsforms a WooCommerce site into a marketplace? Thanks!


Please, all possibilities have tried, but I like to just like you set up the footer, as is exactly the settings with you?


Hey Nectar on the portfolio lightbox option how can we make the width & height of the Portfolio option bigger so people can see a larger version of it in higher resolution?