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denehiel Purchased

I noticed that when i view my website on smaller screens than my own – it doesn’t scale correctly down, the text contracts much more and makes it look uglier, how do i fix it so that it looks on other screens as it does on mine?


Please share your URL so I can take a look at your current settings


Hey guys!

For everyone who hasn’t seen the announcements,

In regards to WordPress 4.5

The only version of Salient that is compatible with the latest WP is Salient 7.0.8, and the only version of Salient Visual Composer that is compatible with WP 4.5 is 4.11.2. If you’re using older versions of these and have updated to WP 4.5, your visual composer will not work.

Once you’ve updated Salient, head to the plugins section of your admin panel to update Visual Composer. If you’re having issues after using both the current versions, check for third party plugin issues – WP 4.5 added a new version of jQuery and a lot of plugins broke because of it.


erdemb Purchased

Is there a plugin that makes a language option on the actual website for the users to choose?

Hey, WPML is the only one I’d recommend for that functionality

Hey Salient, Is there a way to change the font size of the menu depending on which type of display the user is vieweing the site on? I would really need it to have it change on mobile phones cause the menu is barely visible when the menu-text has long words. Thank you!


That would indeed be possible with CSS – kindly share your URL in regards so I can provide a snippet :)


Over night my page builder suddenly stopped working.

When adding a new page, after clicking add elements, all of the elements are not clickable. Clinking them gives an error ($template.get is not a function).

When viewing previously added pages, the page builder does not load and instead shows a text version of the page.

No other plugins are installed on the webpage besides salient visual composer, and theme / plugin are up to date. I’ve tried re-installing the salient visual composer multiple times with no luck.

In ssh, I have checked the owner and group of the files and they all follow the same system as the rest of the working website. I’ve also tried giving all filed in httpdocs 777 read write access with no luck.

Please help.? Thank You -Tim, New Minute Media

Please ignore, problem fixed.

Hey, glad to hear you’ve sorted the issue :)

Hey, I’m using this code to display a different padding on mobile devices.

/* Padding on Mobiles*/ @media only screen and (max-width: 1000px) { body .container, body div.slider-nav { max-width: 90% !important; } }

It’s working great for all pages exept for the Blog page, which is looking very strange as though the padding left was -40px. Why? Please help! Thanks!

Hi, the URL is: You can click on news to check it. Cheers

Any suggestion? :( same thing is also happening here when you scroll at the bottom (call to action like table content). Padding is totall off :(


I am planning to buy this theme. Just wanted to know if I will get the sample data of the demo versions so that I can recreate a website just like the demo versions?

Thanks Raghav

Hey, yes – all the of the demos are available to import through the options panel > demo importer tab. However please note that most images used are not included and are swapped out for placeholders



marcfest Purchased

Hello there. Is it possible to have a full screen nectar image slider on top of a page, with a slow zoom effect on load? Thanks in advance for the answer. (Loving the Salient theme for years now.)


The zoom effect available in the page header tab of the Salient options panel will apply to top level Nectar Sliders and is the only option for zoom at the moment – however more are on the way :)


Thank you !


misteraven Purchased


I’d reached out for support on themenectar, but its been a couple weeks without a reply, so figured I’d try here…

1. In iPhone sizes, padding around portfolio thumbnails of ‘Agency’ and ‘Features’ section is messed up (match default theme or padding of ‘Updates’ section) –

2. Slider title isn’t centered as browser is stretched due to being so long. (Seems to not be issue on responsive sizes) –

3. Wondering how to collapse primary navigation menu on iPad landscape to avoid overflow? Basically we have 9 links in our navigation so when viewing on iPad landscape, the links push into the logo on the left side.

Have a few more issues, but be great to start with these three if possible.

Thank you,



1. Add this into the custom css box in the Salient options panel:
.portfolio-items:not(.carousel) {
    margin: 0 0 0 -1%;

2. You have added a rule “white-space: nowrap;” which is causing the text to go off the screen. If you’re okay with that and just want it centered add this as well

.nectar-slider-wrap[data-full-width="false"]:not([data-parallax="true"]) .swiper-slide .content {
  padding: 0!important;
html body .container .swiper-slide .container:not(.tab-container):not(.recent-post-container) {
    max-width: none;
3. It would easier to do something like this:
@media only screen and (min-width: 1000px) and (max-width: 1300px) {
header#top nav > ul > li > a {
    padding: 0px 7px 0px 7px!important;
   font-size: 10px!important;



Thank you for the assistance…

1. Unsure why, but seeing no affect with this. I tried inserting into the CSS of the Salient General Settings, as well as inserting within.

@media only screen and (max-width:690px) { }

2. Perfect, thank you!

3. Again, no effect with the code provided after inserting into the CSS of the Salient General Settings.

Appreciate the help, but think I still need a little more.

I have wordpress 4.5.1, Salient 7.0.8, Visual Composer 4.11.2 – but I have still a problem. Activated visual composer is making problems, Salient settings not working, changing pages too. What can I do? :(

Thank you for an answer!

Sorry I read your message for everyone after I write this post.


No worries – did you get it sorted?

Still not working :( I get this message after click on Salient options: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /hosting/www/ on line 1

So I think there is problem with webhosing memory.

Hi, could you tell me how to adjust the width and height of testimonial slider? Like shown on this page: I tried to put in the testimonial slider, but they were all tall and narrow, I want to make them short and wide. Thanks:)


Do you have the testimonial element in a full width content row? If so please share your URL so I can take a look at your settings :)


Hi, potential bug – If I use any of the ‘slide’ column animations, links within the column become unclickable. Their hover states don’t activate either. Any other column animation styles don’t produce the effect. Any workaround? Cheers.

My Portfolio just disappears when i am not logged in. Why is this?

Hi! Question for you. I was wondering how I might be able to delete a single category from the Portfolio Filters. I use the category in question to create a “best of” sampler on the website homepage but I don’t want to show that category on the main Portfolio filters. Thanks in advance!

hi, how to change the font color by contact form(input text) Form Styling minimal thanks

hi, how to change size for tabs. for example 4 tabs 100%(each tab 25%) and text in center. tabs settings default.

Is there a way to remove the black featured box if not image is assigned to the portfolio item? I just want it to go to the portfolio page.

Nevermind. I’m a goof.

Good afternoon , all right?

After the upgrade , I can not find where to add the buttons of social media on the menu.

can you help me?

Hi, I updated the theme and the visual composer, but my sliders are screwed up. See: How can I fix this?

Already solved! Deleted my history….