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Plentong is back!

Nice template bro, GLWS!

@imediapixel, when you will back? :D @plentong, it’s really awesome, wish you get many sales

@hainug : haha… ASAP! :D

Keren beud om plentong, good luck! :-)

HI – this is great looking, but will you offer this as a wordpress template? Do you have any plans at all?


The Wordpress version will release next month

I just bought the template, but after working as a designer for a long time, this is the most confusing template I ever saw. Where is the documentation? Do I need the dozens of css and js files? I just want to make a ONE long page responsive site with background images, and edit it in Dreamweaver. That would be like starting from scratch in this as the folder setup is non-intuitive, and I don’t know what to leave and what to toss. Since support is not available, I guess I’ll have to look for another template.

@tiiamaria we are so sorry, next time it will be better

Hi I have bought the template, I have edited all pages but i cant edit the portfolio page while clicking the eye icon it loads a popup, in that popup i cannot modify the content Proin Gracida Dapitus in that popup please help.

@diostudio :the title “Proin Gracida Dapitus” is included in file gridcols.js just go to the line 54 (at function prettyAttr())
$('.pp_details').prepend('<div class="desc-photo"><h3 class="color-1">Proin Gracida Dapitus</h3><a href="#"><span class="icon-calendar" />Sep, 23 Juli 2013</a><a href="#"><span class="icon-eye-open" />456 views</a><a href="#"><span class="icon-comment" />160comment</a><a href="#"><span class="icon-tag" />Computer, Photo Collection</a><a href="#"><span class=" icon-user" />Erick Fradika</a></div>');

you can change and develop it.


Where do i change the maps settings ?

thanks adam