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I personally like the minamilist style, but I feel your is a little on the bland side. Just my 2 cents – Best of luck with it…

Thanks for your point of view sticker :)

I can see what you mean with on the ‘bland side’. Although my intention was to hardly touch the color scheme. I wanted to keep the template as minimal as possible color-wise. You can easily add your own styling and change it up to fit your needs.

Thanks again for the comment,

how hard is it to add color? and any browser compatability issues?


@webdork: Adding color is simple if you know some basic css. For any small adjustments i’d be happy to help you. The template is tested and works in all popular browsers (check the item attributes at the top right).


Nice, clean design. Way to ride simplicity and make it work! Good job :-)

Thanks jbobich, simplicity is what i was going for.

Reminds me a little of Jeffery Way’s site. But not much. I really like it though.

Thank you for your comment kr3wsk8a, I have just checked Jeffery Ways website, now that’s what i call minimal!

Pity the preview doesn’t work. To be honest, I am tired at looking at all the tutti frutti coloured designs. It usually makes me close the window and lose interest in browsing the rest.