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Please respond! Both leglasscock and myself are having this same issue, and its been 4 days since he/she brought his to your attention and 2 days since I did.

Thanks in advance.

Please send an e-mail over to themes[at]tienvooracht.nl with your question and i will help you out! :-)

I sent you a mail. You sent me a reply. Yet NOTHING has been updated/changed. I will now rate this theme. No surprise what I’ll be rating it. :(

Just checked my inbox and i’ve replied to your email on the 11th of may! If you didn’t get my response or if you feel my awnser was not up to par please let me know! I’m trying to do my best to help everyone out that asks for support!

Brilliant! Website is up and running with the template now. I’m glad this was able to get fixed, because I love this theme. Great job, and thanks again!

Are you going to add social buttons to the post items on the first page in your next update? How about infinite scrolling?


Do you mean adding social buttons to an actual post?

About infinite scrolling: it’s on the list! Infinite scrolling now offers a “load more” button too so i might go infinite scroll all the way! Still deciding! :-)

Hello, I have a small problem, it is impossible to find, how the icons of social networks in the header is added?

in the widget, I have no possible configuration for TVA SOCIAL WIDGET, why?

thank you for your reply.



You should install the Options Framework for it to work! (It’s described in the documentation)

I’m going to release a (small) custom plug-in for this soon, so i can take out the Options Framework alltogether and rely on the Theme Customizer exclusively! :-)

Hi, I have the v2.0 of the theme installed – however, when I try to change the fonts through the ‘Customize Theme’ panel, the changes aren;t applied and it defaults to what appears to be Times. Can you please advise as to whether this area of the theme is working correctly, and what I can do to rectify the problem. I notice also from the live ‘Demo’ theme here on the themeforest site it appears to be suffering the same problem.



Hi, there. Please scrub the last message I sent regarding fonts – looks like some of the fonts don;t have bold weights, so when all set to normal the Customize Theme works OK.



If you’re experiencing any problems with the theme customizer please let me know (themes[at]tienvooracht.nl)! Always looking to improve :-)

Hi. We can’t get the images to popup with prettyPhoro – they just open in a separate window. Can you please help as this worked fine in the v1 of the release and now we’ve upgraded to v2, it no longer works.


Make sure – when adding photos – the “ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS” (in the media uploader) are set to “Media file”.

If you’re experiencing any further issue: feel free to jump into the brand new support forums at http://www.tvathemes.com/forum :-)


does the theme support infinite scrolling?

thanks Vernon


As of now the theme does not support infinite scrolling. However it has been something i’ve been wanting to add for a while and seeing how all themes will need an overhaul due to Envato’s new guidelines theres a good chance infinitescroll will make it it in the next version! :-)

Hello What happened to sidebars int this theme? I’ve looked everywhere int he admin, there’s no where I can see to activate them (if anything)


Nothing happened, it just needs to be activated!

Make sure you’ve installed the Options Framework plug-in (like it says in the documentation) and go into the “Theme Options > Blog” and make sure you check the “Check to enable sidebar on single pages.” option. :-)

Due to recent changes in the Themeforest guidelines i am forced to change the way some functions of my theme work: therefore i’m going to issue an update to Sann soon .. with that update i will be moving all remaining “Theme Options” to the “Theme Customizer” which will make everything work just a little smoother! :-)

Hi there guys, There seems to be a responsive bug: check out the link here: http://www.tienvooracht.nl/themes/sann/category/fun-stuff/

- The posts are not appearing in mobile view (if you make the width of the screen smaller to simiulate a mobile device). This applies when viewing a category archive.

- However the home page works perfectly…


Nice catch! Somehow this must have slipped in there .. working on a fix! Update will be availible soon! :-)

How do you use a “Gallery” post? I’ve looked at the settings, but I can’t work out how you add the images to the post?

For any and all support questions please visit the support forums @ http://www.tvathemes.com/forum :-)

how do you hide the tags showing on the posts

Hi there,

For any questions regarding the themes you can hop into the support forums @ http://www.tvathemes.com/forum :-)

sorry but could you just not answer it here for me??

Well that kinds of the purpose of the support forum but since i’ll be on holiday for the next week:

Go into the Theme Customizer and add the following to the custom CSS box:

.meta-item.tagged { display: none; }

That should hide the tags from beging displayed.


Do you intend to make this theme Retina Ready?


Due to Envato changing the guideliness for the theme i am forced to update Sann in the near future: retina is on the list and might make the next update! :-)

Hello! So… When is the next update?

As soon as the next couple of themes that are in the pipeline are released. I don’t have an exact date yet but in the meantime, if you have any suggestions feel free to share them! :-)

In Firefox it works fine, however In Safari (v 5.1.9 / mac) the top bar keeps flickering white/red.

I guess it’s an issue connected to your drop down menu

I also noticed the issue with your mars rover image not scaling correctly inside it’s frame.

It’s a very pretty theme – please provide a fix (or announce a time frame for a fix, e.g. 2 weeks) and I buy this beauty straight away.

I’m on Safari 6.0.5 and i’m not seeing any flickering.. maybe it’s time to update Safari? :-D

I noticed the image not scaling correctly.. i’m getting back to work on tuesday (just got back from my holiday) and i will issue an update! :-)

So you’re safe to go ahead and purchase! :-)

would love to update but Safari 5.1.9 is already the latest version (at least when you’re stuck with snow leopard on a macbook)
so yeah, bring on haswell and I trash my old macbook

Is there anyway to load all the posts without having to click on “load more”.

Do you mean ALL posts? Or like a normal page to page navigation? Jump into the support forums at http://www.tvathemes.com/forum with your question and i will help you out! :-)

This theme is compatible with the option autoload of jetpack wp plugin?

Untested at the moment, but i will check it out and let you know! :-)

Edit: if you mean the infinite scroll, the anwser is no. Not at this moment. I’m still looking to add it though so keep an eye out! :-)


PLEASE HELP! I purchased this yesterday and image post formats do not show up and are just blank blurbs. Gallery post formats just put all the pictures into a post….very unattractive. Cannot find option for show author in post meta data. Cannot find option to toggle the twitter style time notification.

I have tested the theme on 3.7.1 and 3.5.2 and neither work! Both wp sites are bare except for the wordpress files and theme files downloaded from this site.

wp35.studios17.com mmaw.studios17.com

I paid $42 dollars for this and am extremely frustrated…please help!


I did not receive your reply…

hello? I need this resolved asap

Handled through e-mail! :-)

Hi, I’m trying to copy/paste twitter status url – if I’m correct once i do that in post automatically wp creates an embed….this is not working with your theme.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’m not aware of such an embed? Going look into this and will let you know! Perhaps other sites have a plugin taking care of this!

Hello, thanks for this awesome theme. I’m having some problems adding the social share icons, I read some were that I ‘m supposed to install something and follow some instructions but I can not find the instruction on any of the download files. Can you please explain step by step of what should I do

Thanks in advance


Please send your question to themes@tienvooracht.nl and i’ll get back to you ASAP!

is this theme still supported? is it work with wp 3.9?

It should work, but i cannot garuantee it! Will check it out! :-)

Lovely theme! Though back button doesn’t work very well. If the visitor has ‘loaded more’ from the main timeline, then clicked through to a post, they cannot get back to the timeline in the same state.

It defaults to the initial state of the first few posts. Is there any way round this please?

I’ve read about BBQ for Isotope, would that be a solution?


Replied to you via e-mail! :-)