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jmbyerly Purchased

Bought your theme – very nice! Quick question, by chance can you supply me with the XML file of the demo? I want to use it to make the initial set-up quicker.



Thanks for the purchase. Due to our agreements with the other creatives we do not have the rights to redistribute their works. If you encounter any problems with setup, we are more than happy to assist you in our customer support forum at http://support.wearepixel8.com.

Hi. Love this theme. I saw the comment above regarding the XML content. Does this mean there is no dummy content with the theme? I understand that you cannot share certain videos and images which are peoples work but was wondering if the rest was available with the theme? Thanks


Thanks for inquiring. Because the majority of the theme’s demo content is copyright material, an XML file without this content would be less than optimal which is why we decided not to distribute one at all.

If you decide to purchase and have any questions regarding the setup, we are more than happy to help at http://support.wearepixel8.com

Hi, just wanted to compliment you on your file! I knew it was structured differently to many themes on here BUT having played I was blown away by how good the documentation etc was and how easy the theme is to follow in getting stuff done easily. Great work!


Thanks for the very kind words. That is much appreciated.

Hello I would like to know the following information before purchasing the theme? Thankyou.

1. Is it possibly to put in more than 1 ‘sans-portfolio-feature img’ in the project page? I would like to use bigger images for my projects.


Could you please explain further.


Hi sorry I did not make it clear enough for you to understand.

What you click on some of the projects in the theme (for example the Print Work by Steven Darby project) I notice there is 1 big image at the top of the project which spans across the whole of the page

What I want to know is can you have multiple big images like this or is it restricted to one? I want to present my project images at a bigger size like this. Much appreicated,


The theme makes use of the post_thumbnail() function for the large hero image. If you would like all of your images to be this dimension, you will need to make some modifications to the theme, in a child theme, to accommodate your design direction.

Sorry another question I had is can I add more content on the homepage? For example a 4 column row with some content and a 3 column? Thanks


The blocks of content that you see on the demo are what is native to the theme. Anything more than that would be a child theme customization.

Ok so are you saying that you cant add extra content on the homepage?


You can’t add extra content via anything built into the theme as is. It would require some customization. For example, if you wanted to add another block that queried another custom post type, you would execute that query in a child theme.

I hope that makes sense.


Love the theme although a challenge for non-coders. Just a couple of issues namely;

1. Getting memory errors which I normally fix with a php.ini file but no luck here so far with this error

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 491520 bytes) in /home/mailstre/public_html/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line 4194

2. Could you make it a little easier to place an image file instead of the video on the home page and maybe be able to do that from the admin panel or in the meantime provide the fix with actual code. I am using the child theme.

Yes I have used the support forum before you direct me there and different replies on point 2 are impossible to follow?

Help would be much appreciated as I have already sent an email directly to wearpixel with no reply.



Thanks for your feedback. We Are Pixel8 is a design studio who has an division that produces themes premium WordPress themes. Emailing the studio with support questions or posting support questions here will delay your process. This is why we always direct customers to the support forums where questions are generally answered within 1 hour of posting.

Your memory error is directly related to SimplePie, which the theme does not directly interact with at all.

There are no plans, at this time, to add the static image feature you are requesting. As you already have stated, there are a number of posts in the forum that explain how to accomplish your end result with code snippets. Are you requesting a full tutorial on how to implement your customization?


Thanks for your quick response but I thought I made it clear that the differing responses given in the support forums in regards to the implementing an image completely mystified me! I have tried the differing instructions given without success! That being the case a tutorial maybe required if you are so kind to provide one?

In regards to the memory error whilst you point point out that it is in relation to SimplePie you may want to try uploading images as you get an error uploading any reasonable size image?

Finally I appreciate that your theme may not suite everyone out of the box but the support in regards to the theme is ordinary in my view. Your reluctance to even make slight and sensible improvements to assist your buyers is assured of keeping your sales down in case you haven’t noticed!


Again, we truly appreciate your input and weigh every suggestion, with regards to any of our products, seriously.

There are no plans, at this time, to add the static image feature you are requesting.

I hope you did not take this to mean that your request would be ignored. To the contrary. We take everyone’s suggestion seriously and weigh the pros & cons internally before deployment. But because of our current schedule, there are no plans for a features update to this theme until said schedule permits.

If you are certain your memory issues are related to the theme, and not the file size of your source image, have you tried activating the default theme and uploading an image, to see if the error message persists? We have just tested the uploading again, and have not received any such messaging.

Please note that our hosting plan may differ significantly from yours which may account for why we do not encounter what you do. Because we cannot troubleshoot this issue on our end, we will need your assistance. If you are willing to help, please do so in the support forum. Remember, there could potentially be another user who will benefit from your post.

Lastly, we are sorry to hear that you believe we have failed you in providing free customer support for this product. If you ever have problems with the execution of a code snippet, please feel free to for clarification or additional assistance. But, please keep in mind that customization support questions are limited in scope. For full details, please see our policy.

Because you are not experienced with developing for WordPress, we have decided to bend our policy and post a step by step instructions for replacing the video with an image. From this period forward, any questions regarding this matter will be exclusively answered in the support forum.

We hope that helps and thanks again.


Apologies in advance but I have a few more questions if you dont mind answering.

1. I really dislike the way the thumbnails animate when clicking between work type in the ‘portfolio section. Would it be easy to change it so instead of the thumbnails resizing smaller I just want them to fade away? 2. Do you have plans to have image titles appear on rollover. Alot of agencies seem to do this. 3. I would like to align the top navigation to the right hand side is this possible? 4. In the ‘fullwidth’ section is it possible to have unlimited rows of 2/3 column and do you have a 4 column style?



As long as you are comfortable with writing jQuery code, you can change the method of animation in the plugin. This is not something that the theme offers out of the box.


Once agains thanks for excellent response. can ou tell me with the footer design whether I can replace the ‘Flickr’ widget with something else, eg some text.

Also I’ve noticed a bug.On the iPad when u click on ‘see featured work’ on the top header image on the homepage nothing happens when on thei iPad. Is the user able t change where this button take she user and what should it do currently?


The footer contains WordPress widgets so, if it is a widget you can place it in this area.

What version of iOS are you running on your iPad? We are running iOS5.1.1 and everything with the button is working as expected. You can choose to link to the portfolio on the home page (with a jQuery animated scroll) or link to another page within your site.

Hi there.

1. Is it possible to have the hero title and image (currently on the homepage) in the full width page? and is it possible to position this at then bottom of the page instead of at the top of the page?

2. I would like fullwidth horizontal backgrounds similar with how you have it designed on the ‘got a question’ section and the ‘footer’. Am I able to have different coloured background for 2 col/3 col sections spanning across the whole width of the content?

I have checked out the code of the 2 and 3 column designs in full width section and can see that they are grouped under the same article id called ‘post-401’. The question I have is it possible to have more than one ‘article id’ on one page? That way I could apply a different fullwidth horizontal background colour to different sections on the site.

Hope I am talking some sense.

Thanks again


I am assuming your questions are related to whether or not you can manage your requests via the theme and the answer is, no. What you are looking for would be a customization of the theme and would need to be executed in a child theme. You will need to have some knowledge of HTML , CSS and PHP .

  1. That is something you can execute in a child theme.
  2. Ditto

The id you are referencing is produced by WordPress. You can have as many unique IDs as you want in an HTML document.

Sorry another question from me im afraid!

When I look at the live preview of the template I notice that the top navigation menu doesn’t collapse into the ‘menu icon’ slider which makes me wonder what this state has been designed?

Also when looking at the site on the iphone the portfolio images are still quite small and 4 thumbnails are still shown on one row where as I would have preferred it that they were bigger at say on a row.

I see this happens when you collapse the browser window on the desktop but on the iphone its different.




Preview the demo without ThemeForest’s proprietary frame—> http://demo.wearepixel8.com/sans on your desktop and mobile devices.

did you create that background effect with the homepage static image or is this possible with just purchasing the theme. It has that nice blueish overlay image. Thanks


The photo is a desaturated image. There is a overlaying div that has a 1px repeating opaque blue png to create the effect. It will work with any black and white image.

Really nice-looking theme! Question: the specs mention a lightbox/Fancybox effect – yet I don’t see this on any of the portfolio items. Is there somewhere I haven’t looked?


You mean like here.

Hi – great work – truly excellent!

Just a quick question before I purchase – can the default width be set – so it isn’t full screen? So for instance the site width is set to 900px wide rather than 100%... and if so, would the responsive attributes still kick in when viewing at a smaller screen size than say the set width (900px)

Thank you in advance :)


Unfortunately, I am not following your question. There are no options to change the max width of the theme through theme options and this is something that would need to be executed as a customization.

Are there any plans to have a slider ability for the home page?

And the search page dynamic when it says popular searches? http://demo.wearepixel8.com/sans/search/

Very nice and simple, love it. IMHO you would get loads more interest if the home page had more flexibilty built in.


Thanks for your comments and kind words. No, there are no plans to introduce a slider to the home page at this time.

playazz Purchased

hi! great theme!

i have a little problem. i want on the single post site the same title format like on the home blog. where can i do this?


All customer support questions are exclusively answered on our customer support website at http://support.wearepixel8.com.


In repsonse to iFlyerz question above. I found the ability to change the site width by simply amending the Wrapper Width from 90em to whatever in child theme CSS .

Kept it as full 90em in the end though.


I am trying to get an m4v video working on the homepage, I go to Appearance > Theme Options > Home Page Hero Settings >

I have pasted the URL of my M4V video into the Home Page Hero M4V Video text field and still no video playing on teh homepage.

Can you please help?



We sure can. All support questions are exclusively answered at http://support.wearepixel8.com.


Nice theme. Is it possible to take a look at the framwork to see the features it offers?



The full list of theme features are on the product’s page. If you have a question about a specific feature, please feel free to ask.

More question before considering buying it

1. What kind of widget this theme use? 2. can we set different sliders? 3. Socialize can be at top of home page?

  1. The default WordPress widgets plus the custom widgets listed on the product’s information page
  2. The theme uses FlexSlider only and you can set your own parameters
  3. Any presentational changes can be executed in a child theme
virplay Purchased


I just bought your theme, and hoave some questions :D


Thank you for the purchase! We are happy to answer any support question on our support forum at http://support.wearepixel8.com.