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Browserbug with footer: Open in FF: http://theme009.3worksdemo.nl/ and open in Chrome: http://theme009.3worksdemo.nl/

See the difference in the footer area.


We have checked on both browser its working fine. Please email us with more details http://themeforest.net/user/koolthememaster.

The product zoom function has an issue on my site.

Zoom issue: the zoomed image repeats itself and is out of proportion.

Would appreciate any help!


Please email us http://themeforest.net/user/koolthememaster so we can answer you in brief.

ourhaus Purchased

I have bought this theme and can’t find were to activate the social links in the product view.

The newsletter signup is not working.

The Print link is not working after making a purchase.

Please help.

I have previously supplied you with admin and FTP access if required.

hypnoman Purchased

I too have used the correct method to contact support. Still no response even after requesting twice. I have an issue with the copyright footer being right aligned (I want it centred like in the demo).

I also need to display ONLY the new items on the front page as per the default Magento mechanism of “New Start Date” and “New End Date” or let me know how the Santana theme manages new items. I have provided admin details too.


Sorry for inconvenience. But we don’t have your admin detail or site URL with us yet. We need access to admin & ftp details to fix footer alignment. So kindly send those details via email.

Regards, Koolthememaster

edkim332 Purchased

It seems like this template is missing couple images.

callout1.jpg fpo_no_crosssell.gif

I am not sure if I have done something incorrect but I also see that these images are missing from your sample template. If you go to view cart page, you will see these images missing on the left section. Please let me know what to do. Thank you.


Hi, You can easily download these file from magento demo these are magento default images or send us an email so we can send you images there.

Hi – I just sent a private message. Please let me know if you received it.



Hello – We have replied to your email. Please check.

ourhaus Purchased

Thanks for enabling the addthis social bookmarks.

The print link and newsletter signup are still not working.

ourhaus Purchased

Any progress on the print link and newsletter signup?

I can’t copy the code from pdf… re type? :P anyway , nice work

thanks :) 5 stars

ourhaus Purchased

Still no support on getting the print link and newsletter signup working.

Hi i am not able to add the menu. please tell me how to do it. there is no information present for the same in the documentation. do we have to add the menu in Static Blocks?? Please help..!



Please email us http://themeforest.net/user/koolthememaster so we can help you.



Hi, Sorry..But we didn’t get your email yet. Can you please send it again? We will help you for sure.


I have been trying to reach you via email. I would appreciate your prompt response.

Thanks Howard



We are working on it and let you know asap.



Thanks, the improvements look great. Just one item needs your attention, could you please check your emails.

Hi does this theme support wishlist and does it fit ok in the products area?


Yes, it completely supports wishlist & it fits inthe product area.

Hi. I would like to know if this theme is also compatible with Magento Thanks. Sabryna


Hi, We haven’t checked on 1.4.1. Why don’t you go for latest magento version. You are missing most of good features you should upgrade your magento.

ourhaus Purchased

Still no support on resolving the newsletter signup form and the print link issues. These should work out of the box.

I have also tried the themeforest contact form, but no response.

Do you have a plan to make a wp version???


Yes, we are working on it. It will launch soon.

Do you have a date for that??

ourhaus Purchased

Still no support here.

seansan Purchased

This template looks very cool and the idea is awesome

But currently it has quite some coding errors and little bugs that should be investigated. We have emailed numerous reports.

Below you can find a small list. I hope the koolthememaster will start to fix it asap. Love to hear from you because we really like the theme.

  • in ajax/checkout/cart/sidebar/default.phtml isAjax check shows error. Not always set.
  • Facebook thingy in popup on product magi matrix creates error. Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL . Domains, protocols and ports must match.
  • 2 (or maybe more) country flags are missing and therefore creating 404 errors. Dutch and English.
  • With routes other than category the left.phtml like CMS or BLOG break the left column code Fatal error: Call to a member function getName() on a non-object santana/template/magicat/left.phml. There should be more checks or an escape code … TIP !!! Make sure your are compatible tih AW_BLOG plugin. MOst used blog.
  • Verify compatibility with plugin Crius_skipstep. This removes step 1 from checkout. Or updated your code to be able to do the same. But now the two modules compete and checkout is not working at all. http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/skip-checkout-step-1.html
  • The add to cart via uenc/ajax/jquery code comes from a blog and is great. But!!! a big but!!! on our server. It makes the add to cart call so incredibly slow that it is now more than 30 seconds and waiting. Check it out @ http://baleinen.com/zijde-manchetknopen-silk-knots.html
  • We dont seem to be able to turn the magic zoom off. SO when we have a large image of 400px and we hove over it, there is another image being loaded. why? and how do we turn it off? Look @ http://baleinen.com/zijde-manchetknoop-bouquet.html

Then on CONVERSION to SALES => In basic why we are in business. I think the Santana template has much to learn here. Making it look nice is 1, but making it fast, furious and leading to sales is what makes a them fantastic.

  • The Ajax cart is cool. But there is no call to action to move to CHECKOUT . Solution can be blinking of CART , or button that is shown 5 seconds withtext CHECKOUT not. Or we added a button in bottom right always visible with CHECKOUT : Looky @ http://baleinen.com. Improvement could be that it blinks, or wobbles when we add something
  • Cart / upsell blocks in CART are not very nicely formatted. Also the call to action should be to CHECKOUT . So how can we make the CHECKOUT button more visible? Or attractive?
  • Again: review http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/skip-checkout-step-1.html. This improves conversion a lot!!!!
  • Then on speed; use chrome PageSpeed plugin and optimize the coding to make the page load faster and faster. A lot can be won here.
Then general issues
  • Buttonss like next/prev + quicklook etc should be more easily translated than editing the core code
  • Template should work also by allowing local.css for CSS updates
  • Does the plugin work with onepagecheckout? http://codecanyon.net/item/magento-one-page-checkout-extension/discussion/2541918
  • Flatten the header to not comprise half the screen.
  • Option to expand selection under category by default.
  • Think about social buttons LIKE /TWITTER also in the header. Pref with friends count

Again.thanks. Please update if possible