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Just found another biggie. Is the checkout working for enyone?

Our checkout wsa broken because of santana.

In the checkout it uses left template. Instead of right.

There is a bug where the javascript breaks with left template. All left templates mentioned in this file should be right to work woth Magento 1.7


So my question is: who got santana to work? Can you share your URL ?

seansan Purchased

Is there a forum to discuss Santana theme and tweaks?

Hi ,`

Santana theme is good in looks BUT is very slow in loading .` I have been sending you mails . Request you to sincerely help and revert on my mails .

Regards pawandeep@gmail.com

We helped you previously & replied always sincerely. You need to contact your service provide for your site loading slow.

issue when I try quick look in home.. please help.


Please provide details. We have emailed you.

Can i use this theme for Magento Go ? How ?


This supports magento community edition only..

I have problem using this theme. When upload new products, why it dont show on category page ? I already assign that product to their category. Do take a look at: http://alyasarahonline.com/tudung/jualan-runcit.html


Hi, I see you have added one product for category page it this one you talking about? Its on homepage too.

Really lovely theme and fantastic support as well.

BTW i’m on 1.7.0

Do i need to update to 1.7.1 and how or what do i change please?

Great theme! What would be involved to build a site based upon HTML5 /CSS3 with most page urls using .html extension – but with your theme integrated into the “Store” section of the site? With ohe exception: the home page would need to look like your themes home page, but with .html extension in the url – not .php, etc. Possible? Can you assist or make a suggestion? Would need this as soon as possible. Thank you!


Hi, Sorry we didn’t get you exactly. Please email us in detail via http://themeforest.net/user/koolthememaster so we can help you.

I just noticed you have this theme in HTML5 /CSS3 as well. Perhaps the two themes could be combined to achieve the goal I outlined in the previous question?

There was an error image not found on checkout page. This image:



there was no MEDIA folder on your IMAGES folder.


Hi, Its very basic thing you can create folder into images > media & upload for your images. Thanks!

Hi Koolthemaster, I noticed on my santana install site that I do not have the currency block with the flags and the different currencies like on the demao site in the left hand top corner – I have a blanl space there. Can you assist me here please??? Also, I emailed you today also asking how I get the little icon to show next to the subcategories like on the demo santana site also??? would love for you to help me with this support for the theme please :) my Site is so pretty I’m so proud of it :) thanks


Hi, Please share your site URL with us so we can help you with these. You can email us URL .


I´m interested on buying your Santana´s theme. Could I change its main colour (grey, i.e.), and seeing only 5 new products and adding a logo brand slider on home page? It would be the perfect theme for me ;)

Best regards


Yes, we have provided layered PSD files. Using those files & CSS you can make changes easily.



Sorry again…

And what about adding another slider (with logos) on home page? is an easy task?


Yes, can change logo & slider too. Changing logo is such easy task. For slider please discuss with us what slider you want to use via email http://themeforest.net/user/koolthememaster so we can help you.

Thanks a lot! I´ll back for more help soon

Hi, I am waiting for you to help me with the currency icons and the subcategory icons. I have emailed you already for this

Please advise how I am to make the product SKU visible on the front-end. It is not good to have many products with the same title and only the SKU visible in the back-end. Please help with this…


Please check your email.

Hi, I am still trying to work out what you told me to do with the icons :)

thanks for replying to that question and helping; Can you please help with my new issue: Please advise how I am to make the product SKU visible on the front-end. It is not good to have many products with the same title and only the SKU visible in the back-end. Please help with this…



Hi, Its easy to show SKU on frontend. I have sent you steps via email. Please check.



Just a suggestion: I think it would be really helpful to e-commerce sites if you would add a “Pinterest” & “Google ” icon in the footer section, and remove “Linked in”. Almost every ecommerce site has Pinterest and Google icon on their site and rarely any of them have Linkedin.



Yes, Nice Pick. We will add for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, looking forward to the improvements. I’m sure it will look great.

Hello, you still have not given me an email at all regarding the visibility of the SKU in the front end. You said that you have sent me step by step instructions but actually you sent me nothing in my email. Please reply on this? I would like to get working on my site this is a holdup for my guys.

Thank you kindly dude for making the changes to my site. You after sales service is very excellent! I will buy all my themes from you from now on :)