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Hello, I bought the Santiago Theme and it’s really great. I have just one issue: is it possible to change the colour of the title text in the slider? Now it’s white, and it’s hard to read with light colour images… thank you!


Thanks for purchasing the theme. Yes, it is possible. Please send me a message using the contact form in my profile and I will get back to help you :)

I’m interested in potentially purchasing this theme. How does it respond to soundcloud/audio embedding?

Would I be able to display soundcloud/audio embedded thumbnails in the same manner that Youtube videos are shown on the front page?

Is this Theme functional with WordPress third party widgets as well?

Thank you.

Hey thanks, I purchased the theme and love it. Disregard the email I sent, I found out how to design the layout for the homepage. I was wondering how I would go about putting a customized background to take up the white space not occupied by the fixed page length. Thanks again for all you’re help!

Also, how necessary is a Child Theme for this layout? Is it updated frequently? Will I be safe without one if I were to alter the style.css?

Hi, you can edit the style.css file if you wish to. Most, most probably there wont be changes in it during the updates.


zgada Purchased

Hi, I sent you an email regarding an issue I am facing with your theme that I purchased and I am waiting for your reply. Please respond ASAP as it is quite urgent. Thanks.


I have already replied to your email. Please wait for a bit more than just a few hours, I try to reply as soon as possible :)

My developer (metacoach) has sent you an email and I am giving him authority to act on my behalf for fixing the featured image issue

Thanks for the message, I will get back to him :)

hi I have just install the theme on my wordpress site but it’s not added in all the content like as in the demo, is it possible to upload the theme so its looks like the demo? Thanks Dean


Thank you for using the theme. It is very easy to set it up and make it same as the demo. All you need to do is to create a home page and add the widgets to it. Have you looked at the theme documentation? There’s detailed information on how to do that. You can find the documentation file in the theme package which you can download from the themeforest. If you are having any difficulties to set up, please send me a message using the contact form in my profile and I will be glad to help you :)

Why dont you have a changelog?


There is changelog, you can find it in the main theme package which you can download from the themeforest. :)


Albaaanv Purchased

Hello, Thank you for theme I really like it. I would like to change the “Read More” under the articles into another language. Can you please send me the instructions ?


Thank you for using the theme, I’m glad that you have liked it. Please send me a message using the contact form in my profile and I will be glad to help you. Also let me know if you have translated the theme or you only want to change that text.


RHill903 Purchased

I know this theme is responsive, but I hate the way it looks on mobile. How do I get it to look like “Go to Full Site” when someone lands on my site vs the mobile version?


Thanks for using the theme, What you don’t like in the responsive layout? Is there something in it that I can help you with? The responsive layout is done with the css media queries automatically so you cant add the link to switch the full site, however if you want you can completely remove the responsive layout. Please use the contact form in my profile to send me a direct message and let me know what/how you want to do and I will get back to help you :)


grammakov Purchased

When I create a new sidebar and enable it on the homepage page it duplicates itself. Any advice?


Please send me a message using the contact form in my profile and include your URL in it so that I can have a look and help you with it :)

Hello, i want to add more items in the main menu, but the space between the items is to big, how can i change it? Thank you for your time.