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Hi !, I have a question, how to add menu highlight of current position?



For getting fast support, please use our support desk. As you can see on theme detail, we are not giving support on theme comments.

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Hi, can I use the ‘box content’ in the index? Thanks.

Has this theme been updated for latest wp 3.9? Nevermind I see the update info on the sidebar ..

On the instructions you have templates that you can paste the code into, could I have the contact page you have created please?


I want to purchase this item, but first I want to be sure that I will be able to make the layout like the image attached in this link: http://imgur.com/VvUJ6bk The black arrows and the black words mark the things I want to do with this template. Thank you very much!

I am having a number of problems with the portfolio section of this theme. I can create a new portfolio item but I can’t add rows to the “Detailed Section Item” nor can I add photos if I choose a gallery portfolio page. Are there known bugs with the portfolio section? Help would be appreciated because it’s the only way to put things on the homepage. Thanks in advance.

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The header titles in the blog fall on top of each other if they happen to be longer than one line, and it looks like an error…how can I adjust the kerning / spacing? Thank you.

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I did already create a ticket for this in the support forum back on July 23rd but have not received a response yet.

Hello! Please answer on my question – my site is city guide – i have 20 cities – can i add 20 different portfolio with different categories in each? Is it possible or only one portfolio?

I created a support ticket, got no response. The plugin “Shortcode Builder” breaks the theme on Wordpress 4.0. Also Gallery type in Portfolio only allows you to upload NEW files to the Gallery instead of using Media Files already uploaded. Kind of weird. Annoyed at the support.

Is there a chance for some updates? The comments seems that the theme is out-dated but i will purchase …..:/ one of the best photgraphy themes i’ve ever seen.

And in the Preview are some Bugs, click at the portoflio at “Social Media Sharing” every Social link have some [permalink] int the URL.

And from my other Themes i know that Zilla-Plugins out-dated too and funcitons wont work in “create page, Post, insert shortcodes or something like that”

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Portfolio items not working, cant upload images etc…. need assitance


None of function work properly on the porthole page




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Hello, I can not activate tooltips bootstrap. I tried to initialize them with:

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(function(){ $(’.btn’).tooltip(); }); </script>

But it does not work. Did you disabled?

Hi, I’m thinking of buying your theme (which is very beutiful, bravo !). However, I have one pre-buy question.

Is it possible to use a portfolio (I’m thinking about the vertical portfolio) as buttons, in a way that when you click on an image, it leads you to another portfolio ? Is the link editable ? (Not sure to be understandable, sorry for my bad english…)

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Can i change the white theme in a dark version?