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Hi Nicole,

The feedback I’ve had from customers is that the shopping cart in the top right hand corner is just too small. On the default template for opencart, its quite visible as its in big text. Is there an easy way in which to edit this so as to make it more visible to customers.

Many thanks.


You can change the cart image from /img/cart2.png and make necessary adjustments in css/style.css

Hi, Updating theme Do I lost custom menu, links, etc? Are there any way to make a backup?


To keep theme settings just backup /nico_theme_editor/settings.inc and editor_settings.css you can replace any other file, also you can use http://meldmerge.org to compare theme folders and merge the changes.

Hello, I think that my slider is broken, or I must have installed something wrong? Could you help me perhaps?

Notice: Error: Could not load model tool/nicoimage! in /www/optiq.cz/optiq.cz/system/engine/loader.php on line 48

On the load of homepage.


Sorry due to a problem with theme build system model/tool/nicoimage.php and system/library/nicoimage.php were missing from the package, I just submited an update that includes the two files, after the update is approved (you can check last update section on theme page) please redownload the theme and update missing files.

The update has been approved.

Ok thank you.


I can no longer edit using the bootstrap editor. It was working fine, but now changes can not be saved.

all the files are set to 766, but it still doesn’t save

No settings is saved or only some?

Send me temporary opencart admin and ftp access using the contact form on my profile page and I will check.

I figured it out. I modified the common/home.php file in order to redirect it to a custom html page and that hindered the editor. Thanks for your quick replies!

Hi Again!

I have got some problems with a header group. On Google chrome don’t shows correctly (see your demo page: language, search, etc) or see my screenshot: http://www.eviran.es/img/urheader.png

How can I fix it? Thanks for ur help!


Edit css/style.css and add float:left to #language, #currency line 418

    #language, #currency

Thank u again !!!! the best ever developer!


When I click “add to car”, the page will show a notification. Unfortunately close.png was gone, and I can close the notification.

screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10524901/Sapphire_Preview.png



Thanks for the bug report, the image was missing from theme package, I will add it in the next update.

Iif you want to fix it faster you can download the image directly http://sapphire.nicolette.ro/catalog/view/theme/sapphire/img/close.png and place it in /catalog/view/theme/sapphire/img/ folder.


Now I get this in the footer:

Notice: Undefined index: sliders in /www/optiq.cz/optiq.cz/catalog/view/theme/sapphire/template/common/footer.tpl on line 159Notice: Undefined index: sliders in /www/optiq.cz/optiq.cz/catalog/view/theme/sapphire/template/common/footer.tpl on line 164

What is this?

Mhm, have I done something wrong? Because the Categories menu does not want to stay where it should… http://detectives.coate.cz/images/Capture.PNG

Sorry for the delay, the notice is shown because of missing configuration option for home slider in nico_theme_editor/settings.inc

You can add back the missing configuration to get rid of the notice

  'sliders' => 
  array (
    'Homepage' => 
    array (
      'active' => 'Camera slider',
      'Camera slider' => 
      array (
        'time' => '7000',

You can also compare settings.inc with the original file.

On what page you get category misalignment problem? Did you add category module for position = column left? this is need to make position it on the left like on my demo store.

Also, the Ajax menu in the top for Categories seems not to be working:/

This is probably because of a javascript error on the page that stops further javascript execution, if you send me your store url I can check and see what is the cause.

Hi Nicole,

I have purchased Sapphire. During the installation, after choosing “sapphire” as the template, when I go to the store front I get an error message Notice: Undefined property: Loader::$language in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/dave/kingsway/catalog/view/theme/sapphire/template/module/slideshow.tpl on line 14

and I can not proceed any further, can you please assist ?

Best, David

I was doing the entire process on a local machine, running OS X, with firewall turned off. Let me try to use a remote host, and see if the results will be better.

Its all good now. I’ve been able to deploy the theme to a live site. Many thanks for the prompt support.

You’re welcome, I’m glad it worked :)

il tema è stupendo, come posso allungare la barra di ricerca, per non creare problemi di visualizzazione sul mobile


Thank you, I managed to understand your question using google translate, to make the search bar always expanded go to customize theme > settings > search bar > alawys expanded


Do you have a fix for the excess margin/padding on the right hand side in mobile? I’ve run into it on both my site and your demo site?



Can you provide a screenshot?

Yes, but it’s on your own hosted demo site too.

Seems to be a bug whenever resolutions hit mobile. Not a problem on ipad landscape/portrait on up.


Fixed it with the following code, but seems sort of hacked. Would rather know whats causing the overflow than hide it.

body, html { width: auto !important; overflow-x: hidden !important; }

Also, getting a php error on every page. I’ve had to replace



dirname(__FILE__) on quite a few instances. Might want to look into that if you release any updates.

Thanks for the screenshot, there was a bug in template/common/header.tpl with the .container class being applied on .navbar to fix it update the file after the update is approved, you can check last update section on theme page to see when the update is approved.

DIR constant is available from PHP 5.3.0+ you probably have an older PHP version, 5.3.0 is already 7 years old I recommend upgrading but I don’t think there are other issues besides missing DIR constant.


zsignal Purchased

Dear Nicole,

First of all, great job with this theme! Clean, flexible, easy to use! Really great product!

I want to upgrade my shop to use OpenCart V 2. Will you support this version? If you are planning support V2, do you have any planned date to release the update?

Best Regards, André Silva

Thank you, unfortunately the theme will not be upgraded to opencart 2.0 because major updates/upgrades are not rewarded with more exposure and putting the effort to upgrade the theme will not translate to more sales, the current system rewards only new theme releases.

Hi Nicole,

I like your themes very much. Very clean and nice. Great work! :)

But I found a problem about the “BUY NOW” function that I can click “BUY NOW” without select any required option.

Therefore, I would like to disable the “BUY NOW” function. Would you tell me how to disable it? Thank you so much!

This happens because you have opencart in a subfolder and the autocomplete url was absolute path, you can change it to relative path by editing js/sapphire.js line 116 and change

$(".header .navbar input.search-query").autocomplete("/index.php?route=product/search&filter_name=");


$(".header .navbar input.search-query").autocomplete($('base').prop('href') + "index.php?route=product/search&filter_name=");

This change will also be available in the next update.

Thank you so much!! :) You are a wonderful theme designer with the best theme support! Look forward to your new themes. :)

Thank you :)

Hi Nicole! I have a problem when i’m trying to import sample data. That’s the error i’m getting: http://cl.ly/image/0v2M1h161E3R.

Can you please tell me what’s wrong ?

Greats, Charlie

Please send me temporary opencart admin and ftp access and I will check why is not working.

Any luck with that so far ?

Opencart admin login details don’t work, I sent you an email.


PetaH Purchased

Hello, I tried to activate one page checkout – nothing changed. I activated module Side block – nothing changed. Please help me.


How did you activate them? You can view demo store admin here http://sapphire.nicolette.ro/admin/index.php?route=module/nicosideblock user demo password demo You can also send me temporary opencart access using this link http://nicolette.ro/access.php?u=UGV0YUg=&t=3797605bc18c349e9d0de8e861f50221 and I can check the configuration.

PetaH Purchased

Link expired, please sned it again.

A new update is available that fixed one page checkout links, please redownload the theme and update theme files, if you made changes to theme files you can use http://meldmerge.org to compare and merge your changes.

If you still have issues you can use this link http://nicolette.ro/access.php?u=UGV0YUg=&t=90e593bae851954d30e51725bc205dec

Hello I am developing a new eshop locally and i want to ask a few questions i have 1. The onepage checkout is not working even though i have selected from the set up. 2. What file do i have to change in order to change the Powered by Opencart ? 3. How can i change the logo? Thank you in advance


You mean checkout links don’t point to one checkout? This is fixed in the next update that should be available in a few hours, changed file template/module/cart.tpl and template/checkout/cart.tpl

2 To change powered by text you need to edit opencart language file catalog/language/english/common/footer.php last line

$_['text_powered']      = 'Powered By <a href="http://www.opencart.com">OpenCart</a><br /> %s © %s';

You can change the logo from opencart admin > system > settings > edit, to hide the text part from logo go to customize theme > options > header > Show logo text = hide

Thank you for the reply, waiting for the update to come.I want to ask you where i find the text “input your email address ” at the newsletter module in order to translate it to my language. Thank you in advance

After you update the theme you can change newsletter text from opencart admin > extensions > modules > control panel module