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I don’t seem to have a side menu with product categories. How can I make that show?

What do you mean by side menu, offcanvas menu (burger menu from header?) this is an instance of megamenu, you can view the configuration from my demo store here http://sapphire.nicolette.ro/admin/index.php user demo password demo


I’m having a slight issue.

Before  ’s are found on the website, the following character is also coming up: Â.

Not exactly why it’s occurring, however I’ve been doing a bit of Google’ing and it looks to be something related to the page encoding.

Here’s my website: http://electromart.com.au/ipod-nano.html

Any solution to getting this fixed would be appreciated. Thanks!

Also, the search bar alignment is broken. Refer: http://sapphire.nicolette.ro/

Is there a quick CSS fix I can quickly plug into the custom css tab?


I don’t see any strange characters on the page http://electromart.com.au/ipod-nano.html on chrome and firefox is this fixed or I need to use a certain browser?

Thanks for the search bug report, to fix it you need to add

@media (min-width: 992px)
 .navbar-search .search-query, .navbar-search.expand .search-query {
    top: 0px;

This fix will also be available in the next update, changed file css/style.css

Hi, I reinstalled the theme and now when i wanted to import again the data i get the following message: PHP – 5.3.3 Opencart 2101 This purchase key was already used for (the domain). What can i do in this case? thanks

Hi Nicole, I made a compare between the files that were before you fixed and the files that and i could see a lot of differences. My concern is what happends when i will update php version on the server, as i was planning next week to change from php 5.3 to 5.5. Would you be able to provide me with that piece of code that you changed? Thanks.


All the changes will be available in the next update, you will only need to redownload the the theme.

Hi. Thanks again for your fast help, I am very pleased with your quick and good answers. Keep up the good work !