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Clean and clear graphics good functionality well done.

Looks nice ! GLWS :)

Thanks my friend :)

Good job!Good luck :)

Can you get this one page site to go no further than the front of the site / so the site appears like a splash page ?

awesome , very nice work :) Good luck with the sales !

Thanks man! :)

Hi, is this using Bootstrap or not sorry?

It says compatible with Bootstrap yet I dont see any Bootstrap code in the demo for layout etc?

Hi. I can’t find the .xml file of the demo version. Can you resend to me, please? Tks.

Great Template! Planning on purchasing. Is this template compatible with Wordpress 4+ ?


We will update at next week for new versions. Also our new framework will add to package. Thanks for purchasing.

Thanks for reply! Seems to work fine on WP 4. Thanks again!

In a above post you said that you will update this theme (two months ago) for WP 4+, but this not happened. I have a issue with the shortcode insert in WP 4.0.1, this menu overlap with others sections, sorry by my poor English.

Hi yoyazm, you’re right. We are working on a new framework. We will solve the problem as soon as you return. Thanks for purchase. Regards.

When will your new framework ready please?

We intend to publish in 2-3 weeks. Ready to move in, but we’re testing it.

Hi, moved the WP-Installation to anther server, now the sapphire-settings page is blank. I can see all the links like “General Settings”, “Styling Options” and so on, but no content in the left area.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi rpelika, I want to help you. Can you send a link?

What do you need? Only URL or admin credentials?

Both would be better if you send by e-mail. ... any choose.


I’ am working with this theme for the user yoyazm and I can’t make a price list because the unique column generate is the same that in the column demostration code: Basic, $ 14.99, 1 GB Storage, 5 GB Bandwidth, etc. even in WP 3.9 :/

Please send e-mail to me. I will help you.


I send you an email, thanks!

I’ve fixed and sent a e-mail to you.

excellent theme and excellent support … all thumps up!

Well done!

will get another one soon



Thanks Dan, We Glad! :)

support in german possible? can i use cyrilic fonts?

Yes, you can.


aangulo Purchased

My slider stopped working recently…Nothing was changed…

Hi, we made new slider posts on latest update. There are currently one slide looks. Did you add any more?