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TonnyP Purchased

DONT buy this theme if you expect help and support!! Wow it is without doubt the WORST support I have experienced here at!! I paid $63,7 for what? not even help with simpel CSS and response times of over a week!!


Please send a ticket to envato and ask them if css customizations are included in the package. The will probably tell you that no and that you should hire a developer to help you and that you can find affordable ones on their envato studio service.

I’ll tell you this – normally I go above and beyond what is required by support and even log in to peoples websites to modify them for them but if you think that you are just going to give me 1 star rating and I will do anything else then the minimum required you are wrong.


TonnyP Purchased

Well I have now purchased over 20 themes here, and you’re providing the poorest support of them all – no doubt! I can list your competitors up so you can see what you are up against.

The problem with Themeforest is that you do not know what you have bought before you buy. I cant regret my purchase when I find out how bad a theme is programmed or how bad the support is!

And if no one writes comments about how bad a product is – it will destroy Themeforest.


TonnyP Purchased

You are right – I will write to envato and ask them why they accept a poor Theme Option like yours where I cant change font size of h1, h2? and why it is not possible to get simple help to add CSS! now where I found out how fuck up the theme is!


Sensas Purchased

Issues with images in Firefox Mac

When I use the image size full in Firefox it shows a full page width image, not within the column

Single image file in a 1/2+1/2 row showing up on 1/1 instead of 1/2

FF 42.0 on mac osx


I need you to contact me through the item support page and send me a link to the website + WP login info.


Sensas Purchased

Solved by updating the Visual Composer plugin


Ok, noted.


D_Rei Purchased


I have a big problem with the new Wordpress update 4.4. Now, I can’t insert a text in the backend. I have taken a support ticket and hope to hear fast. Do you know more about it?

Thank you


I already responded. I hope you can provide the required info asap.


D_Rei Purchased

Thank you, I wrote you the info to your ticket-mail

Hello, is the theme ready for WP 4.4? Thanks

Yes, it works with WP 4.4

A couple of pages using Visual Composer are broken, i.e. How can I fix this?


I need you to contact me through the item support page and send me WordPress login info so I may take a closer look. I cannot help you debug only looking at a webpage.

Just did

Ok, we will get to you asap.


YAS9 Purchased

Hello , i have issue with responsive for mobile view ..

how to make all desktop view ? thank you


If you do not want it to be responsive you need to remove all media queries from CSS files + remove the viewport meta from head of each page.

Hi there, I sent you a support request through the support page but did not hear back from you. Can you look at the request and get back to me? Cheers, Iain


Please excuse the delay, we have had difficulty getting up to speed after Easter. we will get to it asap! :)


Jacqi12 Purchased

Visual editor not working in wordpress 4.5 and not able to upgrade the custom visual editor!!!! please help

We have found a problem with the working of the Bundled Visual Composer plugin, when updating the theme to WordPress. We have detected the cause of the problem as the update made to the backbone and underscores frameworks. Using the version of the scripts found in WP 4.4.x is a quick temporary fix!

We are looking for an possible fix and we hope to issue an update by next week.

In the mean time please hold off updating to WordPress 4.5

The changelod will reflect the changes and include instructions if needed once the update is online.


TRT123 Purchased

On the posts (blog-item-timeline.php) page, how can I limit the size of the excerpt shown? It’s currently showing the whole post and removing all formatting with a “Read More” button at the end. How can I make it only display the first 50 words (with the “Read More” button after) instead of the whole post?

sorry np

Thank you for letting me know. We will sort it out asap.

Thoughts on video embedding? Using a stand YouTube video seems to break any column layouts and videos don’t appear to be responsive once embedded.

Maybe there’s a trick or recommendation… nothing in the docs.

@bitpub any other suggestion for the video issue? as I mentioned the fitvids class doesn’t seem to work.

@bitpub No responsive video support – I guess we will roll our own,

Please contact me through the item support page and send WP login info and I will take a look at it for you!

Hello bitpub, we’ve imported your demo file and, unfortunately, we have made a mistake on Home (1). Now the code is incomplete. Can you send us the code for the Home (1) demo side once again? Many thanks in advance

We have solved the problem thanks

Ok, great :)

Seem like activating and connecting Jet Pack makes the Visual Composer unavailable in the backend? Lastest versions of everything.


I have not tested jetpack with this theme. Someone else had a problem as well and it was jetpack messing with other plugins. I will try to investigate this further.


mistha Purchased

Great Theme . Quick question , why is visual composer not working ? elements are not loading . how can i fix this ? thank you

I need you to send me WP login info through item support along with the problem again. I will look into it.