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How to use gridphoto.php?

The php code that you found in the gridphoto.php is just my example of getting data. You can have your own way of getting data from your server and simply change the data in the gridphoto.php. In my example, I have wrap the title in h3. If you want to do the same thing just replace the title that wraps in h3.

How can I change my own location in the map?

Open contact.html and then go to line 170. Change the 2nd parameter of the gmap() into your location’s latitude and longitude (10.315088, 123.909202).

You can find your latitude and longitude by going to, search your location and click on the link button inline with the print button on the upper left portion of the page. After clicking that button a popup box will appear and you can see the link. That link has a param of sll, get the value of it and replace my latitude,longitude to yours.

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