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We provide free support through our dedicated forum To get support, send us a message via the contact form on our profile with the word ‘SUPPORT ->


We provide free support through our dedicated forum To get support, send us a message via the contact form on our profile with the word ‘SUPPORT ->

Please fix the demo. It’s broken.


please re-check again. We’ve fixed it like an hour ago.


I only need an html/css template. Can I possibly use this template without Joomla?

Thanks so much.

Unfortunately, you can’t use it without Joomla.


How do I add images to the widgetkit slider?

To be more specific, how do I edit the slides in slider? I was able to add it to my pages but the slides are all from the demo.

Please go to components > Widgetkit > slideshow tab > to edit the contents of the slider.

If you need support, kindly send me a quick message via my profile page:

regards, Joel

I’m thinking about purchasing this template, but need it to be in purple.

Could you possibly add a purple style to it?

Other than the color options, I love your designs!

Hi Monica,

Thanks for your interest in this theme (and the many others you’ve purchased from us :) )

The flexibility of our themes, as you may already know, give you the full capability of adding your own colors right from the template admin panel.

As such, I’m afraid we won’t be adding any more colors to the theme but I’m glad to guide you on how to do so.

Have a great week.

regards, Joel

Hi Joel, thanks for letting me know Sauna comes with the same terrific capabilities as the others, that I am very please with :)

Keep up the great work!

Thanks monica.

Have a good one.

Hi, How to add another language just like here

Hey you!!

man, how to create a gallery page wits singe photo,a small photo

All our support is conducted via our forums ->


Hello guys!

I was thinking about buying Sauna theme. I just want to be sure about two things:

1. It’s possible to have Contact page with Google maps inline, as in your other themes like Fidelity

2. I can add, if not provided, a kind of “Latest articles” module preserving theme’s responsiveness.

Thanks in advance and congratulations for your works!


Hi Raffaella,

Thanks for your kind words. :)

1. Yes it’s possible. You can assign it in the map position ->

2. Yes that’s possible.

kind regards Joel

Bought and, at least right now, satisfied :-)

Just for the second question… couldn’t you suggest me a possibile News module which you know it suites well with Sauna?

Thanks in advance and congratulations for your work!


Kindly post the question in the forums and I’ll get back to you in due cause. I’m currently away on vacation.


Hi, I have a problem… Could someone help me? I have installed the theme but I can see only the home page. For the others buttons of the main menĂ¹ (and submenu) the error is: “The requested URL /XXXX was not found on this server”. What can I do? Thank a lot. Melissa


All our support is conducted via the forums.

Please see this thread #1


I installed the quickstart package joomla 3.1; however, it stucked on processing page, keeping loading without any reaction. Please tell me how to fix it.


Please post all support questions on the forums:

You can create your account here:

When running the quickstart, please ensure all recommended settings on Step 3 of the installation are green.

regards, Joel

Hello First of all let me congrat you for the template. Please help me with a question about it, How can I manage Showcase into many colors in the same site. How can I do it? I gonna be very grateful for your help.

Kind Regards,


Thanks for purchasing our template. All our support is conducted via our forum:

If you don’t have an account please register here:

Be sure to register with the Themeforest username that you purchased the template with

regards, Joel

Hello, I am using JOOMLA 2.5 template, how can I change the facebook “og” tags at the main page? No matter what I change I always get this only at the main page:

<meta property=”og:image” content=””/> <meta property=”og:title” content=”Welcome to Sauna – responsive Joomla Template”/>

I need to change “title” and “image”. I have already searched for the option at the template config with no luck

If you need any support, kindly post in the forums:

If you don’t have an account yet, please create one here:

regards, Joel


very nice Work – thank You. One question: is it allowed to use the own copyright in he footer?

Greetings from Germany


Thank you, tipto. Yes you can use your own copyright in the footer. :)

If you need any support, kindly post in the forums:

If you don’t have an account yet, please create one here:

regards, Joel

Hi, I Have a question, I really like this template specially its “homepage variation 2, metro boxed style”. I have a question, is the contact form on home page capable enough to receive different type of file attachments? Instead of enter promotional code, I need file upload button or feature there.

One last point, the boxes visible on homepage are blog posts or static pages? Actually, I need pages here.



1. Unfortunately no. The contact form is a simple extension – S5 Quick Contact which has only the basic details. However you can install any other contact form extension that suites your requirements

2. The boxes on home-page are modules. You can enable a page on the home page Example

regards, Joel


a presales question… Is there any way to add a module with Schedule (Timetable) Manager? I need to have a schedule with working hours and names

This extension seems to come close to what you are looking for.

View Demo

I haven’t personally tested or used it so be sure to inquire from the author whether it will fit your need.

regards, Joel

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome. All the best in your project and have a nice weekend :)

Hi Joel I puzzled why the Interactive gallery (Zoo component) and the Blog (Zoo component) are NOT properly responsive. I have installed on 3 different severs. In fact the Zoo component has never worked in a proper responsive mode like your other excellent themes (e.g. Lighthouse everything works perfectly).

I think this subject should not be hiddedn away in the support forum because you are actively selling the Zoo component as part of the advertising material.

In your demo you have disabled the Zoo component This is not fair or accurate representation.

I am sure it is an oversight on your part which you can fix easily and swiftly.

I want to buy more of your themes but you should do a loyalty discount scheme!

Hi there,

Happy new year.

We no longer handle our support via the comments, so I’d kindly request if you’d create a thread on our forums and I’ll assist you in ensuring the component is responsive.

Even though we’ve removed the ZOO link (in favour of K2) from our demo, the styling still remains.

Please provide a link to your site in the thread you’ll create and I’ll be able to assist you in the earliest possible time.


regards, Joel

Hello AT , Joel and Neemah

There are a number of issues with this template and I opened a ticket in the Support Forum but your answers are unacceptable. Period.

The Interactive gallery images dont resize (Zoo component) The Blog images dont resize (Zoo component) I sent you URLs and screenshots. What is it that you dont understand??

Furthermore, the Forum does not install (Kunena component) The Kunena component supplied with the theme gives an error during installation (config file not found error)

You guys are smart enough to know all of this so lets stop the pussy footing around.

I bought 4 themes from you and they all work. This does not.

Any person looking at your demo would think that you have been a little naughty by removing the Zoo components which dont work but you continue to use Zoo in your adverts.

This is not your style guys. Sort it out


Neemah has replied to your thread post.

Kindly try and be patient and polite since we respond to all questions between 24-48 hours. Kindly avoid using vulgar words. Please also note that we are on different timelines.

We are here to help you and if we don’t understand your question or miss out on some information, we’d normally take a bit longer to identify where the problem is.

Kind regards, Joel

Hello Joel

Thank you for making the time to get involved in resolving matters.

You are probably one of the smartest people on this website.

You are a master at what you do thats why I spent a lot of money with you.

So please dont insult me by telling me that your colleague does not understand what the problem is.

I gave you comparables with your excellent Lighthouse theme which is rock solid and works flawlessly. Sauna clearly has defects.

I get frustrated and lose patience when intelligent and capable people give me fluffy answers.

Your wrote the code and you are the only person who can resolve this. This should have been referred to you at the outset.

I appreciate all your help but I do not think it should take this long.

But all is now resolved. The problem was CSS and this line needs to be added to custom.css

.pos-media { width: 100%; }

.pos-content { clear: both; }

A big hearty thank you from Barcelona

You are the best on ThemeForest.

Thanks. :)

If you have any further questions, kindly post on the forums and we will gladly respond.

Have yourself a nice weekend.

regards, Joel

Hello Joel

One more thing mate. The Forum does not install.

Do I need to re-open the Support Forum ticket???

Or is this a new download pack issue?


In the documentation, we’ve put down the instructions on how to install. The reason why we don’t put it in with the quickstart is because certain elements of their code makes the quickstart behave erratic on older php versions so we recommend the user to install Kunena, then install the which is in the extensions zip.

regards, Joel

Hi Joel

You misunderstood.

I did followyour instructions to install Kunena but I get a Jinstaller error This file does not install :

Your Lighthouse theme works like a swiss watch. So why issues with this theme? Sorry but I dont get all this stuff about old PHP?????

Your the cleverest man on ThemForest. Just fix it mate.


See my response here

regards, Joel


benbet Purchased

HI, your live preview website is down …


Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please check this link?

regards, Joel