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Just tested with IE7 and 8, and the menu some other stuff is not that pretty. I can see that you a reffering to a ie7 and ie8 stylesheet but these are not included in the package?

- Any solution to this? :)

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Hi. before buying this template, I could like to know if is posible to center the menĂºs elements, and delete the search box, for instante.

Also, I noticed that clicking the “home” option when on any other page, does nothing.

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friend how do I get the page to open the gallery size photos, like a pop-up?

Where are the files ie7.css and ie8.css?

thank you


there is no ie7.css and ie8.css… no need.

Where are the slider images located?

is it possible to to disable elements when mobile device is detected ? like bootstrap features like this


is is possible to put calendar like this ?

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Hi can you tell me if something existe for breadcrumb ?

Before I buy, wondering why the menus on iPad are different from my nexus 5 smartphone? Namely, there are a number of menus short on phone device. Thank you.


Hello, Can you post screenshot of the difference please? Thanks,

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any news on “Buy the theme now and get free support and free update – Special offer on August !” ? thx

Very very very good;

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i just sent you a message in regards to the problem im having with the slider, please review it and get back to me, im under a deadline!


I dont understand why this guy didnt write the slider info in the page and have customers re-edit and add their own info from the original design!!!