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Hey again :) I still have a problem with the grid gallery! http://gratisupload.dk/vis_billede/686163/ As you can see the pictures are different size and I have 12 photos that I would like in the top, but it only shows 10 of them. If I set the Number of Grid item to 12 it just put them on a new “line”. Do you have any idea why? And do you have any idea how to make the images all the same size? I’ve set the featured image size to 150×150 (thumbnail) – but it still shows different sizes of images? :(

Hope you can help me :)


hmm…. if you set the “Number of Grid item” option to 12… it must display 12 items…

but you can try to force the grid to display more … for that : open the index.php and at the line 168 , change it to : ‘posts_per_page’ => ‘12’

the featured image MUST be use as featured image in full size ! ...

Thanks and sorry for the delay…

Please help :)


i am having problems to get the main slider pic to be full screen. pls advice on how i can fix that.


for me the slider pics are in fullscreen : http://phuketeventcompany.com/test/

i have just sent you an email with a screen shot so you can see the height. thank you


Actually there is cross browser compatibility issue. Please check that in safari, google chrome. so can see whats the problem.


here under chrome : \\

same in safari and firefox….

no problem for me….

can you see that, its from firefox of mine its full screen image but in your screenshot its not like that that is why i have contact you ….

huh… all of that depend of the size of your screen….

you see the scrollbar.. so scroll down and you will see the rest of your page…

everything is good on your website. in firefox, chrome and safari… (i did not test it on IE)

hello? pls help, i need to get the site live.

i still see the orange header on safari, firefox and chrome. i want the image to be full screen without seeing the header.

i have sent you an email of the screenshot.

well, on my macbook i dont see it… on my 21” i see it… on my 27” i see it too…

there is no “full screen” but fullwidth slider…

can you send me a screen shot, cos its still not working, i would appreciate it if you look into this issue i am facing.

Hi =) I’ve got a slight problem with videos in the gallery slider – I don’t seem to manage to make them show up in the header gallery like in your example. I used the instruction in the installation file, using a vimeo ID and setting the custom field “savage_postType_featured” to “true”. Am I missing something?

Oh btw. I don’t know why but the custom fields are all showing up in the old fashioned style where you have to type in the values. It’s rather hard to guess what values are needed for the different fields, so is it possible to get a list of the allowed values?

However, thanks for the effort you put in the theme!


well, here is the vimeo example i used in the demo :

as you can see, i dont use savage_postType_featured but only slideGallery_vimeo

Please try with that ;)

About the old fashioned style of Custom Fields… :) i dont know :D it’s not metabox.. but just custom field and that right, you have to type the value of it….

dont waste your money with this theme, the developer clearly does not care about issues of this theme

Sorry notkool, but i cannot help you if you dont understand all i try to say you…

Hello! We have now purchased this theme twice, but the install has failed both times. The error message reads: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Can you please help? We love this theme but this is time-sensitive and we have now spent 90 bucks. Thanks!


I think you upload the wrong zip.

extract the zip you’ve downloaded from TF, and you will find the savage zip inside. ;)

I think I just found a bug, If you have less than 10 posts (like the import file) but you have 10 posts selected on “reading” (under wordpress settings), the pagination div is empty, you can see a small empty little box, solved by changing 5 posts on “reading”, take a look at the screenshot: http://oi45.tinypic.com/aqbz9.jpg

Hi, good afternoon!

I bought your template for some time, but only now do I install. It seems to me that everything is correct. The only problem I’m finding is the blog page, is the part where the contact form / messages. The form is very large and is moving underneath the pictures blog. I’m sending you the link to the site where the problem so that you can see, see: http://www.danilomaximo.com/novo-site/?p=263

I will be very grateful if you can help me with this problem.

Sincerely, Rafael Bianco


honestly, i dont know how you can get that !...

Please, can you add your logo , widgets in sidebar etc… maybe this bug is because some elements are missing….



Thank you very much for your attention!

I did what you said, or added the widgets, but they were stopped at the end of the page. I’ve uninstalled, and I again install your template to see if it was a problem that had given during installation, but not solved, still unconfigured page.

If you can help me with any more suggestions, I appreciate it!

Sincerely, Rafael Bianco


Seems I managed to solve the problem. Do not know if I did the right thing, but it’s working now. I disabled the file (comments.php), and the page was good.

Congratulations template!

Sincerely, Rafael Bianco

I’m having trouble getting any of the sliders to show. In particular, I would like to use the grid. What do I fill in for the slider shortcode?

So far, the only thing I’ve been able to successfully get is the loading screen for the grid layout, but it never loads.

The page is here: http://cq.whitelighters.org
Hi we are having some problems with how the post images looks on the content page. http://project.khmercms.com/?p=422 please advice on how we can fix this. We also need to know about the main slider, we adjusted the size… where to define the slide width and heigh in flexslide? http://project.khmercms.com/wp-content/themes/savage/css/flexslider.css

Hey in Crowd, Great simple modern looking theme, But I have a couple of issues I’m hoping you can address.

1: When the website layout is set to Blogger style, how can i restrict the amount of posts on the main page?

2: I would love to make a gallery using one of your sliders, how do i implement this in a post?