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My logo looks ok on mobile phones. The logo is a good size but there is a big white space under it. How do I remove the white space under it on mobile phones?

Hi there,

I will need to take a look at your URL please? :)

Hi, Can you tell me how can i add address on the right side for a contact us page. ?

kindly provide me the codes for adding address on the right side for a contact us page.


thanks anyways i got it.

Ok, great! :)

can we remove/disable blocks from home page ? i want to remove partners & clients and clients testimonials block.

Sure you can,

You have the full freedom to modify the content/elements on all your pages. :)

but i didn’t find these blocks active in blocks page can you please help me in that ? and thanks for the reply :)

Hi there,

I will need your URL + user pass, please send them over using the contact form on our profile page.

Hello , you can install some visual layout design for this theme ? we change it and it is difficult only with the code.

Hi there,

What do you mean? Like a Visual Builder? It’s not compatible with Visual composer, no.

Hello just installed this theme. However I dont see a blocks page as people mentioned I also do not see any of the customization that this website here has I am trying to duplicate the structure of this site here.

Hi there,

What do you mean by “blocks page” and what people mention it? What customization also are you speaking of, did you try Theme Options and Appearance->Customize?

Hey guys, i think there is something wrong with my woocommerce shop, i have been adding products, but when i click on check out or view basket, i only get blank pages. Please help.

Hi there,

Indeed, those seem empty, please email us the info I asked for so we can further investigate this, check the theme/plugin version etc. :)

Check your email, i sent through your profile (dummy site) (full site)

Its the same the dummy website. If you would like to use the full site, the credentials are still the same.

Cheers, replied to you there. :)

Hey there,

I have tried all shortcuts i know of to make the shop page lead to the checkout/basket page and there after, my account page and so on….

Am really curious to know as to whether am the only one having WooCommerce shop trouble, has any other customers who used this theme to create an online shop experienced this? If yes, did they have trouble with the shop pages?

Is there a special place i should click to make my shop work?

My client is almost firing me since the shop page is taking too much time to fix.

Your help will be highly appreciated.


Hi there,

Good to hear, you added those to the actual pages in the editor or in the template woocommerce.php? :)

In each of the actual pages on the template.

Great, I wonder how those got lost in the first place… :)


davinb Purchased

How can I add Custom CSS to reduce the overall width of the Boxed Wrapper layout? It appears it is currently set to 1250px. How can I reduce the width?


Try this in your Theme options -> Custom CSS:

.boxed_wrapper {
    width: 1100px;

Hi guys, the live preview doesn´t work right now.

Hi there,

It opens fine from here:

Maybe a temp downtime? :)

Hi, I purchased both your Savia and your Fortuna themes for 2 different websites. Both came at the premium cost of $59, but only one came with Visual Composer. I fully expected they both come bundled with the same plugins, but Savia does not. It comes with far less functionality for the same cost, why is this? If there is no way for you to included Visual Composer, I would please either like to switch over my purchase of Savia to Fortuna or I would like a full refund. Thank You.

Thanks so much.

Just a followup.. I contacted TF and they were unable to switch the license, they did however issue the credit for the purchase. I took this and purchased your Fortuna theme as I noted I would, big fan of this theme BTW, keep up the great work, this is my second license for this theme and likely there will be more. Thanks for the quick response. A+ for support.

Anytime bud, glad to hear all went well and you are liking our theme! :)

Hi guys, very keen on the template, regards the slider, can I adjust height and width if needed? Ie: Not full screen, which we will probably go with, but more of a boxed slider? With Thanks, Dylan.

Hi there Dylan,

You are speaking of the Rev slider on top of the pages, yes? Sure, you have full control of the slider’s dimensions, let me know once you purchase so I can send you the latest version of it. :)

Many thanks, Template purchased, will message with email for updated Rev slider.

it is safe to upgrade to wordpress 4.5?

Hi there,

So far no issues are experienced, still a backup is always the safest way to go. :)


hey does anyone know why my home page turned white and all my other pages work, i think my sliders are broken

Hi again,

Simply check where you are adding this reference! view-source:

I can see it there… it’s some embedding or something, could it be a plugin?

also my purchase code is invalid for the rev slider

You do not have one unless you purchased it separately. If you are using it as a part of the theme you do not need a purchase code.

Hey guys,

I have been working in the portfolio on my website but i cant seem to get my pictures to display like they have been on the demo link below.

Kindly share some help here.


Hi there,

I don’t think I got your email, you can use the contact form on our profile page here on TF as well! :)

Have a look, i just sent you the details a moment ago.

Got it! :)

Hi there,

I’m using a static page (using a standard template) as Home Page, with your template, and I would like to view the generic title of my website. For example: “My Website”. Instead, I actually have “Home – My Website”.

How can I remove “Home – ” before my generic title, in order to obtain only “My Website”?



You have “Home – My Website” where exactly? If you are using the regular page template you shouldn’t see the Title bar at all on your home page. :)

I have “Home – My Website” on my browser title bar (Google Chrome), so it can be found on <title></title> tag of the final page. I actually have a static page (named “Home”) as home page

Your URL please?

Hi, why no updates for nearly a year? Has developments and improvements stopped on this theme?

Hi there,

No, support is still active! The theme is compatible with the latest WP! :)