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Hi, i have a blog with 2 category. If i open first category list post page, i see my custom sidebar… if i open second category list post i see standard sidebar. If i open genera page blog, i see my custom sidebar. How i set my custom sidebar for second category too? Thx

Hi there,

The blog (along with blog categories and taxonomy pages) opens the default Sidebar. You can assign the custom sidebars to specific posts/pages. So what you can do is set your default for your blog and categories than assign different ones for the rest of the post items.


grigby Purchased


I’m setting up a fairly basic site, with very limited WP experience and wondered if you could help me with a couple of things:

1) Main problem is that when the site shifts to mobile mode, the menu icon appears but isn’t clickable. I’ve tried all the custom menu options as you referred to in a previous comment, but none are working. Can you give me an idea as to how to fix this?

2) I also wondered whether there was a simple way to drop a large ‘hero-type’ image in the top of each page, under the menu bar but before the main page content?

I’d really appreciate your help. Thanks.

Hi there!

1. Please use the WP menus (Appearance->Menus), this should take care of it + they are much more flexible and customizable than the default.

2. Same one on each page or different one? You can create custom headers just like in the Demo, yes. :)


grigby Purchased

That’s perfect – the menu is working fine now. I’ll play around with the custom headers…

Thanks for your quick response and help!

Anytime, friend! Pls contact me via my profile page contact form so I can send you the latest Rev Slider plugin version. Hope you enjoy the theme and rate it well if you want to support us. :)

Hi there,

I’ve installed Savia theme and so far so good :)

I have only one question. I’m using the circular counters to show some information, but there is one indicator that has a value of 112%. The thing is that the animation is filling the circle up to 100% and than it is rolling back the remaining 12%... How can I make the counter to be lock in the full 360ยบ when the value is over 100%?

Thanks in advance! :)

I replied to you in the forum… but here it is again:

You can edit your “shortcode_counter_circles” method in includes/shortcodes.php

`data.gauge.maxValue = 100; // set max gauge value`

This is the max value… You can try setting that to 112, then it will fill all the way up when the value is 112. The other values won’t be affected significantly…


I need your assistance of the theme i bought, here’s the purchase code: 5a10c9d7-f784-4351-8ffe-42e0f4a6b1f2

The problem that i’m encountering with SAVIA Theme which is the plugins supposedly is appearing on the pages and is suddenly disappear. How come it;s coming like this.

And it’s very urgent i need to finish the project for my client. Please reply soon.


Hi Allan,

What’s the URL, mate? Do you get any JS errors? IF yes then that could be causing your disappearing elements as the Fade In animation probably breaks, check your Console :)

Hi, i’ve bought your theme however i have a few questions: 1) the zoom function on the woocommerce products don’t work correctly. 2) The menu color does not change while i’ve changed in the theme customizer. 3) When i view the site on my mobile some parts do not show correctly. 4) How can i make sure all the elements on the home page (containers) are visible Immediately and do not load one for one. 5) The last container on my home page with an element is not attached to the footer, there is a white space between the last element and footer. 6) The site does not scroll over the footer like it’s in the demo. How can i change these things? I’ve send you email in private message

1. If your images are small I don’t see why you would need it, yes.

Oke, and point 2 and 3?

Ya, reply to my email pls.

Is it compatible with Visual Composer plugin?

No, thanks for your interest.


How do i change the favicon?

Cheers, Jim

Hi, can you please check that link you have me. I’ve posted message beneath it.

Sure, and I have replied. :)


jetfire Purchased

This is such a great theme!, would you be updating it anytime? I notice the last update was – 30 April 14

Yes, I will, our latest one is coming out next week, once it is we will be updating the rest of our themes. Thanks for your interest! :)

Hi, the breadcrumb is not showing all pages. I would like the breadcrumb to show: Home > shop > categorie > sub categorie > product name. I’ve contacted woocommerce about this but they say the breadcrumb is not being added by them but by the theme so i needed to contact you. How can i realise this?


You can rework your breadcrumb function a bit in order to achieve this and I can certainly help you with that. It would be messy if you add any products in more than one category though, do you place products in only 1 category?

Ahoy mate! I see what you mean. I have almost all products in two categories. The categorie and sub categorie. So lets say earring model 3 is placed in these categories: Categorie: jewellery , sub categorie: earrings. Will this be a challenge?

Let’s try it out, pls write to me via my profile page with your URL/admin access so I can take a look and possibly mod it for you. :)

This theme is great. BUY THE THEME!!!!!! Support is even greater bay the way

Thanks for the testimonial Jimmy, glad I could help! :)

Thank you for the great support !!

Thank you so much for adding a Child Theme!

You are welcome! :)

Hi, having problems installing WPBakery Visual Composer. This is what I get

Downloading install package from /home3/brooks/public_html/…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

Also need the new version of Revolution Slider.

My email:

I downloaded the theme twice for the same reason and still having the same problem. Where can I email you the screen pics so you see what I am talking about.

I know that there is a 4.6 version of the revolution slider. The one included in the package is 4.5.



Please use the contact form on my profile page to send me details, I would be happy to take a look and help! :)

Just double-checked though … the package on TF has the latest Rev slider and the wrong VC prompt is removed.

Great theme guys. Do you guys do HTML email marketing designs that match the Savia theme? I need some designs that are consistent with the website. Thoughts for me?

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you are happy with the theme. We don’t do HTML email marketing… you could check the Email templates section here in TF and hopefully find something similar. Good luck! :)

Hello, a great theme. We purchased about a year ago and have been happy with it. We have been experiencing a slow site load speed since the beginning ( It appears we need to apply cashe, as well as minify HTML and JS. We are facing issues with the theme when we apply any cache plugin on website. It broke entire theme when apply Minify HTML and JS settings. We tried different cache and minify html plugin like W3Total and smush and each plugin broke the theme. Would you please advise how to mitigate this situation.

P.S: your product support link is not working.


The link surely works, our support is at:

Sounds strange, what exactly do the plugins “break”? Never experienced this before, you might also consider a CDN for your website…

Your support sign is down from Los Angeles. Here’s the error:


Your support page is down. Please let me know how I can get some support, Thanks.


You cannot open this?

Works just fine on my side, anyway, if you can’t reach it you can ask your question here or contact us via our profile page here in TF! :)


I am importing the demo data but its not showing anything apart from just homepage in the menu and there is not menu navigation available. Please suggest help.




I am developer too but i guess the demo data xml file has some error or something which is not loading the default demo data even when i click on download attachments the navigation menu has nothing rather then just simple homepage and sample page and the permalink are even more ackward they have www.domainname/blog/ postname ..where did blog came from :-(...i m just working on my old website. i dont know what is wrong.

Like I said, pls send me your URL and credentials so I can take a look… use my profile page contact form.

ok thanks..i will send you soon.

Hello! How can I create a landing page in the Savia template. I would like to offer a file for download after the visitor has filled in his contact details. Any ideas how can to create also this download form? Thanks in advance for your support. Have a nice day!

Hi there,

You can use any of the form plugins out there to create a custom Contact details form, check this out for example:

Good luck! :)

Hi Blueowl I joined your support forum but then couldn’t find a prompt to start a ticket, so I came back here!

I am having a very strange problem with the theme as it seems to be referencing an incorrect CSS file and so the display is all wrong.

I have updated WordPress, Savia and the plugins to their latest versions and still I get the strange display issues.

The site is

I should point out that it looks ok on Chrome but IE and FF give me the display problems.

Thanks, Ben

Sure, I would love to help, pls provide me with access details to your FTP / Dashboard so I can investigate. Can I also revert to original theme files, any changes you have made? Use my profile page contact form, cheers! :)

Thanks BlueOwl – I’ve just sent you a message.

Hi Ben, just wrote you back! :)

Hi, In mobile version my Revolution Slider doesn’t align all the elements in perfect order. Can you please help me to fix that? I have an Iphone 6. Elements like

  • Clean Design appears

* Clean Design


Hi there,

You could try to add some classes to your layers and add custom CSS to your media queries for these specific classes for responsive mode… Revolution slider in general is not very good with responsive as it tries to approximate where things should be and that is not perfect. In the upcoming version 5 they will have specific section to target responsive view and you will have more control there.


From the Revolution Slider editor. I can not preview any of the sliders. This is the message I get. Any idea why this is happening?

Not Acceptable!

An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

There is a version 5 available when I check for updates. Can I have a copy of that? I have been asking about it for a while already.

Hi there,

Where exactly have you been asking for that? Please contact me via our profile page and I will send the latest version your way.

V5 is not officially out yet, just downloaded the latest version available myself and it’s still 4.6.93