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Clean, simple and awesome.

I just noticed it says Layout: Fixed but it’s responsive all right. :-)

Thank you for the heads up! Just changed that… :)

Great theme! Good luck :)


Clean, clean, clean and so damn “proper”! Love it, great job on this one Adrian!

Thanks, Alex! I’m glad you like it, means a lot.

Any way to put some rotating pics on the main page?

I didn’t include this in the theme, because there are many plugins that offer an easy way to create image sliders and include them in your posts or pages.

This is a good one http://wordpress.org/plugins/soliloquy-lite/ and there are quite a few paid ones on CodeCanyon if you’re looking for more features.

The welcome message and text on the front page are actually that pages’ content, so you can replace it with any other text, add images, image galleries or slider.

Your server is down, can you fix that?

Might have been a temporary thing, seems to work now.

Can you tell me how you created the “our recommendations” part of the home page? Can’t quite seem to get the right configuration of menu items there.

Thanks! Love the theme!

I’m really sorry for the super late reply! I simply missed your comment. Did you figure things out?

Hi, Have just purchased and wonder if you can download a demo of the site as seen on the live demo, think it would be easier to start from that than a blank page. Thanks

There is a file called content.xml in the zip you got from ThemeForest. You can import it under Tools > Import (just install the necessary plugin and follow the instructions there). You might not get all the widgets on the homepage in place, but it should give you a starting point. Just make sure you do this AFTER you activate the Retail Menu Cards plugin.

If you have other questions, you can contact me via email from my profile page.

Best, Adrian

Hi. Super clean theme. Thanks ! I have a question though. I am doing a new website for a friend and noticed that the mobile devices can’t show the site properly due to the length of the title, right side of the page being cut off (or blocked off) If I wanted to reduce the size of the title font to make it fit a little better, where should I go to change what? The website is www.koreagardenyonkers.com/temp and the screenshot of the issue is http://i1084.photobucket.com/albums/j409/jo7704/Screenshot_2013-08-19-11-48-23_zps5c6593d8.png Thank you.

Hi, I’m interested purchasing the theme and wanted to confirm if it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress (3.6.1) since it’s not listed…

Is there any way to try this theme out before I buy it??

Hi, on the demo, when viewing each page or post, beside the main title, there are left or right arrowhead icon to link to next or previous menu.

How can I make that arrowhead icon appear?

Hi, I like it very much and I’m interested to buy it, I just have one question: the “make a reservation” link in home page doesn’t work, is that just an example or there’s already a reservation form? Thanks.

Hi, I’m looking for a wordpress theme for a restaurante and this looks nice. My question is, How it looks on smartphones?

I know say in the description that is responsive, but I wpuld like to see how it looks.


Hi Adrian! Awesome theme!

I emailed you a question about formatting the menu description (line breaks and so on). Would be great if you could reply on that. One more thing, could you please describe the Subpages template… not really sure what it does and when to use it.

Kind regards, Karl

Sub Sub menu not working….

Hi, can you please have a look at the sub sub menu layouts that are not working the way one would expect them to please?

Currently, the sub sub menu overlaps over the submenu when you hover over a submenu that has children menu items.