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Hi, I purchased a copy of your Scale-Theme a few months ago. However I just noticed, that the version on themeforest contains styles for the easypiechart-jquery plugin. This does not seem to be included in the latest version I just downloaded. Do I have to buy this theme again or will this be included in future updates?

Cheers, Kristian


Just wondering.. How to close

element on /form-wizard.html of this theme in step 2?

Thank you guys!

Please let me know which JS/CSS to remove to restore scrolling/scrollbars back to native browser. This app is mostly used on Macs where a modified scrollbar is not needed.

if you working on the less files: “less/app.layout.less

remove the
::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb" ...
or you can find the” in the “css/app.css” and remove them.


I want to remove order from column (inside table data-ride=”datatables”)

https://datatables.net/examples/basic_init/filter_only.html , ordering: false.

Better use your purchased account to ask support.


this theme has RTL version?

No rtl version. Thanks

Hi Flatfull

I have purchased this great theme. It is a really nice template.

I would like to ask a question -

The main side menu <aside> is default open. How to have main side menu closed / collapsed by default ?

I can see on main aside menu there is an anchor link in bottom footer with the: data-toggle=”class:nav-xs” This closes and collapses menu. I would like this by default. So user can toggle menu open to view menu.

Can i just add that css class: nav-xs, to the main aside menu ? Is this all that is required ?

Thank you, i would just like to check.


Yes. just need put the nav-xs on the aside.

Thank you for your reply.

It is much appreciated.

I just wanted to check.

Thank you again

Unbelievable!! send the report. Thank you!

Reported again and it removed. Thanks


growurl Purchased

Hi: example file: chat.html How to make the <header> keep stay on top when the resolution is less than 768px?

You need a custom css. eg. you add a id=”chat” on your dom.
@media (max-width:768px){
#chat vbox{
   padding-top: 40px;
#chat header{
   position: fixed;
    width: 100%;
    z-index: 1000;

Hi Flatfull

I have purchased this great theme, and i really love its design and aesthetics.

I have a support question:

My question is regarding the SlimScroll JQuery Plugin.

Does this theme actually use this plugin ?

I see the Scroll Bars in Google Chrome look really nice, but in FireFox browser they still display like default scroll bar in FireFox.

I have updated the SlimSroll Jquery Plugin to latest version and makes no difference.

Is the actual SlimScroll plugin being used at all ?


The SlimScroll used only for the left nav. the content scrollbar is browser default. and no way to change the Firefox scrollbar style.

if you want to use the slimscroll, you need put a ‘slim-scroll’ class on the content.
<div class="slim-scroll" data-height="auto" data-disable-fade-out="true" data-distance="0">


Hi. Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for explaining that to me. That is great. Thank you again!

Your are welcome!

Hi Flatfull

I have also another support query, which i am raising here:

My support issue is regarding the:

Navigation on my mobile.

When you open the menu navigation on mobile, when you scroll down the opened menu, the screen appears to move all over the place, the menu does not feel very solid on mobile, and feels like it breaks the page layout when opened and user is scrolling. You can see whole page moving around.

You can view this also on your demo, if you open up the menu navigation on mobile, and scroll down you can see the page / screen, moves about.

If you open up some of the Navigation > Sub Links, you should see the problem then.

It feels flimsy on my mobile, and not good quality feel.

Is there a way to improve this please ? And make the navigation on mobile stay in the correct place and position when opened up ?

For you reference i am using Android mobile & Chrome Mobile.


Add a custom css to fix this.
.nav-off-screen + *{position: static !important;}

Hi Flatfull

Thank you very much for your reply. That has now resolved the issue.

Menu navigation on my mobile now looks super slick and really smart.

Thanks again!

You are welcome.


growurl Purchased


in your Logout sample: ajaxModal

in …div id=”ajaxModal … there is automatic addition of ...style=”display: block; padding-left: 17px;... when there is a lot of content (e.g. long text which needed to vertically scrolled) in modal.lockme.html

It makes the modal has gap in the left

Can you help me fix this? Thanks

if the modal has a lot of content, you can use the default bootstrap modal structure, check the http://flatfull.com/themes/scale/components.html

there is a ajaxModal with standard modal structure.

Can I use this template for job traning like “todo” template, I find this is better than todo.

Your opinion is our first considering.

If the user/customer just need to pay the training service, do not need to pay to see the end product. Regular License is ok.

i do appreciate it.

Thank you.

Hi, I purchased a copy of your Scale-Theme a few months ago. However this page http://flatfull.com/themes/scale/master.html – It is outdated. It’s not working the modal window. Please Update… thanks

Modal not open ?

Hi, do you plan on upgrading to Bootstrap 4 when it comes available? Thanks!

No plan for it. the Flatkit using the Bootstrap 4.


I am trying to print the page, but appear blank. How i print vbox or datatable?

Check this page http://flatfull.com/themes/scale/invoice.html . if you want to print the vbox. you can use a custom css to fix it.
@media print {
      height: auto !important;
   .vbox.flex > section > section > section {
      position: static !important;

The Safari that is the problem, it does not print correctly. But thanks

Hi, for form wizard, how can we proceed next if we remove data-required=”true”?

Because in some tabs, all the form components are optional. But if I remove data-required, it won’t proceed to the next tab.

The formwizard is http://github.com/VinceG/twitter-bootstrap-wizard

you can check the demo code in the “js/wizard/demo.js” change the line 8 from “var valid = false;” to “var valid = true;” will allow pass to the next.

One more, the table-responsive checkbox looks incomplete. What’s the fix for it?

change the
<label class="checkbox m-n i-checks">
      <input type="checkbox"><i />
<div class="checkbox m-n i-checks">
         <input type="checkbox"><i />

Hey good morning, just wondering if you can help me I’m trying to use a different color pallet for this theme, can you guide into best way of doing so ?

Thanks a lot

You can use the pre-defined colors(bg-dark,bg-black…) http://flatfull.com/themes/scale/docs.html

or you can change the color variables in the “less/app.variables.less” and regenerate the app.css file, the “less/readme.text” tell you how to generate the app.css

How can I embed a youtube video with responsive properties in this theme? Is there any css class to do that?


jcholtsf Purchased

Are there any plans to release updates to this theme?

No big updates to this theme.