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Hey, I loved your theme, but before I buy it, I would love to know if you can provide a Sass based theme rather than a Less ? I would buy it immediately if you are planning to provide me a Sass template.

Thanks in advanced.


Only Less, Thanks

There seems to be some Javascript involved trying to do page transitions, or something of that sort, how do I disable this?


in the “js/app.js” line 182, change the

$(document).on(‘click.app.bjax.data-api’, ‘[data-bjax], .nav-primary a’, function (e)


$(document).on(‘click.app.bjax.data-api’, ‘[data-bjax]’, function (e)

Hi, can you replace Chosen by Select2? Chosen is being abandoned, developers are preferring Select2 to be more robust and be multi language. I’m having problem using Select2, the app.js file has that bar “data-api bjax” that is somehow preventing the select2 is loaded correctly. Could you help me or update the dashboard to select2? Thank you.


You can disabled the bjax. but i think it would not affect the select2.



I did it and the select2 worked, but I wanna bjax working together. Do the test! place the select2 and navigate by clicking the links in nav, the select2 will not load, but if you access the page directly by URL, the select2 loads normally. I need it working, please.

bluiee Purchased

Do you know why modals not working when using AngularJS? I also purchased your theme Angulr (as your modals works there) just to try and see why but I haven’t been able to figure it out.


Did you include the angular-bootstrap? and got any error?

I bought the theme some time ago and I am battling with it in iphone view.

1. The top left fa-bars do not click to open the menu, althought the pointer changes

Was this a bug in 1.2.0 that has been fixed in 1.2.1 – How can I apply the fix (it would be very helpful if you had the theme on github, I can just view your changes) also a better place to support and bug fix, we can also send you fixes andyou approve them ;-)

I am also having an issue with charts with I phone view. I am using a lot of sparklines but in iphone mode they do not show. Wondering if you know of any issue with charts on iphone view

Thanks in advance for your help

Ps let me know if you need help setting up a githib account. You can make it private and paid users message you and you apply their github username


I fixed this issue… upgrading the js to latest version resolved

I bought this theme. Now im wondering how can I customize it? Do I need to open every file in editor and change stuff then upload it on hosting or I can use some editors that are drag and drop or something like that?


You need use a editor to change the pages. thanks

Question, can I get the hamburger inbox menu on an iPad, if so, please tell me how, also my hamburger menu on the phone doesn’t work, is there something I need to do to enable the functionality?

Do you return support emails? There are a few issues with the less files supplied, I emailed the errors to you over a week ago. If you can respond that would be very helpful, thank you.

I have purchased the scale theme yesterday but there was no documentation attached. Where to download the document.

Pre-purchase question: Sorry to be such a novice, but can this be used with WordPress front end or back end, which CMS would you recommend, we intent to use this them for our project as it meets all our requirements. Thanks

Why Select2 doesn’t work with bjax enabled? It template is incompatible with Select2? I don’t wanna disable bjax.

Hi, I Was wondering if by buying the template I get the permission to use both the Web Application (Profile) pages including the menus for end users, and the approach page which will be used before the end users sign in to the service itself.

thanks! tmb


yes, you can get the dashboard pages and landing page.


Hi team,

My downloaded Scale template includes Easy Pie Chart 1.2.5 (by rendro). The available version at time of this writing is 2.1.6 (December 2014).

I’m very interested on charts supporting percentages with decimals (supported since version 2.1.0).

Trying to add the last version all styles are broken.

Can you upgrade the Easy-Pie-Chart (by rendro) version? I’ll need to know the specific changes done, if possible.

Thanks in advance!

Beautiful theme, just a small issue…

There is an horizontal overflow, the contents do not seem to correctly fit. To see it, just scroll horizontally and you will see a small gap on the right.

hi, how to add page transition effect to ajax?

Hello, I am trying to add an update event handle for a sortable items list, to calculate things as they change. This code works fine with a regular jquery-ui class, but I cant make it work in here, what is the best way to do this under Scale?

$(function() { $( ”#sortable-5, #sortable-6, #sortable-7, #sortable-8, #sortable-9, #sortable-10” ).sortable({ connectWith: ”.itemsList”, update: function(e,ui) { console.log(“Something!”); } }); });

Hello, I am writing to ask a few questions about the licenses and selling End Products. I have already checked your “Extended License”, but wanted to make sure if I understood them correctly.

We have a Web Service Solution called “IQuartz”, an Administrator service based on your Scale Template. Our End Product, IQuartz, will be sold as a service to our customers, and we came up with a few questions.

There is a demo product of IQuartz with a 3 month period and restricted functions. I would like to know if there is a specific policy for distributing demo programs. Also, will there be any additional fees for the license when there is a major update on our product?

Thank You,


If you charge your end user, you need a extended license. there is no specific policy for distributing demo programs as i know. There is no additional fees for the update from this item.