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Hi, I’m trying to make the ‘models list’ section (Scent html theme) link to each other (i.e the small pictures pop up with larger ones such as created in models profile page) I know it uses fancybox etc but it doesn’t seem to work on the Models list section. Can you help out please? A code to add to the section to allow it to work will be ready helpful as I see you’ve got something similar on WP version.


I think I already replied that by email. Let me know if I’m wrong.

hii, we brought this template and its really great. but please help me to edit image size on single model page. i mean when some one clicks on a model thumbnail to view properties the featured image is too big . for example i want to change the featured image size. please help me .it will be helpful for us Thanks

I’m sorry but resizing images is not included in our support. You can use Photoshop or any other similar software.

Hi nice template, great work. Just wondering if there will be a naviation menu available in the smartphone/mobile version? Right now, when I look at this site on an iPhone, there is just the header and scrolling site, but no way to choose which part of the site to go to. Thanks.

There is nav for mobiles. Did you close Envato iframe first?

Yes, I think so. Can I send you a screen grab?

Hi im having trouble with the models list on the dark video template, as they are not linking through to the models page.

It works on the demo, so please send me your URL and I’ll have a look. Send it on, thanks.

Hi great template, i have an issue with model page not linking from model list, I’m using the dark video template, have I missed something as when i click a thumbnail it opens up a blank page with placeholder graphic in the top corner.

I already replied your previous comment, thanks.


Is this me, or this theme crashes my iOS Google Chrome every time that I open the theme preview?

Unfortunately just you. Would you like to have a screenshot from my iPhone?

Nops… if you say it doesn’t, I trust u. tnks

How can I make the home page full page slider start transitions sooner?

Here is the plugin full documentation.

Hello sir. We brought this template before 2-3 months and it was working perfectly in our website. but recently we made a migration of our website to another host and we are getting error. please see home page , our website is live . please help us to solve this problem , waiting for your valuable support. Thanks


probably you bought a WP theme and not a template.

Please create a support ticket with more details.

Thank you.

why it is showing (Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /home/content/23/13014723/html/wp-content/themes/scent1/admin/redux-framework/ReduxCore/inc/class.redux_filesystem.php on line 1040) please sir help us to solve this problem


please create a support ticket by contacting us vie profile page. You also writing to site template and not WP theme now.

I need to know what changes you did before this error appear.

Thank you.


Your Template is really cool but i would like to sort my models in a special order in “Models Gallery”

Can you help me?


Hello, please send us email on and explain more what do you need exactly. Please have a look at few rules of our free support below:

What is included:

  • Answering questions about the item’s included features and functionality
  • Fixes for bugs and reported issues with the item
  • Updates to ensure ongoing compatibility and patch security vulnerabilities

What is NOT included:

  • Customization services
  • Installation services or general software platform and CMS help (eg WordPress or Photoshop)
  • Resolving compatibility issues with 3rd party plugins, themes or items unless advertised
  • Help with included 3rd party items from the 3rd party author (eg plugins included with themes/templates)
  • Help with your particular web hosting/server environment
  • Fixing errors made by your (ex-) contractors/employees

Customer support update:

To improve the free support we provide to our clients, we have changed the ticket system to Ticksy. We no longer provide any support via email or Zendesk, unless it’s a presale questions.

If you have any issue with your theme, please go to and open a ticket.

Thank you.


armo07 Purchased

, hoping you can address my query. upon uploading the theme to my hosted account I get the following message: “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”.


you bought wrong item, HTML template instead of WordPress theme. You can’t use it with WP.

Thank you.

hey Guys, I’ve just bought your theme. Do I have to find/replace all path to scripts ”../” to ”/” when I decide which version I want to use?

Hello Guys

Just wondering, can i sort my models alphabetically? Since we are adding quiet a lot of models on a weekly base this would be excellent..



i’ll post this in the wp section :-)

Hello Guys

Just wondering, can i sort my models alphabetically? Since we are adding quiet a lot of models on a weekly base this would be excellent..



Dear buyers,
Please give us 5 stars If you are happy with our theme or give us a shout if there’s anything wrong. We provide free support so all comments are welcome. Thank you.


orls Purchased

I just purchased this theme from you. When I try to upload it to wordpress it seems not to work. I need urgent assistance. Awaiting your feedback to

Hello, you bought a HTML template, not a WordPress theme. Thank you.

Hi, we are getting an error on a fresh install:

Redux Framework Warning select2-css CDN unavailable. Some controls may not render properly. Please wait a few minutes, then try refreshing the page. Unable to load some remotely hosted scripts..

We cant acces the custom css part in the template settings.

Thanks for reply.

It’s a site template, not a Wordpress theme.