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Laufer Purchased

Hi, very nice theme! can you think of any reason why I cannot add

<a href="#" class="button-more-slide">some text</a>

to this div:

      <div class="slider-tabs-content">
                                <img src="http://placehold.it/190x230" data-retina="http://placehold.it/380x460" alt="Beer Party new Student and New Year Eve" />
                                <h3><a href="#">Beer Party new Student and New Year Eve</a></h3>
                                <ul class="list-event-slider">
                                    <li class="time-slider">October 23, 2013 - October 30, 2013</li>
                                    <li class="hour-slider">9:00 AM - 10:00 PM</li>
                                    <li class="location-slider"><em>Campus Auditorium</em></li>

I ws trying to do it in many ways: include it as a list item, add it right after etc. And nothing works. It is not visible.



That’s because that button have absolute posittion, change it into relative by adding this code into style.css:

.slider-tabs-content .button-more-slide, .slider-tabs-content .button-more-slide:link, .slider-tabs-content .button-more-slide:visited {
Laufer Purchased

OK great, this worked thanks a lot!

devenG Purchased

hi this theme is very good but unfortunately this template is not fully responsive. On 1024px it shows cursor in bottom. kindly request to you please help me.


Did you use tablet or pc screen?

Try edit stylemobile.css and find this code:

@media screen and (max-width: 800px)

And change 800px into 1025px

Koner Purchased

I would like to convert links on “About” (vision & mission, history, greeting from rector…) to tabs.

Can you help me with that?


I think you can just change the URL to your page for example:

<a href="#panel-4"><strong>Newsroom</strong><br />
                    <span>Latest campus news update</span>

Change the #panel-4 to your URL

Koner Purchased

Its not working in the way that I want, I already that.

It open my url in same way like panels (it change just a picture betwen main menu and panel menu ) i want to open a whole new page when i click on it if you understand me, like normal other link to some page


Yeah I just check that, looks like that’s how jquery ui tabs work, so it’s not possible. I think you can put the button in the tabs content. So the tabs still open and you have description and button to go to another url