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OK Great! I have been waiting to use one of your themes, I’m thinking this one will do it! Couple of questions:

I believe I’ve asked before, is it correct your theme does not use Tim Thumb?

The Audio feature or Audio post type, is this Sound Cloud? can Sound Sloud be used? My purpose is for my own recorded voice narration/description of specific images. Any suggestions on this?

I just need simple backgrounds solid color, maybe a simple pattern are any backgrounds included? if not can you suggest a source for simple backgrounds?

I’ve asked before about membership plug-in’s, I know you have not tested any commercial plug-in’s but any new thoughts or advice on this subject would be great.

Looking forward to purchase right away!

Thanks in Advance!  Nick K

Hi Nick,

1. Nope, no timthumb. The theme uses the inbuilt WordPress automatic thumbnail functionality.

2. The audio is not sound cloud, it is a self hosted version meaning you supply links to your own audio file. If you do not want to use self hosted audio, you can embed sound cloud (or a similar solution) just how you would a video from YouTube or Vimeo.

3. There are no backgrounds included but for subtle patterns you can’t go far wrong with http://subtlepatterns.com/

4. I’m pretty sure any of the membership plugins out there would work. Of course I cannot guarantee that as I have not tested them but there shouldn’t be anything within the theme which prevents them from working.

Love it – I too want to pop a video on the homepage – will be from Vimeo, and wondered if it’s possible to have multiple video and photo options on the slider? Thanks


Hi, the slider only accepts images unfortunately. If you didn’t need the slider then you could disable it and embed your Vimeo code right into the page content area (this fills the full width of the page if the slider is disabled)

For a true video + image slider, you would need to drop in a new slider script.

Beautiful. Once again, very very impressed!

If your brain becomes available I will attend that auction.

The theme is awesome and I seriously consider purchasing it.

A few questions:

1) does the slider in single portfolio has an option for captions like in the home slider? and if so can I change the caption location from top to bottom?

2) Is there a set width for the images in single portfolio? and if so what is it?

3) How is the background set? from the demo I understand that every page can have it’s own background?


Hi Orman

I’ve a few follow up questions:

1) Did you add an option for a caption in single portfolio as seen here: http://themes.premiumpixels.com/scope/?portfolio=yorkshire-soap-co ?

2) Is it possible to change the height of the single portfolio slider according to the image being used like in Gridlocked? or will it require a developer?

3) Is there a limit to the number of images I can use in the single portfolio slider?



1. We did yes, you can have captions on each image in the project.

2. This happens by default. The slider will adjust it’s height on a image by image basis.

3. No, you can upload an unlimited number of images.

shsh1345 Purchased

Thanks :) purchased

Hey Orman,

Congrats on another great looking theme. I have purchased a number of your themes and they are always beautifully designed and easy to work with. However Im a little dissapointed with your new offering!

I think its because Im waiting for you to blow us away with something that has the same “Wow factor” from a functions perspective as it does a design perspective.

I notice a lot of themer’s on TF are realeasing themes with advnaced content layout and theming options (Fonts, Effects etc), and knowing the quality of your work I’d like to see what you can do with similar efforts.

I’m a huge fan Orms, and will for sure be purchasing your themes for a long time to come for my projects. Keep me and all your others fans happy by continuing to raise your bar. Were all rooting for you!



Hey thanks for the suggestions, all are welcome.

From my own personal perspective, a lot of the additional “wow factor functions” are surplus to requirements, tend to make WordPress more convoluted or clunky, and are an attempt at generating that one-time sale through gimmick. Personally, I like to concentrate on creating products which are simple, to the point, and easy to use.

That being said, there is a lot being built in the wings right now which will be released in 2012, which I think yourself and a lot of others will enjoy :)



Keeping secrets and playing hard to get! I love it, you never dissapoint. Keep up the good work, Im right there with you.

It is a very very cool theme. Will there be a HTML version of it? :)


Thanks. Unfortunately there will be no HTML version, only WordPress.

I’m gonna get this theme real soon. I got some cool ideas for this badboy. Orman, you’re a beast dude! I love your work. This is by far my most favorite theme on Themeforest.

Mad props!


Thanks bud, appreciate the support :)

Hey Orman,

This is pretty awesome – I love the use of the post types. I had a question about the portfolio.

With the slider for images, if someone had portrait orientated imagery, 940px wide could be a bit large. My first inclination is to create a new slide that is the same hight as all the others or most of the others and place the actual image on a transparent/same colour background

The image would be in the center of this new slide.

I tried looking through all the current items on the demo, but couldn’t seem to find a portrait orientated example.

Just curious on your thoughts for dropping those images into the mix.



Hi Scott, as you’ve described I would personally make my canvas the 940 width (can be any height) and insert my image in the center of it. The borders could be white, black, transparent or however you would them displayed.

You could also get inventive and create your own surrounds similar to this http://cl.ly/CNCX

Hey Orman

If I wanted to add captions to single portfolio slides would that be a job for a developer? or can I paste some code from the home page slider?


Hey, unfortunately that would be a (small) job for a developer. I would imagine a few hours work.

A few quick questions…

How difficult would this be to skin? (for example change the body to a dark color and text to a light).

Can slide shows be inserted anyplace?

Would 2 or more portfolios be possible? Or Showing only a specific category of showing a specific category upon arriving at the page?

Also I would love to modify the theme to include an extra div below the menu but above the content where I could place lets say a banner (this item would not need to be editable via wordpress) would that be a difficult edit as well.

This theme is BEAUTIFUl. I would love to purchase it. Please let me know about the above details!

Best A



1. As easy as any other website via CSS . Changing the body and font colours are pretty small changes.

2. No, there is a slider on the homepage, within each portfolio project and in the blog if you use the gallery post format.

3. 2 portfolios would require some development work but showing posts belonging to a specific type would certainly be possible. It’s still a small code change but it’s a pretty small one.

4. Difficulty very much depends on your own proficiency level but you would need to edit the header template and insert your own div which is a minor HTML change.

Hey there,

Instead of RECENT WORK on the homepage can you have static text?




The “We are Scope” section is the page’s content. If you disable the slider the content spans the full width of the page. You can also disable the recent work section.

If you wanted the slider, we are scope section AND another section of content, you would need to modify the homepage template. Pretty small change.

hi orman,

will you offer custom background images for “studio” in a next update?



Quite possibly, will pop it on the ideas list :)

Hey Orman,

Great work! Is it possible to set one background for all the pages?

Thanks, Cole

P.S. What typeface did you use for “scope”?


Hey, you certainly can set the bg for all pages. You can set a default in the theme options and override that per page if you wish to.

The typeface is Helvetica.

voicepro Purchased

OC, there are just so few like you. Your talent is boundless. Your style is fresh. And your gracious spirit is unexpected…and welcome. I just bought this mo-jo and can’t wait to get to creating! Keep up the superb craftsmanship.


Thanks man, such a great comment to wake up to! Thanks for purchasing :)

Another them that is too AWESOME to be TRUE !THANK YOU ! :D


Thanks! Appreciate that!

Nice theme… good luck man!

Very nice, congratulations. Does it support my registered custom post type?


Thanks! I’m not sure I understand the question though. Your custom post type?


I have created my custom post type with EASY CONTENT TYPE by Mordauk. Does the theme support custom post type I have created?


I’m not familiar with the plugin so I couldn’t guarantee it however I can’t see why not. The theme already uses a custom post type of it’s own for the portfolio.

Stunning work as usual , You rock!


Cheers buddy :)

Awesome work man, really digging the blog and individual post backgrounds! :)


Cheers man, glad you like it :)