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HI themedutch, thats what i thought but i do not have such an option at the bottom of any of my pages?


Hi zzalienzz,

This option is on every page. Go to your admin: Choose any page ‘Edit page’ and scroll down until you see ‘Discussions / allow comments’ Good luck! Helen

have used the theme for over a year with no problems, I have never updated it or wordpress i was worried about loosing all my work. now the webstite is not loading in IE correcty (all the tabs at the top load for a second and the dissapear). www.kjrproductions.com.au any help would be greatly appreciated to make this work again.


Hi Karina111,

There have been updates for Wordpress and our theme Screen as well. I suggest you do update both. If you are afraid to do both updates yourself, you might considering hiring us. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to sales@theme-dutch.com in order to receive more info.

Thank you, Helen

Evening Themedutch;

The theme seems to have broke in IE, neither the nav or the video on the homepage was appearing. I updated WP and the theme and I think I have everything working. But no matter what I do the video no longer loads in IE. Any ideas?


Hi Doctorteeth,

Thanks for sending your post. There must be something else that is causing your problem because there is nothing wrong with this theme. Please register on our website www.theme-dutch.com/support. After that you can login and submit a ticket to our helpdesk with ticket system.

Thank you in advance, Theme Dutch

Hey there. simple question: What’s the best size to make an image for a Gallery image?


Hi Dannimac210,

The best size is 1280×1024 px.

Cheers! Theme Dutch

ykblue Purchased

Hi there, before updating to WP 3 .4 – is SCREEN ready for this? thanks for informing.
rgds, katharina


Hi Katharina,

We don’t expect problems for WP 3 .4. If it does, we’ll update our theme on very short notice. Best wishes, Theme Dutch

nkatla Purchased

Hi, how to make social icons visible all the time so user don’t have to click the arrow icon to pull it down? Also what should be appropriate dimensions for background image?

Thanks, Navdeep

Note : I tried to post these queries at theme-dutch forums but no one replies.


Hi nkatla,

Thanks for your post. About the social bar (this is customization). Please send an e-mail to sales@theme-dutch.com for more detailled info. The appropriate dimension for background images is 1280×1024 pixels.

Best wishes, Helen

Hi Theme Dutch,

Quick question, The submenu items when not selected are a bit transparent. when the menu drops down i would like all sub menu items to just be white, no roll over etc. I have a good knowledge of php, css, java etc. Can you please just tell me which file I have to edit to make this happen.


UPDATE Thanks I figured it out, it was the functions.js file


Hi MakaveliAlive,

Thanks for notifying us ;-) Good luck with the theme!


RequiemX Purchased

You dont need update to WP3 .4¿?


Hi Requiem,

We’ll notify everyone via twitter when the update is done. Thanks for your post.


I have abig issue. THeme-dutch is not responding – and so is my corporate website. this is a major issue. does anyone else have this ? the theme is waiting fo response 2-3 minutes and does not open the website before that. we lose customers . anyone else ?


Hi Derliebeloni,

Your problem is solved. We responded via e-mail and asked you to send a support ticket, and we will explain to you what you’ll have to do to avoid this in the future. Thanks a lot in advance, Helen

Hi! How do you put a slide show back ground of images? and how big do the images have to be?

ALSO !! how do you get the images to get bigger and smaller as u expand the page ?

Thank YOU !!!!


Hello Feixcepeda,

The appropriate dimension for background images is 1280×1024 pixels. How to create a slide show background you can read in the themes manual, which you can find in your download zip.

Thank you, Theme Dutch

Hi another question i just purchased the Basic theme and following the instructions provided i cant seem to get the MAIN PAGE with a slider image back ground. I went to page and didn’t see nothing all i saw was a sample page. Im confused PLease help. and even if i make a home page its not the main page.

Hi another question i just purchased the Basic theme and following the instructions provided i cant seem to get the MAIN PAGE with a slider image back ground. I went to page and didn’t see nothing all i saw was a sample page. Im confused PLease help. and even if i make a home page its not the main page.


Hi Felixcepeda,

Please go to your WP dashboard. Then hit Screen and following: General. At the General page you can add Dummy content in order to learn more about the theme.

We give support via our forums on our website. You can choose between free or premium support forums: http://theme-dutch.com/wordpress-support/

Thanks in advance, themedutch

ppcuban Purchased


I am very happy with this template so far. One little thing i can’t get straight. I want to put an image in every blog (list of blogs). This is what i am talking about.


How do i do that? There is no documentation about it. Thanks.


Hi ppcuban,

The link re-directs to the preview homepage, so I don’t know exactly what you want to show. But if you want to have different blogs, you can assign categories to them and add a featured image via the right side below at your postpages. If this is not what you mean, please go to our website for support: http://theme-dutch.com/wordpress-support/. Good luck with the theme,


ppcuban Purchased

Ok, maybe i didn’t know how to explain myself the first time.

1. Go to your Screen example website. 2. Click on the Menu-> Blog [Our Story]

There is a list of articles. Some of the titles are… - Video on homepage - Blog posts on home - 38 fonts…. etc., etc., etc.

As you can see there is an image per article. How do i set that image. In your example is the same image for all of them. Is it because you use the same one for each article individually or you can only use one image for that list of articles?



Hi ppcuban,

You can setup different images for each seperate post. (featured images). Its a Wordpress function. Set a featured image at the right side of every post page. For support, please register and visit our Screen forum via: http://theme-dutch.com/wordpress-support/.

Thanks a lot in advance, Theme Dutch

ppcuban Purchased

I know that “featured image” is an option i have in other templates, but i don’t see it nowhere in your template. All i see is Categories and Tags. No Featured Image at all.


Hi ppcuban,

I’ve checked the backend of the theme. You’re right, and i am sorry. The blogposts include no featured image, but we pasted an image above the content in the contentblock of every post . We have set the image width to 575 and the hight to 250 px. Best wishes, Helen

I am customizing the theme now. I need to change the color of the bar that appears in the header of each page. It defaults to blue. I can’t seem to find the line in the CSS to change it. Can you let me know where to update that?



Hi TheC2Group,

We provide theme support via our forums on our website. Please register via: http://theme-dutch.com/wordpress-support/ and fill in the required fields. Our support staff runs the forums on daily basis.

Thanks in advance, Helen

webwatts Purchased

Hello, i’m using screen wordpress theme and i have some local .FLV videos and how can i get play/paused buttons on videos ? Regards


Hi webwatts,

Please register on the forum via http://theme-dutch.com/wordpress-support/ Our support staff will run the forums on daily basis to answer questions.

Thank you! Theme Dutch

davesfx Purchased

Hello, I am trying to use Screen with a plugin im writing that uses Custom Post Types but it does not seem to work. When I visit the custom post type, its design is very basic and no even the content is there. Can someone please let me know how to make it work?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Davesfx,

We support our themes via the forums on http://theme-dutch.com/wordpress-support/. However we’re not obligated to support plugins that did not come with the theme. Most likely we have to calculate costs for this one.

Thanks, Theme Dutch

nik_ Purchased


is this theme mobile friendly? I have used it , and the customer wants now (one and a half year late) to have a mobile friendly version.

Is easy to do customazations for this or it will be better to use a Wp plugin for this purpose?

Best regards

nik_ Purchased
  • customizations – sorry for my english.

Hi Nik, no worries about the spelling, we have issues with that ourselves ;-)

The Screen theme needs an update, because its not wp 3.4 yet. It runs on mobile devices and iPad. If you run into issues please post this in our Screen forum via http://theme-dutch.com/wordpress-support/. As soon as we update the theme our developpers can have a look at possible remarks as well.

Best wishes, Theme Dutch

Hello wordpress media library version 3.5 does not work. Pages by pressing this button can not add pictures. would appreciate if you help


Hi Fkorpe,

Screen will be updated to WP 3.5 on short notice. Thanks in advance for your patience,

Theme Dutch