Screen, the next generation Wordpress theme!

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Screen, the next generation Wordpress theme!

Screen offers you unlimited possibilities to present your business or brand for sure! Because its extensive package of features it is suitable for almost everyone. Whether you have a corporate business, a non-profit organization or you are a photographer, “Screen” has all the features you need to create a unique, customized look for your website with outstanding functionality. Most features and options are built direct into the Edit page for great ease of use. Actually “Screen” ended up with a lot more features than we had originally envisioned. We hope you’ll have lots of fun working with “Screen.”

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Screen key Features

Home page layouts
Home page with self hosted video background
Home page with full screen background image
Home page with draggable boxes Home page with Grace slider ( image and video support)
Home page with video background / Grace slider / content / blogpost
Home page with image background / Grace slider / content / blogpost
Home page custom

Gallery and Media
1 x Full Screen gallery image / websites / video sf-youtube-vimeo
1 x Image gallery with thumbs + lightbox + transition effects
1 x Video gallery with image thumbs
1 x Grace Slider image/video with thumbs (on/off) + time indicator (on/off) + overlay text with read more (on/off) + 450+ transition effects.

Page layout
Left sidebar
Right sidebar
Full width
With background image or patterns
Shortcode Styles: 2/3/4/5/6 + 1/3-2/3 + 2/3-1/3 columns

jQuery one level Slide down menu
Wordpress 3.0 > Menu support + submenu titels
Font Replacement: 38 Fonts (Font Face)
Create custom footer menus

Custom sidebars
Custom sidebar widget
Custom footer widget
Create custom sidebars
Create custom footer widget areas

Dummy content for easy theme setup
Logo image and image alt (for SEO )
Google Analytics code support
Favicon support
50+ Shortcodes for layout and style
Blog layout styles 1/2/3 columns
SEO module page/post Title + Description + Keywords + background img alt
Page slogan
Sociables with jQuery slide down
Copyright information Name + link
Background color slogan by Color picker
TD Google Maps Widget
TD Post Widget
TD Page Widget
100% Translations
Contact form on every page / post
Grace slider on every page / post
Adjustable Breadcrumb Navigation
Cross Browser Compatible
Documentation Included
And much more….

UPDATE SCREEN 2.1.3 : 26 SEP 2014

-Fix not unzipping TD shortcodes plugin

UPDATE SCREEN 2.0 : 5 SEP 2014

-Update wp 4.0

-added TD shortcodes

-added Portfolio Boxes with Swipe feature

UPDATE SCREEN 1.4 : 29 FEB 2012

-Fixed footer problem iPad/Iphone.


-Fixed some minor issues with uploader in Internet explorer.

-Fixed uploader issue on post


-NEW Home Gallery full screen

-New Fonts

-Image uploaders

- 10 januari 2011
- fixed summary function (cut off 250 characters)
- 29 december 2010
- changed ‘Get browser’ function
- 24 december 2010
- fixed slogan background colour homepage
- 21 december 2010
- fixed logo loading problem
- fixed jQuery issues
- fixed postal code on the translations page
- fixed blog post hover effects for IE
- fixed menu loading problem IE
- changed payoff to slogan and fixed margin problems for IE jumps
- added to style.css descriptions for easy customization
- added Galleria shortcode features single images + gallery’s with lightbox effect
- added Galleria shortcode features single video + multiple video gallery’s
- added the option to feature blog posts on the home page
- added the feature to use Grace slider on home page
- added option to display fullscreen video backgrounds on the home page
- added shortcode four column layout
- added shortcode five column layout
- added shortcode six column layout
- added shortcode new list items with color option
- added auto play with fade effect for the Fullscreen Gallery
- replaced cufon for fontface +
- added 38 face fonts

Let’s start with a big thank you from our side for your patience. We know it has taken some time but we can finally announce that Screen 1.2 is up for review.

As soon as you see the update 1.2 button on Theme Forest you can download your version and get those nasty IE bugs out. And that’s not all, we’ve added another feature for you guys to explore; the full screen gallery! It serves to show of your own work.

Whether these are pictures, websites??? or videos, it can all be viewed full screen. Multiple gallery’s can be added since you’ve got the feature to add category’s, so don’t worry that you are restricted to only one gallery.

And there is more! We have opened up the support forms, so support can be handled more easily. All you need to do for your free support is go to and follow the steps for free membership. People who have already followed these steps will have their account activated as from now on!

All we from Theme Dutch have left to say is enjoy the new features, bug fixes and happy posting. We strive to help everybody with support questions as soon as possible. See you on the forums!

Theme Dutch

Thanks to your response we have found and fixed a few minor bugs. We also added a few options for your comfort, as you can see below.

- Cufon now is optional and available at the Screen admin panel> General.

- Contact form added optional captcha.

- Fixed image text wrap.

- Fixed problem with post/page background images being overwritten by home background image

- Fixed empty widget problem.

- Fixed problem with cropping transparent images.

- Fixed a problem with slashes being added to the home content. (screen panel)

- WordPress 3.3 Check

We especially thank Rens Steenbergen, CEO of Spa Industries Benelux for his contribution of the great photos, which he aloud to use on the Screen theme. At the pictures you see the famous Australian Brand Signature Spas.

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