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aortiz24 Purchased

Hello, How do I make my installation look like/use the Remaster version?

How do I make the ‘services’ shortcode look like the demo with larger header text?

How do I remove the ‘Contact’ section so I can create my own?

Hello, what remaster version? You may be looking at the HTML template demo(s), the WP version and HTML version have gone in different directions since the initial release, make sure you check the demo for the WordPress version.

3) To hide the contact, add this to style.css

#contact {
display: none;


Thanks for a good looking product! Though I can’t get the email form to work. Can you please help me?

Can you please send me a WordPress admin account, your uRL and your problem via the contact form on my profile? :)

Done ;)

Ok, will answer you there. :)

Love the theme. How do I reduce the height of the separators?

Hi, glad you liked the theme :) You can add this to style.css

.separator1 .bg {
height: 400px !important;

adjust the value

Worked! Thanks. With the height adjusted, is there a way to keep the separator text/slogan? I see that the test text I had in the separator is no longer visible.

Uhm, what’s your url?

I’m having a nightmare with the blog page. I want it to be a separate page from my actual website but when I try and create the link it won’t work and “blog” shows up twice on my navigation bar. It seems I’m having the opposite problem of most other users!

Hello! You can go to Appearance > Menus, create your menu there.. and, for the blog page, you should create it as a custom link instead of adding it as a page normally

OK the menu looks good, the custom link is created but I don’t actually seem to have a blog page now…

Uhm, I’m not sure what you mean. You’ll need to create a new page, choose the blog page template for it (make sure you can access it from the dashboard and get the URL from the menu bar).. And simply create a custom link to that page in the menu


I’m having trouble separating my blog from the main page. I somehow seem to have created two separate urls for the blog and it’s driving me crazy trying to solve the issue. The site is:


Hello, I’m not really sure what the problem is, can you please elaborate a little bit?


I am a customer of your theme and I have a question.

I saw that in posts => category, I can put on a blog just text+ read more and I want to put blog posts with photo, text + read more.

Is this possible?

Thank you,


Hello, please send me a WordPress admin account, your URL and your problem via the contact form on my profile


rysio69 Purchased


I need your help – I can’t find a way to make the space between the pages smaller. I set up the separator1 height to 0px, so the background is white, however I would like this white space between pages to be much smaller height (like 100px) – as described in the jpeg here:

Could you help me with that???

Hi, what’s your URL?


tontonjc Purchased


How can I change the footer text? “© 2016 All Rights Reserved, designed by TeoThemes”

Thank you in advance.

Hi, you can change it in footer.php


rysio69 Purchased

Hi, I need to set the page height to 100% of browser’s window.

I optimized the look for FHD but my client has a display like 2560×1440 and the page looks really terrible :(

Please help!

Hi, what’s your URL? The theme should already have more than 1440px height if you have some content in there

Hi, I’m having a problem with the contact form in the theme. It wasn’t working, so I replaced it with a Contact 7 shortcode. The shortcode does work, but when I go to submit the form, I get an error that the form couldn’t send. Any suggestions?

Here’s the site:

You will need to contact your web host about it, as the issue is with your mail server and not with the plugin or the theme, the mail() function doesn’t seem to work properly.

Hi, Do you have file like your demo ? So i Just need to import it and than edit it. Thank you

Solved :)

How can i sort my menu ( My website ) ? I want to sort Pages “About”, but it show Pages “Blog” Thank you

This one, not solved :)

Hi, you can create your menu in appearance > Menus and order them there :)


kirrg Purchased

Hey how can i change the language for the Contact Form? (Menu Item, Text in general).

Hi, you can update the text in index.php at the bottom(that’s where the code for the contact form is). As for the menu, create your menu in Appearance > Menus.. and for the contact form, create a custom link to


kirrg Purchased

Thx changed it in the code. Cool support, great theme!

You’re welcome. :) Please rate the theme in the Downloads section if you can, thanks.


tontonjc Purchased


I have an question. I have deleted the contact page in the menu, but also @ pages—> all pages. So now I have a contact page on my website (, but I can’t add it in the menu. If a make a new page it doens’t work.

I hope you understand me.


Hi, you can create a custom link pointing to


roclegion Purchased

Hi , Loving the template. I am really struggling though. I want my page to look exactly like the demo. I have uploaded the sample data but it still looks incorrect. I really want to resolve this quickly. Can I provide you with my Wordpress credentials so you can view the issue? Thanks!


roclegion Purchased

I cant find the actual .txt file I am supposed to be importing either. I just have the xml file

Hi, the xml file should be imported, there’s no other txt file. Make sure your blog shows the latest blog posts in Settings > Reading and that you set your menu in Appearance > Menus