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Hi FD,

For me, selecting a ‘Background style’ seems to work for some pages, but not others?

I have selected ‘White’ for both the pages that are appearing on my single page layout, but while one appears white, the other is dark

(The font for the latter appears dark – as it would be if the background was actually white).

Sorry, I know other people have asked this before, but as far as I can see it’s usually been fixed ‘behind the scenes’!

Happy to provide url if necessary, but the website isn’t ready for public viewing yet…

Thanks for any help SF


Hi there – I’ve managed to find a workaround myself, please ignore!


Hello, ok :)

Hi, my website is www.europeanswing.com

I’ve noticed that one of my images (the blue and white map on my Location page) is not resizing for mobile browser or when I resize my desktop browser (not responsive). What have I done wrong?


Hi, try adding this to style.css

.pic {
max-width: 100%;
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Hi, where can I find the demo .xml please ?


Hi, it’s in the /sampledata/ folder

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Hi, how can I change to display ”#contact” (URL), “Contact” (site-name) and “Contact Info” in german ”#kontakt” and “Kontakt”? Can I overwrite it in “custom.functions.php? Same for “Close project”.



Hello. Yes, you can change it in custom-functions.php.

And in index.php, instead of id=”contact” use id=”kontakt”. If you’re using the menu in Appearance > Menus, you’ll need to create a custom menu link to http://yourwebsite.com/#kontakt

Close project should be seen in single-portfolio.php

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Thanks a lot, works fine so.

Is there a way to integrate the short code [always_show_wp_shopping_cart] in the menu all the way to the right. I would like the cart contents to show on the menu bar.

Thanks Cody

Nevermind: I figured out the issue. My mistake. Thank you.

Hello FinalDestiny -

GREAT Theme! I just need help on the navigation and sharing of specific link URLs.

When a client / customer clicks the “Share” button throughout the main page of site, it only shares the home page URL. Is there a way to keep the full URL in what is shared (without making the end user right click and share from the navigation link)? It seems to work on “internal” pages, but any in the home page scroll just show the home page URL when shared.

See: http://NatualIowaMuscle.com

Thanks ABC

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I got this theme a week back and i got struck in using images on top slider. Am using 1920×1200px resolution images; The images getting cropped on top and bottom.

http://mii.technozs.com/ this is the link of my site. How can i overcome this issue. Please help
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its allowing max resolution 1349×600px images. How can i use 1920×1200px images

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Hi, I am using the filtered portfolio. How can I change, that it shows always the same amount textlines for the preview text. It changes the alignment after the first row, and I need theme all aligned nicely.


Thanks a lot Best Regards

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sorry, the right link is: http://imhaslyag.ch/?site=2015#werkschau


Hey there,

I’ve gone through the comments, and I haven’t managed to find a solution to my problem. Can I stop a slideshow on a slider that is on a Portfolio > single project page?

I’ve tried editing shortcodes.php file, as you mentioned in some earlier solutions, but it had no effect.


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Hi, I need to translate the word “All” from filter to German “Alle” where can I do this? I also need to translate the words on the portfolio gallerie “previous” and “next” where can I do this?

Thanks a lot Best Regards

Hi Cristi, Just updated to the 2.4 theme from 2.1 – mostly everything is working well, although I have a couple of questions:

1) Using a single b/ground image for header, but it seems to be much slower loading since the update, leaving a grey background for a number of seconds (worse if W3 Cache is not turned on) have you heard this from others?

2) I use the filter portfolio a lot – even use it for all our news posts. When you go to the portfolio detail url (e.g. http://delonatelo.com/portfolio/fishburg-designer-label-spb/) it is without css. Is there a way to format these pages, so that it looks something like an attachment page? Google picks them up in searches, and it would be good to utilize them, as there are quite a few.

3) In the update, somehow we lost the custom menu that we had at the bottom of every post and media attachment page (I can’t remember how we got it there last time) – is there a way to place a menu widget on the bottom of these pages collectively? or should be do this in the page code? also missing is the next/previous post pagination, strangely.

website : http://delonatelo.com (Please excuse some little bugs, we are fixing some tab urls at the moment)

Thanks for your advice, Cynthia

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Hi, another question: When I click on “blog” I get to the blog section, then I click on the post and get to the single post page. When clicking now on the menu item “Blog” again, it won’t go to the Blog overview page. How can I fix this? http://imhaslyag.ch/?site=2015

Thanks ones more! Best Regards

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Hi there, I was wondering how I can center the featured image on the blog?


Hello FinalDestiny -

We’re working with the SCRN theme and have come across an issue where the “Hyperlink” button in the visual editor does not work. We highlight the test, click the “Link” icon and the popup doesn’t load to add the link and alt text.

We’ve tried various browsers and operating systems and the issue remains.

We deactivated all plugins as well as removed them from the server altogether and the issue remains.

We tried adding “define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false);” to the wp-config.php (tip found through WP forums) and the issue remains.

We deactivated SCRN and activated another theme (U-Design) and the issue was resolved.

With that we can only assume the trouble is with the theme itself.

We would like to get your input on how to rectify this issue. Our client is VERY happy with the theme, but we do need it to work properly.

The Website is: http://NaturalIowaMuscle.com ... Please email me for the Admin login information so we can work this out.

Thank you! Andrew

  • I will also email you this information.

Update: We installed the Plugin TinyMCE and that fixed the issue. But we’d still like to have the issue solved without adding / overwriting it with a plugin. THANKS!