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Hi is this compatible with WordPress 4.5?

Hi, yes :) If you encounter any issues, let me know and I’ll provide assistance

How do I add blocks, or insert my content through page builder so that it has a different color background than the black?

maybe I said it wrong. Not change the colors…but have white background on some layers then the black on others.

like the demo… my current page has everything on black background

Hello. There are two colorization options(white or dark background) that can be used for pages showing up on the homepage (there’s a metabox when you edit each page individually), but those options only apply on the homepage. On individual pages / posts, the background is dark with white text.

I can change it to be white with dark text, but it will apply to ALL the individual pages, you can’t have different individual pages with different background options

I’m trying to move the menu to the top on the Opening Page as well as the rest of the site. It looks like I need to edit jquery.sticky.js but I’m not seeing where. Plus…if I change it and you update the theme, it’s gone. Is there another way I can do this? And can you get me the code so I can do it? THANKS

You can replace your header.hpp with this one

THANKS! works like a charm For future releases maybe it should be an option?

You’re welcome! There are very few users that have asked for this customization and I avoid adding lots of options in order to keep the theme easy to use and set :)

Hi —

We can no longer get the slider in the header of the SCRN template page to work. This worked fine up to a few days ago. and no updates have been made that would affect the theme that we know of. We’ve tried disabling all plugins and resetting the theme (uploading it and overwriting it via FTP) and it still doesn’t allow the slider to show.

Also, we’re having an issue getting Ninja Forms to work properly with the SCRN theme. We have used them together for quite a long time, but just recently started having issues. Could you offer any help in figuring out why there form will not compute when using SCRN?

Site: Form Page:

Thanks ABC

Hello. The issue is not with the theme or WordPress, but with your web host. The javascript files are not loaded at all because your server returns a 500 internal server error like this one

I’d recommend contacting them. Or disabling your 3rd party plugins, as one of them may cause it


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Hello Is there a way to import the demo content from the live preview?

Thank you

Hi, there’s a .xml file available in the /sampledata/ folder

Hi Thank you for sorting out my previous problem. My major issue now is that I recently bought Thrive Leads and began using an opt in box. Since the latest Wordpress update it no longer works. i had to delete it as it was showing a big blank space.

This is the message from Thrive Leads support, “The latest update that came from wordpress they changed the bundled jquery to version 1.12 and usually the themes that have not been updated causes this issue with our plugin. Please contact your theme’s developers and let them know that the theme might not be compatible with the latest version of WP”

Please advise. I really need to get an opt in box working ASAP.


I have tested boxes,ribbons everything I can think of and cant get this to work is the theme compatible with Thrive Leads. Please advise.

Hi, I have answered via e-mail


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Hi. Love your theme! Was wondering if you would add a Behance social icon/link? My extensive portfolio is on Behance, and it would be nice to have a link from my site.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Behance isn’t available right now but I’ll try and integrate that icon for the next update :)

Hi. Awesome theme, thnx. This is my portfolio Why the thumbnail is not aligned with the frame of the portfolio. How i can solve it?

Thank you very much for such fast reply. This i solved. Thanks. Now i’ve got other question. This my url If u are clicking on some page of the main menu, for example the voice on my website “articles”. Why is not scrolling down in dynamic way, bust is just changing like u are going to an other page? Thanks for help.

Hi, you can go to js/jquery.smooth-scroll.js and find

jQuery("a[href*=#]:not([href=#])").on('click', function(e) {

replace it with

jQuery("a[href*='#']:not([href='#'])").on('click', function(e) {
thanks again, but it’s changed nothing. I write u the url again. i need ur help still.

i use the page builder. i have got some vertical images and they are stretched in the frame of the portfolio’s slider. How to modify the frame for the vertical photo?

Hi, what’s your URL?


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Hi. Congratulations on the subject. Can not access the contact form, I tested with contact form 7 and either. Also with the page builder I have established three services but are not centered in the home. Can you help me with this? Thank you


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What’s your URL?

Also if the contact form doesn’t work either with contact form 7 or the built-in one of the theme, you will need to contact your web host about it, as the problem is from the mail server on your hosting account. contact form 7 is used by millions of websites :)


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how to hide page on front page?? when i create a page, automatic on front page, how to hide ??

Hi, you can create your menu in Appearance > Menus and add there only the pages that you want to show on the homepage. The other pages won’t show up


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how to hide page on front page?? when i create a page, automatic on front page, how to hide ??

Hi, you can create your menu in Appearance > Menus and add there only the pages that you want to show on the homepage. The other pages won’t show up