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How can I stop the top background image from loading to the right, and then shifting left when I scroll down?



This doesn’t happen in the original template. Can you provide me a link?


This DOES happen [in every browser]. Load the demo and wait for the page to load. Using the center wheel on the mouse to scroll down, start to scroll. The image jerks/skips upward. This ONLY happens on first load… if you scroll down and then go to the top of the page again, the behavior will not repeat.


I might add that the current top image isn’t the best one to see the behavior. You might want to change it something else to see it better.

hello! How I can do to add a fourth team person and that is within the same line?


Instead of

<div class="one-third column">...</div>

<div class="four columns">...</div>

the theme ask me some images are not include in the ZIP

“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://localhost:8888/WINWIN/DESARROLLO/stylesheets/images/bg_direction_nav.png" bg_dir…nav.png

“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://localhost:8888/WINWIN/DESARROLLO/quform/images/close.png" close.png

“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://localhost:8888/WINWIN/DESARROLLO/quform/images/success.png" success.png

“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://localhost:8888/WINWIN/DESARROLLO/quform/images/error.png" error.png

“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://localhost:8888/WINWIN/DESARROLLO/quform/images/default-loading.gif"

Hello it seems the demo is broken – the parallax images disappear when i scroll down – is that just the demo?


looks like its only on Chrome, but on the others some pictures start at the 2nd half of the picture and once you scroll it shows the whole picture fine.


any fixes for this? i like the theme but i need it working in chrome


Hi, sorry for my late response, I’m starting this month a rebuild of this template. So this issue will be solved.

The Flexsider controls are usually black dots and gray when active. I’d like to replace these dots with image thumbnails and a different image on hover. Also I’d like the slider to not change automatically but only when the thumbnail images are clicked. Here is what I have so far. I styled the dots into the actual shape of my thumbnail, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten:


Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks!

Bought this app in the previous version, had some tiny bugs but the new version looks and feels a lot better! Problem is its no longer a true single page template (mobile needs those “view project” pages to view images) so I can’t use it.

I was able to alter the image-link class and remove the project link icon, but then the magnifying glass icon doesn’t center nicely as compared to full screen layout and the whole thing gets quite frustrating going that deep into someone else’s work.

In short, i hope there is a true single page update coming for this template.

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hello! How I can do to add a fourth or fifth project in the same line. in the section #work theres one way to do that?

can you help me? thanks

Hi, sorry for my late reply. To add four projects on the same line use this:
<div class="four columns">project 1</div>
<div class="four columns">project 2</div>
<div class="four columns">project 3</div>
<div class="four columns">project 4</div>

Hello. I bought SCRN two years ago, and inquired about why the background image behind the Contact Form flickers off and on. You never got back to me.

Also, I’ve been trying to embed video using Yahoo’s embed code. It doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks for your help.

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Your ticket system is not letting me submit there so here: Trying to customise this site template to work best for me and when I do, things break. http://design-legion.com/flare

When I edit the nav menu the Intro text no longer is hidden when I scroll down the page:

<nav><br /> <ul id="navigation"><br /> <li><a href="#intro">Top</a></li><br /> <li><a href="#issues">Issues</a></li><br /> <li><a href="http://url.com/">1</a></li><br /> <li><a href="http://url.com/">2</a></li><br /> <li><a href="https://www.url.com/">3</a></li><br /> <br /> </ul><br /> </nav>
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Ah, I misunderstood the documentation. Thank you.

Also, In the slimmenu I wanted to put links to other pages, but when I click on those links, it only scrolls me to the top of the page and does not take me to the new page. Am I missing something, again?

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Ah, I found it already, have to use javascript. Then that just leaves:

Seperator1 .bg2 As I pass by seperator1, and it starts to reach the top of the page a seem on the background image becomes visible. Is there a way I can move the bg2 image up some so those with a 1080p monitor won’t se that seem, or else is there a way I can speed up the movement of the bg2 image?

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Nevermind, I found a different Parallax script that works really well: https://github.com/IanLunn/jQuery-Parallax

The issue i have is, that after the separator image, I have an image attached having text on it! So when you press an item on the nave bar, it takes to that specific section but the anchors for each section when you click on the Nav are set too low! How Can I set the scrolling to scroll exactly from the start of the section?

The parallax separators arent moving when and I couldnt find any solution! I have to hand over the site and I havent got the reply of my earlier query even!!

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I posted in the author support about 2 weeks ago but until now I didn’t receive any answer. Could you be on vacation?

Here is the text that is in support:

Everything is working great except that the first background photo isn’t showing well in an iPad (it shows a very zoomed image of that photo).

I tried your recomendation:

In the layout.css file try adding this to the #intro: background-size: cover;

But the result was the same.

Thank you.

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@trendecide I had the same issue. The problem is with the css, just change this line: #intro .bg1 { background: url(../images/bg1.jpg) 0 0 repeat fixed; to #intro .bg1 { background: url(../images/bg1.jpg) 50% 0 repeat fixed;

the reason is – javascript adds the 50% bg-position after scrolling

Quick question. the nav. Drop down menu. When i insert link. It does not direct me to the link specified from the drop down. For example:

when i insert “http://google.com” into the drop down



This does not work when insterting an external link to another webpage. Why is that?

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Tried this @trendecide I had the same issue. The problem is with the css, just change this line: #intro .bg1 { background: url(../images/bg1.jpg) 0 0 repeat fixed; to #intro .bg1 { background: url(../images/bg1.jpg) 50% 0 repeat fixed; the reason is – javascript adds the 50% bg-position after scrolling

But the result is practically the same

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how i can Animate the slider automatically? theres a way to do that? hope ur answer


Hi, I have used your navigation setup to create my navigation how it automatically creates a blog tab which linkes to the ‘hello world’ original post. I’ve deleted that post but now the blog link goes to a 404 error…

I’ve created my own link to the blog on the page but a second blog tab is coming through in error. Any ideas?


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The background images don’t work well in mobiles.

Does someone knows how to fix it? Rodbor doesn’t answer in here or in the ticket system :(

In js there is a function to position those images but not resize them.

Is it possible for someone to help with the changes I need to make so the images render properly on mobiles and tablets? I changed the first large image, but it’s not displayed properly on the mobile and tablets.


Even if I use the bg1 image that came with the template, it just doesn’t resize properly on an iphone or an ipad. Please help.