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This works perfectly for linking the Slim Menu to external pages! Thanks nweber_mediacom

This seems to be a slimmenu problem. But here’s the solution I found on the github forums:
  • External link
  • This will open external pages in the same window/tab. If you need to have the link to be opened in a new window just remove the ,’_self part.


    Could you tell me where is the process.php file?

    When I submit a contact form it is coming up with page not found and I can’t find it in the files supplied.

    Cheers and thanks ;)

    Not sure why it is showing as not purchased after my name btw. I have bought the theme…

    My bad, didn’t realise they’re two SCRN product pages ;) I’ll go post over on the other one…


    gueven Purchased


    I like the template and bought it today for a website project I am working on. Only then I noticed a problem with the background images:

    You can see it in the demo quite easily: Load the page and check the header image’s left border – the clouds reach almost the middle of the header space there (as I said, on the border of the window). Now scroll down until the header image is outside of the window… and scroll up again. You can then see that the whole image has went up for quite a few pixels – noticable by the clouds on the left side which no longer reach up to the middle of the header space.

    And depending on window size and/or resolution, you can also see how a background image is tiled in the separator area – most strikingly in the last area with bg5.jpg (the image “ends” before the end of the area and “begins” again during scrolling).

    Is there any way to fix these issues so that the header image keeps it position without shifting up and the other background images fit to the available separator area?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi, thank you for your purchase.

    I’m currently improving this template. I’m converting it to bootstrap and changing the parallax script to a more modern one. So you can expect that issue to be fixed.

    I hope to release the update next week.


    gueven Purchased

    Thanks for your reply. Well, in that case, I better stop editing the template and wait for the update. :) (Hopefully still in this year)

    Tried using Authors support website.. but zero response. So I guess I will ask here. I like this template, except, the main .bg1 image is not displaying correctly on ipad or iphone. (tested on my older android and have exact same issue.)

    It appears to be super zoomed in, so you only seen a super blurry mess. It completely ruins the look on both those devices. And for me to use this template, it has to display decently on some of the most popular devices on earth.

    Please let me know.


    I’m converting this template to bootstrap and changing the parallax script, so far it’s coming nice, the parallax is working on mobile devices, and the backgrounds are resizing correctly .

    This update along with more improvements will be released next week.

    About the support site, sorry about that, the new address is located here:

    Best regards

    Is there an easy way to make the top background photo a slideshow? Will you assist with this or the customer is responsible to do on own?

    Hi, you could simply include the same slider that is present in the work section. Try to copy/paste the code, it shoud work.

    No I would like to have a revolution slider or some automated slideshow in place of the image, I will have to find the code for that myself I assume.

    Yes, that is correct.

    Good day, When I try to use the email prompt I get this error: There was a problem An Ajax error occurred.

    I think it may be fixed, Do you have further documentation on setting up the email?

    Also How can I put a drop shadow on the top title and Quotes?

    Hi, For the contact form, you only need to add your email in the correct file, as the documentation indicates.

    About the shadows, you can add them anywhere you want. Use this code tool:, choose “text-shadow” and past the code in your css file.

    For top title it should be on #intro h1 {}

    For the quotes it is on p.quote-text {}


    jomath Purchased

    It appears that the top menu items (services, about and contact) get cut off by the browser window when decreasing the browser window width up to about 770px. Safari 8.0.2

    Hi, it’s fixed now.

    Just replace the jquery.sticky.js file with the new one.

    Hi there,

    The Parallax effect on the separator images is not working on chrome or mobiles. Works perfect on Safari.

    Can you explain? If I’d have known I would not have purchased the theme.

    Cheers, James


    I see you’re using the WordPress version. This is the page for the HTML version. I think you wanted to post your comment here:

    Hello please help me I’m going crazy. Why fileterable portafolio from this error .

    Thank You


    It seems you’re using the WordPress version.

    This is the page for the HTML version.

    I think you wanted to post here:

    Hi there. Love your work!

    I have a couple of questions:

    (1) I’ve added a dropdown into my contact form, which seems to work fine except it won’t display the selection when closed (just a blank dropdown.) Any idea how to fix that?

    (2) I’d love to be able to move the nav bar above the carousel, and add a logo to it on the top left. Can you help with that?

    Thanks in advance! And thanks for writing such a great theme.


    Are you using the WordPress version?

    This is the section for the HTML version.

    I think you wanted to post here:


    gueven Purchased


    I have checked the new version and the scrolling is indeed fixed now… the images show up correctly and there is no height switching.

    However, there are a few problems with the menu.

    For example, if you make the window smaller, scroll around and then make it bigger again, the menu is messed up.

    Reproducing steps for that (with Full HD res. in Windows 7 with FF):

    1. Maximize window

    2. Resize window width to your liking and check the menu – the coloured part gets smaller but not bigger… the items are not correctly placed… the dropdown button doesn’t appear etc. (if you reload, it is OK again).

    3. If the window and thus the menu are smaller, scroll down for example… and then maximize the window again.

    => Menu is messed up as well.

    These problems didn’t occur that much with the old slim menu implementation before the bootstrap update. Plus, the old menu looked nicer thanks to the color transition effect.

    So, is there a way to fix the current menu? And is there a way to add the color transition back?

    Thanks in advance.

    Answered on the support page.


    gueven Purchased

    The menu works fine in the new version.

    Just one last question: In earlier versions (before 3.0), there was a shadow effect between the first and second layers… which added to the parallax and 3D effect of the site. Check these images:

    No shadow:


    Is there any way to add that effect to the current version?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi, I’m going to release an update today and I will include this.


    gueven Purchased

    Shadows are in now, great! Thanks for that.


    gueven Purchased

    It was me who mentioned the hover transition effect for the navigation links… and you added that, which is great!

    However, I have now noticed an odd behaviour from v3.2 on:

    - Load the template - Scroll down a bit - Reload the site (with F5 for example) - The navigation menu disappears when you scroll UP, it is only visible from the point downwards where you reloaded the site.

    This isn’t not a very important bug by any means… but I wanted to mention it nevertheless.

    Yes I just noticed this. I will try to get it fixed in a next update.


    m_reyes Purchased

    Hi Rodbor I’ve just check out the update and looks really cool. All the new features are great improvements.

    But i have one question? are you planning in the near future to implement some kind of sort method or filtering for the “WORK” section.

    Something like the ones on the portfolio section of these templates:

    Hope to hear from you soon

    best regards


    Yes it’s in my future updates list. Probably to be released in the end of this month.


    m_reyes Purchased


    Thanks for the good news! Hope to see it soon.

    Best wishes

    Awesome work! Easy to use and beautiful.

    But I’m having issues with the bg pictures on the iPad. The bg1 looks like it has a super zoom, and bg2 sometimes repeats on the middle of the separator.

    And this is happening on the demo as well. Is there a work around?

    Thanks for the great work!


    I will try to improve it in the next update.

    But it’s not an easy task due to the width/height ratio of the images in desktop screens and small screens being completely different.

    Hi mate,

    Your template might be having issues with the images of the blog section in the preview. You might lose your audience. Happy to help.

    Thanks, it’s fixed now.


    m_reyes Purchased

    Hello Rodbor

    Any news or probable date for the release that will include the filtering in the “WORK” section, as it was considered in your update list.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    best regards

    Hi, it will be released this friday.


    m_reyes Purchased

    Glad to hear it! thanks in advance


    jt0080 Purchased

    Hey I am having a couple issues:

    1) Once the page is compressed to about 650 px wide the individual projects don’t align correctly. This leaves an issue on mobile devices.

    2) I can’t find the area in the coding where I can place my own pictures in the circles under “services”. I’m not the most proficient in coding.

    3) How do I change the favicon and the tab header

    thanks in advance!


    1) I can’t replicate this, can you provide me a screenshot?

    2) The services icons was built using font awesome (

    For example, where you have , you can replace the code “fa-magic” with the code of your desired icon, which can be found on

    3) To change the favicon, just use a favicon generator, you can find tons on google. And drop the favicon.ico file on the images folder.

    For the tab header, I think you are referring to website title, that you can change on every html file on line 4 (<title>SCRN</title>).

    Hi there,

    Have you added woocommerce functionality to your theme?