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Hi, I was testing the demo for Scroller on my iPhone. When I click on Services (found in the menu bar), the page was scrolled to Services section. The thing is the menu bar got scrolled out of sight, so mobile users can’t navigate to other sections, unless they scroll back to top of the screen. There is also no “Top” button for users to jump back to the top of screen (in order to access the menu bar again). As such, mobile users had to manually scroll back to the top of the screen. This problem is not present on my PC, as the menu bar stays on top all the time. Any fix for mobile users? Thanks.


every solid mobile browser has “scroll to top” functionality, just tap upper edge of the browser: http://prntscr.com/92ch66

Thank you


hanshjc Purchased

Hi Dannci team,

Google Maps hangs in my site (http://fuzztec.com/), frozen. Is it a plugin conflict ?

Hope you can give me advice ( I did set basic google HQ link back, but even changing address Links doesn’t change the ‘hang’.

Thanks already _

Hello and thank you!

You need to update theme to the latest theme version (2.2); here is how-to: http://themeforest.net/item/scroller-parallax-scroll-responsive-theme/4858606/faqs/20479

Thank you

Hello. Great theme! Question: where is that yellow bar at the top of the service blocks in demo scroller1 http://capethemes.com/demo/scroller1/ coming from? I cannot seem to get that to show on my site. I did import demo content. thank you in advance.

Hello and thank you,

please submit a ticket to: https://dannci.freshdesk.com

Please include ‘Item Purchase Code’ and link to your site.

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Hi, 1) when I click on portfolio in top main menu, I can see All my “projects” together, than I click on some categories but when I want to click on ALL again, nothing happend, it just refresh the page.

2) And also when I am at details of some project and I want to click on little arrow to go back to portfolio, it doesnt work. Arrow to previous and back project work. Do you know where can be the problem?

I got it! For next users: scroller/ general layout you need to Portfolio URL paste your URL from pages/portfolio

It repairs both problems.

Yes, it is necessary to set URL of portfolio page in admin panel.

Thank you

Hi there,

I’m satisfied with the look of the website. But the SEO capabilities are awful, I’ve been trying to sort it out for months and it does not work at all. Your theme is seriously restricting my business. I would like a full refund please.


I would be more satisfied if I could create pages instead of it being a ‘scroll’ website. However this does not even work. Try ‘page1’ on my website: http://www.liveroomrecording.com/

It wont link to the page unless you right click and ‘open in new tab’.

Why is this?

Hello Davic,

a) theme restricts nothing! From seo point of view is theme perfectly coded (valid HTML markup, proper HTML semantics). SEO capabilities and SEO settings (you are talking about) are plugin territory and have nothing to do with the theme. Please use some plugin.

b) please read ‘Homepage ‘Scroll’ Menu & Main Menu’ in documentation to learn how to link to other pages (in scroll menu)

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Is there a setting to make each section full height and snap scroll from section to section? Rather than smooth scroll, ideal to snap from one to the next section.


sorry, this feature is not possible in this theme.

Thank you

Wordpress now has version 4.31 and I noticed this theme works only with 4.2 and lower. Would their be a 4.3.1 upgrade anytime soon? Also, when I load images to this theme, it is all a question mark? Can you help me or is this a wordpress issue? Thanks!

Oh, I forgot to type the website. www.jackinthephotobox.com


Scroller theme is fully compatible with latest WordPress version.

Thank you