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Very nice theme. Good Luck :)

Interesting work ! I think u will have a great success !

How many portfolio samples (squares) can you add to each sub-categories in the portfolio?...Can you change the thumbnails to be smaller, More columns maybe?

Hi, you can add as many as you wish, it’s using the isotope script: which I think allows unlimited items so you should be ok.

Changing the number of columns is easy, basically in style.css where you see .gallery li { } there is a width which is currently set at 33% (3 columns), so if you wanted 4 columns you’d change it to 24%, 5 columns would be 19% etc. bear in mind though, once you get down to tablet size it will go to 2 columns like it does now.

Hope that helps

Cheers, Simon

Great theme. Good luck :)

Wordpress version soon?

Yes, hopefully within the next few weeks if not sooner.

Is there anyway I can change the code, so I will be able to make the slider width 100 % ?

Hi, it is 100% up to 1920 pixels, so if you want it bigger than 1920 then you’d need to change the:

banner ul.banner-slides li .slide-image

css in style.css, you’ll see a line like this:

width: 1920px;

and you just need to set that to

width: 100%;

You also need to make sure you’re uploading images that are big enough to be 100% of the browser you’re viewing in.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Simon

Thank you for your job! Good luck!

dude, would like to fix a website for me? let me know… love your Pixel pefectness.. cheers!

I writing to ask you if you know some developer that can fix this for me:

I got all my changes and request on Basecamp at the moment.

looking forward to hear from you,

You can log into basecamp as: password: themeforest to see whats about.

thank you!

Hi, I’m not taking on custom projects I’m afraid. Your best bet is to post in the forums there’s normally a bunch of developers on there that are taking on project work.

Glad you like my design though :)

Hello! Great theme! I’m interested in purchasing it but have a question first. For the portfolio…I was thinking to use drop down menu to list each project type (residential, commercial, mixed use) and then each project type has its own portfolio page with the subcategories used as the individual projects (home 1, home 2, or building A, building B). Will that work? Can I do that with the template as is? Or can I not use the drop down nav for the portfolio?

I was thinking that as a one page site, it would list each project type (residential, commercial, mixed use) gallery one after the other so as not to change the layout… but I’m not sure if what i’m envisioning will actually work with the template as is without major changes…

Thanks for your help!

Hi, firstly, I want to make sure you’re aware this is a HTML template as you’ve referred to it as a theme, so it will require HTML/CSS editing, I’m sure you’re aware of that but just want to make sure as my answer is different for the WP version than it is for the HTML.

If you’re asking if you can have multiple gallery sections on the same page, then yes you can. As for the nav, you can add a section to the menu in the HTML as well, just give the different work sections different ID attributes and then you can scroll to them individually.

It will require changing the code but if you’re fairly proficient in HTML/CSS then you should be fine. However, if you’re wanting each gallery section to then have sub sections (the isotope filtering), then you may run into issues as you’ll need to edit the JS and each gallery section would need it’s own instance of Isotope, that could get complicated if you’re not comfortable with jQuery.

Hope that helps

Cheers, Simon

Hi Simon! Thanks for getting back to me. I bought the template and its amazing. Your documentation is great and made it easy for me to make the few changes I wanted. I got the isotope filtering to work as I wanted and again, your clean code made that process much more straight-forward than not.

Thanks, -Hope

That’s brilliant, thanks :)

Hello, in the Gallery/Work area… how can I make the grid of images non-linkable? I just want the images to be static. I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this without messing up the grid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I love the design – awesome job.


Easiest way to do this would be to remove the reference to the lightbox script:

And then add this to js/script.js under the “use strict” line:

You may also want to add this to the style.css file:

Hope that helps

Cheers, Simon


I’ve just bought this theme and I really like it… For now, it fits and works perfectly



My envato invoice :

Order Details:

Member: tonino23 Name: Antonin B…... Email: Description: Deposited $40.00 to user tonino23 on ThemeForest Price (GST-Inclusive): 40.00 (Purchased Via moneybookers) Order number: 091ae8d015fb11e39f2a842b2b692e1a

Ok, i could figure how to set up page section with anchor links thx to this link :

Regarding the account problem, maybe it is because i purchased the wordpress version and i’m writing now on the html version ?

Hi, yes that will be why it wasn’t showing the purchased badge.

Glad you managed to work out the issues you were having.

To turn off comments, just edit the page and untick the boxes for comments, you may need to click Screen Options in the top right of the page to get the Discussion options visible. You shouldn’t need to do this is you set up the page to use the Home page template.

Cheers, Simon


First of all, great theme :)

But I can’t seem to get the email form up running, it doenst work here in my end. Anything wrong?


Hi, the email form uses PHP mail() to send the email, you’ll need to confirm with your host that you have that enabled on your server.

Cheers, Simon

Is there a way to make this site NON-Parallax? I would like links to go to single/individual pages.

Yes, you can use it as just normal pages if you like.



Is it possible to turn of the blink effect, when the top is changing the image?

Hi, that happens because of the gradient overlays, to remove the gradients you need to remove these lines from js/script.js:



That didnt work for me. The change of image blink effect is still there.

Hi, are the gradients still showing?

Can you send me a link to your site please via my profile page contact form so I can take a closer look.


Wow! Beautiful;

Hey, just purchased this and it works pretty well, but is there a way to make the background height scale?

It looks normal on the desktop but then when you view it on a mobile device you get a very thin slice of the top of the background image. I’m okay with not having the full width, but it doesn’t scale the height at all so I can only see the very top portion of the background image on a cell phone.

Any way to adjust the responsive css so that it will scale the height somehow of the slide image?

Sorry I don’t see a link?


I sent it in an e-mail. It’s okay though. I had to buy another theme but this one is more responsive and works a little better across all devices.


OK cool, I haven’t received an email from you though, so I’m not sure where that’s gone.