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Wow. Really awesome work. Good luck!

Really Nice Theme! GLWS :)

Elegant work, congrats!

Kind Regards,


Your theme is nice. I would like to purchase it but first I wanted to know if it was possible to add a megamenu. It is something that is really missing to your themes, what can be done?


Yes, we were planing to add the mega menu, but prestashop going to release 1.6 with default mega menu module so we are waiting for that. You can find the updates here http://www.prestashop.com/en/progress-1-6

Dear webdziner,

I like the theme, it seems to be great! Before purchase i would like to know if it will be fixed if it there are problems with prestashop 1.6? The updates of SeasonĀ“s theme are included in initial purchase or it is needed to pay later?


Yes all future updates will be free as themeforest provide. When PS 1.6 will release we make it compatible.

thanks for your reply

Dear webdziner,

I really interested to purchase your theme because its very beautiful but i have a little problem . Please let me know if you can change the style from “left to right” to “right to left” and also change the language from English to Persian


What you would like to change left or right? you can translate theme from your prestashop admin.

no its not as easy as you say for example there isn’t any configuration for change main menu to “right to left” isn’t it?

I am not getting understand what you are trying to ask, please mail me with some more details so that i can answer. http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner#contact

Dear webdziner, There is two banners bellow the slideshow can we change the number of these banners ? for example put 4 banner below the slide show with smaller size? Is there any setting for these changes? Thanks

You have to pay for any custom work and its depend on our availability that we can take it or not.

ok no problem please send us your condition

Please mail us if you need to know anything else, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner#contact

Hi I Purchased Season theme now but i cant download it when it reach to 98% stop and doesn’t complete

Please mail me via profile with your site details, we can provide support via mail only, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner#contact

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this theme, however would like the social media icons to appear in the top bar…is this possible?

There is no space on top, if you want to put it on top then need to remove welcome msg or you may use it on top right fixed position.

When I press the “Change Update” button on theme configuration, nothing happens. The new info stays there, but in the site doesn’t update…

What it can be ?

Please send me mail via profile so that i can check it, it can be permission problem from your server, thats why you are unable to save setting, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner#contact

Hi, I’m enjoying the theme, great work.

I’m trying no enable “mailalerts” module to use the option “Notify me when available”, but it doesn’t appear, i tried a lot.

Is there something I can do ? It used to work on default theme.

Please mail me with more details so that i can understand properly, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner#contact

will this theme work with 1.6??

Not now, we are working on 1.6 update.

Hi I sent you an email from your profile yesterday, did you take a look at it ?

Yes i got it, Wednesday was off for some reason.

Dear webdziner,

I am going to open my shop soon, i am setting it on prestashop 1.6, could you give me an approximate update of the theme to be compatible with prestashop 1.6? Thanks

Dear webdziner, any approximate date to your theme be compatible with prestashop 1.6?

Trying to release by end of the month.

will it be compatible with Prestashop 1.6 ?

Dear Webdziner

we are really disappointed by our template.

The Season theme does not have the minimum standard of a templates reported by our technical team , other technical teams ,our local prestashop support team , ... We spend a lot of money for fixing the problem but still it has so many bugs and problems costing us so much time and effort to fix. one of the biggest issue you need to address immediately is that H2 and H3 tags include useless statements such as ” Send to a friend” , “Write your review” , “Information” , “My account” , “Categories” , “Extras” ,etc. The strange things is some of these tags are from footer and as you know this is wrong in case of SEO and more important things is these statement are useless and H tags specially H2 tag must be a valuable statement

Again I would like to express our deep disappointment with the template and kindly ask you to solve these problems


This theme is coded using default system of prestashop 1.5, and now as you know everyone going to use 1.6, so we are working on 1.6 version of this theme and re-coding almost all pages and design because 1.6 have hues changes, so we going to provide theme based on 1.6 which you can update, but if you have made changes on tpl and css manually then you have to update them manually as you made changes on code yourself.

Dear Webdziner I can’t and I don’t wanna upgrade my shop to 1.6 …. (some statement in footer are included in H2 tag I don’t think it is related to version of presta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I checked the demo of season theme in themeforest and all of problems that i reported to you exist then the problem doesn’t related to our changes If the bugs and problems are not fix immediately we will report them to Themforest because we lost a lot of money for the SEASON theme.

Which you point like information, my account and are main heading for the footer link which we put In H tags and this is not in this theme we are using in all themes, same using by prest shop system, so will are not going to change it , if you like we change these tag on your site only but we will release nest version for 1.6 not for 1.5. Mail me your point mail if I can found any issues related to theme we will fix but we will not work for your custom changes.


I would buy this template, but I have 3 questions before:

1. is available in Spanish?

2.- I can change the currency to Chilean peso CLP ?. I need this format: $ 1.000 – $ 10.000 – $ 100.000, with only 3 digits after the point.

3. In the information on each product, I can add a box or radiobutton to select the size and color of clothing?

I await your response, greetings!

1. we are not providing translation, you have to translate theme manually. 2. Yes, you can use CPL in prestashop. 3. Yes, you can create configurable products in prestashop.